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secretbenefits sugar dating

A SugarDaddy or SugarBaby would always want to know how to access a premium matchmaking service with both class and value. Of course, an easy, comfortable, and enjoyable way to manage the site is essential while looking at “sugar” dating options. That’s why I’m here for another review of a place that has captured my attention — SecretBenefits. This site gives you access to everything, plus a whole lot more.

Official URL: https://www.secretbenefits.com/

While the site’s cleverness is impressive, it’s the level of performance that really stands out. I’ve seen other dating services, and they keep making things complicated. While SecretBenefits makes it super easy even while maintaining the glitz and luxury you demand within the dating realm. You’d better settle down because we’re set to dive in on the best, highly-regarded, and effective virtual meeting platform for sugar dating, and we’ll do it with a healthy dose of humour to boot!

SecretBenefits — A Hidden Gem in Sugar Dating

I will make it perfectly clear that this sugar hookup site differs significantly from the other mainstream options. One of the primary goals of SecretBenefits is to establish formal deals and relationships with SugarDaddies. They will provide funding and support to sugar-babies in exchange for love, affection, and loyalty. Although SecretBenefits is a hookup website, it is not really the pretty typical one you see lurking online. It contains a long list of SugarBabies and sugar-daddies of all types and has proven to be a reliable resource for seasoned daters as well as newcomers to the field.

One thing that pretty damn stands out about the whole journey is the formality of the system. Sugar-daddies are, in fact, interacting with sugar-babies who are determined to achieve their ultimate purpose on the site.

Compared to other websites, your odds of having a wonderful experience when visiting this one are significantly better because it has collected nearly 2M+ monthly active participants from the UK, Canada, US, and Australia. It prides itself on finding connections primarily for elite folks who desire to develop a meaningful romance, go out on trips, or simply spend a fantastic night with a sugar-baby.

Sleek Design and Simple Features of SecretBenefits

secretbenefits dating

The sleek design of SecretBenefits will impress you right away after initially signing in. Rather than clogging up the viewer experience with extraneous unique features and functions, the website focuses on the essential part of the experience: hooking up. Plus, having a strong focus on safety and privacy sets SecretBenefits apart from the competition.

It has seamless components and simple usability, so you don’t have to waste hours struggling to find out how to use all of its multiple functions. To sum it up, the core purpose of SecretBenefits is to give customer satisfaction at every step using a clear and straightforward approach.

Meanwhile, no financial or similar restrictions are placed on sugar-babies when socializing and getting in touch with potential sugar-daddies. But it’s not only the sugar-babies with similar advantages; even the sugar-daddies have their equal gains. It is typical for sugar-daddies to be completely upfront about what they expect with sugar-babies, and SecretBenefits have urged them toward being open when desperately searching for the perfect lover. In other words, you won’t have any problems accessing this site at any point because the overall concept emphasizes practicality and accessibility for people of all skill levels, not just the tech-geeks.

Sugar Babies’ Profile Quality at SecretBenefits

secretbenefits profiles

SecretBenefits facilitates an authentication procedure to determine whether accounts are legitimate and users disclose their true identities. Authenticated accounts outnumber unverified accounts by a wide margin. Just a tip, those of you who don’t know which are the verified and unverified ones are typically new members of the community.

Also, the profiles can be viewed for free, and the majority of the images are available for access. Sugar-babies often post of themselves, including their goals, aspirations, likes, and dislikes, as well as things they’ve experienced in life. Aside from that, there’s a long list of individual characteristics, such as facial attributes and certain lifestyles.

Every profile also has a SecretAlbum. It is a harmless place where girls can upload pictures of themselves, including nude and indecent stuff. SecretAlbums are where most people put their erotic images — particularly young ladies. As a sugar-daddy, you can simply send a “request” on any sugar-babies so you can gain access to their resources.

How To Start A Conversation on The Website?

secretbenefits message

When designing SecretBenefits, a lot of thought went into making “interaction” among members effortless and swift while honoring the core roles granted to every user. Sugar-daddies could sign up and browse freely, but messaging a sugar-baby, accessing photos, or browsing discreetly will cost you virtual money (typically converted to “credits”). Sugar-babies are exempt from paying for the site’s goods because they usually enjoy the status of “Sugar Baby.”

In other words, any medium of communication present in SecretBenefits is in line to help guys engage with ladies. Usually, they can start by “unlocking” chats. Chat feature demands using “credits” in advance; therefore, exercising extra caution before chatting with a desirable sugar-baby is subtly urged. You don’t want your credits that quickly, do you?

Messages are the primary form of initial interaction here at SecretBenefits. And even though users (SugarDaddy or SugarBaby) come in unique shapes and sizes, chatting and messaging have always been a fantastic strategy for developing a more long-term connection if you both choose to take things further.

If you ask why there’s a fee for sending a message to sugar-babies, well, the answer to that is simple. SecretBenefits ensures that only those sugar-daddies who can afford a hefty price for simple conversation are exclusively the ones who will enjoy the entire SecretBenefits services. I mean, common! Being a sugar-daddy lifestyle demands gold money to afford. So, if you’re not rich, elite, then what are you doing here?

SecretBenefits’ Core Features

  • Search

SecretBenefits makes a great fuss out of finding people to date, to the point that more than 50% of your time will be spent on research to meet the right partner. Yes, that’s right. There’s no way for a computer to predict who could be a good match for you; therefore, all of it is up to you during the process.

You can view a member’s account by simply tapping on a few of her pictures, save it to your top picks, or write them a chat for ten credits right away if you’re feeling daring. Also, you’ll know if the profile you’re browsing has been authenticated, recent, upgraded, or available.

  • Matching
SecretBenefits main

While it may seem confusing, this isn’t really a tool that puts you in contact with a random stranger or somebody you’ve already chatted with on the site. Because this isn’t your usual dating site, members are encouraged to go out of their way to discover their unique “fish” and contact them only if it’s obviously worth it. The only downside is that it charges ten credits, so you’d better put your money on somebody you actually know instead of someone who came up in a randomly generated search.

  • SecretAlbum

SecretAlbum is a totally free service for anyone to use. In the SecretAlbum, ladies can post images of themselves, both sexy and less-than-sexy, without fear of being exposed. Plus, you can limit who can see your images.

  • Blog

Explore the blog section, and you’ll be amazed by the selection of subjects covered by SecretBenefits team members. It usually includes relationship advice and some effective dating strategies. Finding a suitable mate is also possible with the help of this website. Also, getting advice first from women on the 101 secrets to impressing an ideal sugar-baby and learning about their wants and needs will be a lifesaver to anyone.

  • Messages

It is customary for sugar-daddies on the site to get charged by credit price to “unlock” the messaging feature. Typically, it will cost you around ten credits. You may also share pictures with other members through this messaging service. That being said, unlike other hookup services where people talk casually, SecretBenefits seems to have a more sophisticated tone.

Become a Member

SecretBenefits signup

SecretBenefits has different sign-up processes for the ladies (SugarBabies) and gentlemen (SugarDaddies). For the ladies, they are asked for their e-mail account, login passcode, username, as well as information about their height, weight, age, and nationality. Afterward, they need to post six minimum pictures free of captions, nude, and effects.

Adding images is the next step, but they’ll also be asked to describe your ideal “SugarDaddy,” as well as an introduction, a catchphrase, and details on what makes them pretty damn special as a “SugarBaby.” Aside from that, they’ll have to provide contact information and publish around four more “exclusive” images.

Meanwhile, there are specific unique considerations for guys when it comes to joining SecretBenefits. You should first enter your e-mail information, username, login passcode, nationality, and age. While the “SugarBabies” require a photo to conclude the registration process, the gents don’t. You’ll be requested to provide additional personal details and write a brief description on your profile when you sign up.

Their Credit Prices

The SecretBenefits service does not charge a monthly subscription; rather, guys can buy credits to use when communicating with SugarBabies. The following is a general breakdown of credit cost:

  • Introductory Price for 100 credits is $59
  • Elite Price for 500 credits is $169
  • Best Value Price for 1,000 credits is $289

Pros and Cons of SecretBenefits


  • Plenty of babes
  • Easy and short sign-up process
  • Profiles undergo authentication
  • Women are free to use


  • No app available

TOP 12 Sugar Dating and Sex Dating Sites Similar to Secretbenefits.com:

#1 — AdultFriendFinder


The Adult Friend Finder website is famous all over the world. It has more than eighty million members desiring erotic interactions with multiple women. Similarly, it provides numerous flirtatious relationships, such as casual connections, monogamy, couples, fuck buddies, and many more.

Indeed, this is an excellent experience that spices things up in the bedroom, especially between open-minded people willing to examine their sexual orientation. Finally, registration is relatively stress-free and straightforward, so members finish it in less than five minutes.

Here’s the full review of AdultFriendFinder.


  • Registration is free and fast
  • The members of the website are active in looking for casual hookups
  • Plenty of options in terms of communication
  • Watching videos and viewing images are free
  • You can write blogs and engage in a group conversation
  • The app is available for download and compatible with both iOS and Android devices


  • The number of male members is greater than the females
  • Limited options for free basic accounts

#2 — EmilyDates


An Australian-based dating website where singles clearly understand what they expect from their potential matches, EmilyDates is famous, reliable, and continuously improving day by day. It has a big enough database that is still growing, has a great concept that supports sugar dating, and works well for both sugar daddies and babies. Each member has their demands clearly stated in their profiles, so everyone will know what to expect and see if you are an excellent match to a fellow member.

EmilyDates also conducts strict verification and safety measures to ensure that everyone is protected despite what happens. The most excellent matter about this page is its superb scam protection, which is not that focused on most dating sites we’ve encountered.


  • Affordable fees
  • Great quality of service
  • Smart functions and features
  • Lots of communication tools are available


  • Some fake profiles
  • Other girls take time to respond

#3 — SugarDaddyMeet


SugarDaddyMeet is a niche dating website that offers its services for beautiful young women and affluent mature men. This sugar dating site runs its operation in the top 20 wealthiest countries only. There are no precise necessities to join the site, though you will need to verify your profile and photos by uploading the necessary documents. After being verified, you will receive a unique verification badge to show you’ve taken this step and that you are a natural person, not just a fake profile. Given the nature of this site, it is only natural that building your profile on SugarDaddyMeet will take a bit of time and attention.

No need to worry because SugarDaddyMeet is actively moderated to ensure the safety of users and keep scammers out. While many features are available to free users, the Premium version has more advantages like sending messages, instant chat features, offering initial gifts to potential matches, and advanced search filters. This should be everyone’s go-to for sugar dating and to enjoy out-of-this-world fun with obvious and agreed benefits, especially financial and sexual needs. It’s all about chemistry and taking advantage of fun times. Power, money, youth, and beauty? If you’ve got them, flaunt them on SugarDaddyMeet, and it might just change your life in a few clicks.


  • Lots of available features for free users
  • “Let’s Meet” features that work like some roulette machine
  • Chat rooms available
  • Easy to use interface
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Solid verification system


  • Some issues on the iOs mobile app
  • No video chat option
  • Free users have a limited number of searches

#4 — WhatsYourPrice


Despite being a pretty new platform after being made in 2010, What’s Your Price has shot up in popularity. The site has a large population of members from the United States, with around a million members, and endures to develop as an online dating auction website by the day. The site is very user-friendly, with fewer options to make users confused. Free users also do not have much functionality, and as for paid users, they get to the job at hand – making bids and initiating contact right away.

Although there is only a minimal set of features on this site, it is built with brilliant designs that look great and have pretty basic but useful options. The site also comes with 24/7 customer support and many other forms of addressing questions that may come up. Registration can be done quickly as only a few details are needed before setting up your account. Once you’re done, you can immediately start browsing through the site and enhance your profile to make it more attractive to other users, guaranteeing more matches and dates.

Full WhatsYourPrice review here.


  • Making bids for dates
  • No subscription fee
  • Lots of attractive singles
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Pretty new concept
  • No mobile app
  • Expensive rates

#5 — Sugar Daddy


Make no mistake about it; SugarDaddy.com has one of the most recognizable and memorable domains of all the sugar dating platforms that we know of. The registration process was nice and quick, the bare minimum standard sugar dating questions were required to be answered, and you can quickly proceed to complete your profile once you’ve done the verification steps.

Nevertheless, Sugar Daddy.com emphasizes that profiles with great photos get more attention and responses from other users. For non-paying members, they can already do a lot and enjoy features even without paying. But of course, just like any other dating site out there, premium members get to have the best – features, communication tools, and matches. But unlike other sugar dating sites, this one requires sugar babies to pay for membership.

We’ve been used to seeing only sugar daddies cashing out but here, even the sugar babes who need the most monetary and any support needs to pay. Despite this, there are still lots of users who are willing to spend and enjoy on-site. Matching is easy with their practical algorithms and systems so that you will have a good time on SugarDaddy.com.


  • Reasonable prices
  • Unlimited photos can be uploaded
  • Non-paying users can respond to messages of paid members
  • Mobile-optimized


  • Limited payment methods
  • Non-paying members cannot send messages
  • No mobile app

#6 — RichMeetBeautiful


Founded in 2017, Rich Meet Beautiful is one of the quickest growing sugar dating sites, with positive reviews and a large user base for rich and elite singles looking for their perfect match. This site aims to connect the wealthy sugar daddy individuals with their beautiful sugar baby partners.

The sign-up process on Rich Meet Beautiful is straightforward and smooth. However, to get full access to its features, you will need the Premium membership. The Premium membership is required to send messages to other members, so it would be better if you start searching up potential dates or matches then proceed in getting paid membership once you set your eyes on specific users to contact.


  • Large user base mainly in Europe
  • Advanced search and filters
  • Generous free membership
  • Modern designs
  • Verified members


  • Not yet available in the US
  • No mobile app

#7 — MillionaireMatch


If you’re up for fun, flirty, and informal atmospheres where you can meet rich men and get something from each other while connecting on a very intimate level, MillionaireMatch is the best pick for you. Now you can find fun and luxurious dates that will hopefully lead you to something. Among sugar baby/daddy sites, this one’s a star among them all. It has a great matching system where you get to meet people with whom you can share your mindset, sexual chemistry, and fantasies.

Combining a busy atmosphere of older men and younger women, MillionaireMatch gives you a sexy, discreet yet classy, and friendly feel. Most members are unashamed and confident in their skins — everyone openly talks about their desires, both monetary and sexual. Everyone is open-minded with no surprises, so it is such a fun site to explore.


  • Great selection of sugar daddies
  • Classy-looking website
  • User-friendly and easy to navigate interface


  • The sugar daddies-babies ratio is not equal

#8 — SugarDaddie

sugardaddie homepage

With easy sign-ups and an excellent user interface, you will find it bliss looking for sugar daddies on this site. You’ll start with entering your essential details, which will be used for matchmaking purposes. For sugar babes, you will be asked to introduce yourself subtly, and the site’s moderators will verify your profile before you can start browsing through their gallery of profiles. SugarDaddie has excellent search features, but you will need to upgrade to a premium membership so you can start messaging anyone.

One unique thing about SugarDaddie is that they have a “quality score,” which improves your chances of getting perfect matches. It is based on your activities and profiles completeness, so the more detailed and informative your profile is, the higher your quality score. They also have this “Meet My Match” feature where you are randomly matched with some Sugar Daddie and decide if you go “yes” or “no” on them. Although this quality score sounds uncalled for, it is still unique and can be taken positively.


  • Great for some quick sex from beautiful ladies
  • Unique features
  • Detailed profiles
  • Members can set goals and earn “scores”
  • Easy sign-up


  • No verification for financial info
  • Sugar babies have stiff pricing policies

#9 — Sudy


Here, you can meet wealthy sugar daddies with no hassle in signing up and searching features. Sudy is a lot better than most sugar daddy sites with unique features like “Sugar Talks,” where sugar daddies and babies can answer and throw questions at each other. It’s a good way for everyone to be more open and comfortable with each other while being upfront with their intentions.

Sugar babies also need not worry because they will be charged a little only, especially once they’re verified. If you are on this site, you are in on some excellent treats because members are rich millionaires and mostly young sugar babies looking for older and mature men that can support them in any way in exchange for themselves. Sudy has a lot of great reviews from satisfied users who have met and are now in sugar relationships.

Full review of Sudy here.


  • The mobile app is easy to navigate
  • Easy sign-up
  • Verification badges to ensure profile integrity
  • Large user base
  • Great female-male ratio


  • Messaging requires a paid membership
  • Sugar daddies’ subscription is expensive
  • Profile viewing sometimes gets slow

#10 — Seeking.com

seeking arrangement

A niche dating platform that attracts daily visitors is Seeking Arrangement. Since this is not a regular matching website, its design could throw off several individuals who occasionally come on this. It does, nevertheless, a brilliant job of providing a secure atmosphere for the type of partnership and interaction it promotes. Moreover, it is intriguing to discern that it has a fair number of people internationally for a platform that contains a relatively fundamental concept.

Seeking Arrangement is a place for youngsters to engage sugar mommies and daddies who could deliver monetary support and encouragement for them. Sugar babies must provide love, sex, affection, and lengthy connections in exchange. An ideal relationship is redefined by Seeking Arrangement as it undermines the conventional means of internet wooing. The site delivers an oasis in which you can incorporate enjoyment with a company.

Click for a Seeking full review.


  • The verification process is strict
  • Within just five days, the site guarantees users can find ideal arrangements
  • It has over ten million members actively seeking and involving worldwide
  • The majority of members are from the United States
  • The registration process is easy and swift to finish
  • Free sending of messages to other verified members only


  • Few fake sugar baby accounts
  • Requires permission to view a private gallery of other members

#11 — BeNaughty


Introduced in 2000, it became an increasingly successful dating website that works in partnership with Flirt, IWantU, and UpForIt to provide proven quality and comfortable environments for the users. Each day it has over 13 million visits, and there are over millions of individuals worldwide consider signing up as official users.

This is indeed a perfect outlet for getting wild and engaging among married people and single individuals in sexual activities and relationships. Your private data sent to the BeNaughty site is safely secured because it uses the SSL Encrypted method and has followed the validation phase for all accounts. Everything enables the entire journey to be a lot more enjoyable and avoids any money-making scheme.

BeNaughty review here.


  • The platform was established over 20 years already
  • Every day, there are an increasing number of people signing up
  • Members are responsive and active
  • Free five chats daily for free basic accounts
  • Easy to navigate and simple interface website design
  • Video chat is available


  • Some accounts do not provide much information on their profiles
  • Advertisements are plenty and annoying
  • Annoying live notifications

#12 — MissTravel

miss travel

If you travel but have no one to explore new places with, this may be the site for you. Miss travel is for the sugar babies who want to travel but are a bit out of budget, and for sugar daddies who also want to travel but needs company. Just the perfect match!

This site is similar to all other dating sites, but instead of paying off student loans or giving allowances, the benefits come as free trips worldwide. The site matching doesn’t work like magic, and you can’t get overwhelmed with the idea of immediately traveling. Since the site shows you the general and the detailed aspects of the user profiles, you have to make sure that you know your potential travel buddies.


  • Advanced search features
  • High member activities
  • Quick and easy registration
  • Worth the price you pay


  • No App available
  • Limited special features

Final Thoughts

Certainly, SecretBenefits provides SugarBabies and SugarDaddies with an easy-to-use portal for finding and arranging dates. You’ll be able to meet a perfect sugar-baby who would support you in exploring your passions and meeting your desires. You’ll enjoy using this site because of the laid-back vibe and the sense of security it provides when interacting. Also, the accounts are checked for authenticity, and you can look up any information you want.

If you’re feeling curious and oddly interested in the sugar-daddy lifestyle, or you’re a charming girl interested in being a sugar-baby, SecretBenefits is definitely a hassle-free solution. Just go right ahead now, and discover your true calling. Take part in the SecretBenefits crowd today and start living a lifestyle you’ve long dreamed of. SecretBenefits is jam-packed with amazing potential sugar-babies; go out and meet them — I’m pretty sure they love to talk about the specifics with you.

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