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Hookup With a Black Babe Online – Review of BlackCrush.com

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We all have our preferences and tastes regarding the people we like and most of us would prefer a type over the other. Regardless of what your preferences are if you’ve tried online dating and hookup sites, you’ll find out that there are girls for every type there is. Such websites are a thing nowadays, especially in the digital era where most of us spend a lot of time using our phones. Dating and hookups have never been this easy; you’ll just have to scroll and swipe here and there and before you know it, you already landed yourself a potential hookup or dating match.

Are you into sweet ebony girls and are looking for some fun time to spend with some hot dark skinned beauty? Everyone can agree that black girls have this different aura and feel… it’s like every black girl you meet is automatically hot, sexy, and of course, beautiful. If you’re one of those people who fancy dark skinned-babes and wonders how it would feel like sleeping with one, then BlackCrush might just do the trick for you.

BlackCrush boasts of its whopping population of black members. Around 95% of their registered users are your black dream girls and boys. Adult dating sites have different styles to hook users and for BlackCrush, they cater to people who are interested in hooking up with sexy black babes. Online dating sites are perfect for your no strings attached and low-commitment fun since upon signing up, everyone already knows what they’re in it for — sex
Here’s a full-depth review of BlackCrush, our latest favorite hookup platform which gives us loads of black girls to crush on and possibly hook-up with.

Signing Up and User Interface

blackcrush signup page

Creating an account with BlackCrush is as easy as 123 (click here to create a profile). It will only take you 3-5 minutes at most to complete the required details and start using the hookup site. It is made to be convenient since you’ll only have to provide the bare minimum of personal details to complete the registration. You need to have a valid e-mail address since it will be used to confirm the account; you’ll receive a special link that will redirect you to the BlackCrush website, which is your go-signal to start your journey in hooking up with black girls.
Although the website’s interface and navigation are made well, you might still find a bit of difficulty in looking for specific features. There are only a few features but most of them are not organized well and may look weirdly grouped so you might scratch your head seeing the jumbled features here and there. The website might need to work on its design clarity and have it cleaner and organized to look better.

BlackCrush Free Accounts

blackcrush free accounts

Just like any other hookup or dating site, free accounts don’t provide many benefits and features to the user. Unless it’s a generous and popular site, most of them hide the best features and reserves it for those who purchased the premium membership fees. Although there’s nothing wrong with free accounts as there are still features and freebies that will be available, they are usually very limited. If you want to make your hookup journey easier and more memorable, then don’t deprive yourself of such pleasures; go ahead and purchase that premium membership.

Free accounts will only have to settle with seeing other accounts, basic chats, and watching some content. Although most features are available for use, there are a whole lot of activities that are only exclusive for subscribed users. Purchasing the premium subscription will open up a lot of opportunities that will help you with interaction among other users and of course, some good time.

BlackCrush Premium Accounts

blackcrush premium

Being on a premium membership will provide you full access to all of BlackCrush’s contents. You can already send unlimited messages and start a chat with any BlackCrush user. Premium members get more opportunities to find hook-up matches and with all the access they can get, they will also gain higher confidence to mingle with other users.
Here are some of the premium membership’s estimated pricing plans for BlackCrush:

Limited Trial Membership$3/day
Regular Monthly Membership$30/30 days
3-months Plan$51/90 days
Gold Membership$72/6 months

Key Features

features of blackcrush

Image Galleries


Live Web Cams

Favorite Lists

Because BlackCrush’s goal is to promote harmonious interaction between users and for things to go smooth towards hooking-up, they made use of basic features like chatting available. Uncensored videos and pictures aim to arouse interest and pleasure especially for those who are attracted to black-skinned babes. In this site, the sexual possibilities are endless and you can practically do just about anything to enjoy and have some sexy time with your black girls.
They have Live Web Cams where users can observe the girls doing their daily stuff — taking showers, hanging out in the living room, or maybe doing some sexy fun. You also get to see couples doing the deed in their little worlds. In other words, you are a hidden watcher. For some, it will intensify their desire and pleasure knowing that they can “spy” on the models. If you are into these kinds of stuff, you might also want to check out the models that fit your liking first. Next to the streaming video are some information about the model where you can see their notable features and other physical specifications.
For a paid subscription, users can send as many messages as they like. Starting up a conversation will be the first step to an interaction, and if your goal here is to find a hook-up buddy, then you might want to step up your game. Check out a gallery of BlackCrush hotties and send them messages first. You might send several messages at once so you can do more. But before you start your moves on the girls, you might want to write something about yourself first. Having a complete and interesting About Me section will also be a good step. You will have higher chances of attracting like-minded hot girls.


Since this is a vital part of the hook-up and dating scene, BlackCrush offers its basic options for communicating with other users. You may start conversations casually via private chat or you may also opt for a Live Chat or Video Chat. Live Chat is the best method there is to connect to that beautiful black girl you fancy on the site. This fast-paced conversation style will be very hot and is guaranteed to blow your mind, provoke your sexual desires, and provoke feelings. They also allow video chat which is only available for premium members. If you have special kinks, you may be one breath away from turning them into reality. Watch your favorite black girl do every erotic act for you alone and everything you’ve ever fantasized about will unfold before your very eyes.
Premium members can also send gifts and flirts. It is one way to impress and win over the black girl you’re currently talking to. If you have plenty of time in your hands, you can chat with the girls you like and add them to your friends’ list. That way, you won’t miss updates when they’re online and you get to build relationships with them as well. Before you know it, one of these hot babes on your friends’ list might be the star in your next sexy time.
Remember that you can add favorites and keep track of every black girl you want to fuck with. You can start your photo album where you may open comments and if the girls find your profile interesting, they might just start flirting with you right there and then. BlackCrush also has an additional feature which is the introduction of built-in patterns. Users can select long-letter forms and send one to their chosen girls. It’s a unique and intimate idea for users to work on communication with their potential partners.

BlackCrush Members

blackcrush profile member

True to its motto, BlackCrush is dominated with black baddies and once you start spending time on the site, you’ll find out that it is true. African-American babes are always down to start conversations with you and you won’t even need to hold back. Everyone’s open-minded and liberated so you don’t need to be wary of your sexual words and actions. You can always release your dirty fantasies and sexual desires on this site and the beautiful ladies from the site won’t be bothered at all, they’ll even respond with more wit and passion.

Click here to see some hot ebonies on blackcrush.com.
The whole BlackCrush community is very friendly and inviting. It is very rare to be in such communities where you’ll also spend time with like-minded people. Girls here know what they want, and they know that a lot of people want them as well. Since English is the main language for communication on this website, it will be very convenient to chat and video call. Everyone spends their time well and with active profiles on the site, you can be sure that your introductory messages will get a reply as well. With BlackCrush, there are no limits and restrictions for the members. You just have to release your inhibitions and have some good time.

BlackCrush Top-level Security

Hook-up websites need to value the confidentiality of members and ensure everyone’s safety. BlackCrush has SSL-encryption and many other ways so they can avoid data loss and breach issues. Upon signing up to hook-up and dating websites, always remember that you should not easily provide your credit card details and personal information before verifying that the site is legit and safe. If you think your data was compromised, contact BlackCrush Customer Support immediately since they are available 24/7.
It is suggested that you read the Terms and Conditions of the website intently before proceeding to any activity within the site. 18 years old and above is the age requirement for joining such websites and reading a bit from the website’s terms can help guide you as you start your journey to hook-up life.

All in all, the security of the site is really good and you have nothing to worry about.

Search and Filters

blackcrush filters

Since it is already a given that you are on the website so you have a thing for black girls, you can further narrow down your options by making use of the enhanced search facility of BlackCrush. On their homepage, you’ll find special filters for users who want to get specific with their black babe. Profiles can be sorted out according to users’ details like age, gender, and engagement among mangy. If you are just into no commitment relationships, you can choose the category and indicate “between the ages of” so you’ll only see those who fit the criteria.
The beautiful black babes on this site as well as handsome guys are always up for erotic situations. Filters can be used to sort accounts and even up to specific details like the location. For example, you chose 100-200 miles from you and you will be given loads of results. The site also has a section called “Women Near Me”. So, if you used the advanced search and filters, you will also be noticed by other users and you can get to lurk around the site first.

Value for Money

It is common for dating apps to advertise free registration or offer a short free trial period. As for BlackCrush, it’s technically free to join. But you need to know that free accounts have restricted access and only have very limited options, therefore making the experience lacking and different. If you want more, you’ll just have to upgrade to premium then you can start making use of the website’s most important features.
Free accounts also struggle with being bombarded with ads here and there. If you are bothered with such distractions, you can easily upgrade your membership and you’ll never be disturbed by ads ever again.

Pros And Cons


  • A great functionality of the website
  • Affordable pricing
  • Plenty of hot babes are available for chat
  • Website is easy to navigate
  • The easy and quick sign-up process


  • Free and basic profiles lack functionality
  • Not yet available as an app for mobile devices


If I cancel my paid membership, do I have to inform the BlackCrush Customer Support about it?

It is advised to inform the support team for your intention of canceling your membership to avoid recurring charges on your card. There will be times where they charge even after profile deactivation because your profile was not properly deleted. So, to be safe, yes, do inform BlackCrush’s Support Team about it.

Does BlackCrush offer refund policies?

As far as BlackCrush’s Terms of Use says, there is no clear indication of any refund policies or anything related to it. There are some points about refunds but those are just connected to possible scenarios where possible harm is caused to the user or the website. Since it is not clearly stated, it’s possible that you cannot expect any refund from this site.

How long do I need to stay on BlackCrush to have some successful hook-up experiences?

There are no exact days on how long you will find the perfect hook-up partner and experience. There is no formula for getting successful stories regarding this one, as well. It all depends on the person since we all have different styles in dating and hook-up, no one is the same especially with how they mingle with other singles. So, when you start your BlackCrush journey, just remember to follow your common sense and never forget your manners, ethics, and sense of humor. In no time, you’ll find yourself having fun and eventually closer to your goal of getting laid with some hot black chick.

What payment method can I choose from if I decide to purchase the paid membership?

BlackCrush has only one payment method which is paying via bank card. VISA or Mastercard are the common ones but any other system or bank works perfectly as well.

The Verdict

Although the site can use some improvements content and interface-wise, it’s still good that BlackCrush is not a scam at all and is a good enough platform for potential ebony hook-ups. With the ever-changing society we have, we’re sure that the site will also keep up and improve along the way. It has fewer features compared to other sites but it offers an interesting niche which is black girls.

If you’ve reached until the end of this article, then you might have a great interest in BlackCrush and black girls in general. Hook-up and casual sex sites are great platforms for you to land a no strings attached sexual ties with a stranger, so this website is an absolute gem. You’d get to make the most out of your online hookup stints and with all the amazing features that BlackCrush offers, you will surely find your perfect match in no time. So, take the first step and visit their website and your journey towards hooking up with a sexy black girl will be more rewarding and fun.

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