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Mega Personals

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Many people have been missing Craigslist because of its convenience for escort hunters worldwide. Some wish it would come back, while others hope for an alternative that matches its services. Lucky for you, I can make your wish come true. Although bringing back Craiglist is beyond my control, I have an excellent alternative for it —Mega Personals. This site functions just like the good old Craigslist but has even better features! All their claims seem promising, and for many years, they have tickled the fancy of many users worldwide. Now, it’s your shot to see what Mega Personals has for you!

Official URL: https://megapersonals.eu/

Mega Personals: The New Backpage of 21st Century!

MegaPersonals is another site focused on classified ad hook-ups and escort services. Certainly, it fills the void created by Backpage and Craigslist’s disappearance in the online hook-up industry —and I can say it’s doing pretty great so far. Several websites have claimed to be the “next” Backpage or the “next” Craigslist alternative; however, only a couple have been able to replicate the charm of the iconic advertising services.

We all know that there is no such thing as a flawless website in the field of escorts, but Mega Personals does deliver better and accessible content for those who need it on an urgent basis. In fact, it is the closest you can get as a Craigslist substitute. Even if Mega Personals isn’t a dynamic work-of-genius by any means, it is among the top entertainment websites to pop up in a long time.

So, if you’re thinking of browsing here just to buy a secondhand truck or old, cheap mattress, you’ll be disappointed. But, as for getting laid, hooking up, booking an escort, and getting nice tush, this is your pretty spot. Additionally, MegaPersonals has a diverse group of users joining from husbands and wives to lonely fucked up adults. Many of them are hunting for a soul mate and many more endless possibilities.

How Does MegaPersonals Work?

MegaPersonals ads

This website functions in the same approach as many other classified ad sites online. You can post your own listings and/or comment to others’ ad listings as soon as you register. Also, unlike other classified ad websites, MegaPersonals doesn’t mess with any other nonsense that fills up their pages with unnecessary clutter. Currently, this site has multiple different options for everyone; you can either choose:

  • men seeking men
  • men seeking women
  • women seeking men
  • women seeking women
  • Trans

Regardless of what you prefer, there are plenty of communication options you can find, including e-mails, text, and smartphones. If you want to improve your experience to the next level, you’re free to do a premium upgrade for an affordable price.

Meanwhile, MegaPersonals uses a location-based system that provides ad listing from people within nearby areas. I’ve seen some fee ads since the site doesn’t have an overwhelming audience as of this moment. However, I can attest that the ads are pretty legit. Seeing one or two new ad listings every day in multiple parts of the world makes my heart a bit flutter. Sure, it’s not as many as the old Craiglist, but as long as it’s legit, then I’m delighted.

Register and Post an Ad on Megapersonals.eu

MegaPersonals postings

Becoming an official member of MegaPersonals is relatively straightforward. In fact, it’s free! You just have to give a valid e-mail and pick an appropriate username and password. Once you have finished, you can already start browsing the page. Meanwhile, this site offers a premium membership, so if you feel like experiencing more improvised services and highly recommended features, then it’s the best option.

Like I mentioned a while ago, there are multiple options available on the MegaPersonals page, so make sure you select what’s best suits you. It will make your search faster, easier, and more convenient. Just click on any person you find attractive and connect with them in ways you feel comfortable. MegaPersonals has an in-site e-mail system that can help message people within the page. However, most of the users here prefer a more convenient way.

My User Experience

MegaPersonals pics

The Mega Personals site has easy-to-navigate features and a system. Even the oldies would find their way around the site so quickly. In fact, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to understand how it should be operated because it doesn’t have unnecessary clutter that messes up your sight.

When I visit this site, I know for sure that it’s not fooling everyone around since they put up plenty of escorts and hook-up options on display. Also, they make sure everyone’s identity is private and keep profiles anonymous. But, don’t worry, despite the anonymity, MegaPersonals has an amazing verification process that you can surely rely on. It’s not flawless, but it serves its purpose.

I also appreciate that they include several states and other places on the page, giving us more comprehensive options to select. Most Classified Ad sites only focus their efforts on New York City, eliminating the potentials of other places. Lucky for us, Megapersonals.eu delivers more listing and better chances of finding an escort. Additionally, it uses tags to help you narrow your searches into more detailed and precise results. In other words, Mega Personals offers an alternative Craigslist or Backpage service, but even better than what you expect. N

Should I Try MegaPersonals?

MegaPersonals escort ad

Back then, Craiglist was no longer safe to keep open because of stricter restrictions involving sex services and online sex marketing. In fact, legislation is really placing sex providers in greater danger now than before. When the state implements this regulation, sex providers are pushed to give up their jobs and find labor elsewhere. Girls who get thrown out off the sidewalks are significantly greater danger of dying or being wounded if they deal with gangsters.

MegaPersonals escort

Sex workers can be better if they can digitally attract, evaluate, and discover their preferred customers. That’s why when people revived the classified ads as a tool to attract customers in a more secure environment for prostitution, many people found a haven. After the disappearance of Craiglist, backpage sites are sprouting the Internet like wild mushrooms. Some of them are full of scams, while others seem to deliver what it’s supposed to do. When I heard about MegaPersonals, I knew precisely that this bitch is something I would personally recommend for others to try.

This sort of online transaction using MegaPersonals, whether out of comfort or a monetary trade, is between one horny grownup and a willing provider. So, it’s a shame that people would be persecuted for such satisfaction. As long as you don’t mind getting compensated for your erotica, there’s really nothing odd about it.

Should I Trust Them?

Safety and Security

MegaPersonals new york

As far as I’m concerned, MegaPersonals is safe to use, and there were a variety of factors that led me to this opinion. Well, to begin with, using megapersonals.eu cost nothing —even a single dime. Several websites attempting to mislead you typically need payment beforehand or give you very basic services forcing you to pay.

As I mentioned, Megapersonals.eu has a premium subscription, but unlike other sites, I couldn’t find the premium subscription anywhere no matter how much I searched. Obviously, Megapersonals.eu has no intention of squeezing its services down people’s throats. Certainly, a handful of online dating sites offer “free” versions and then charge when you wish to communicate with other members. Lucky for us, megapersonals.eu has taken care of that for you. Now you can look at other people’s profiles and send them messages for free!

Stamp of Approval

MegaPersonals ads listing

Additionally, ScamAdvisor has evaluated this site as reliable, which is the primary reason why I believe you should support this website. Also, I’m not surprised that many online community people have increasingly relied on this website as a shield against questionable activities. We all know ScamAdvisor doesn’t issue the stamp of approval to everyone that easily, so when you find a site with a high trustworthiness rating, you know they’ve earned it.

Finally, the truth that Mega Personals only accepts those above 21 as members is quite reassuring. Why? Well, that’s simple. If a particular website would allow everybody to access its services, especially those under 18 years old, it could only mean that they’re not giving a shit over its services at all. I’m glad that Mega Personals considered this. Sure, the site limits the number of potential members using its service, but they’ll protect underage users from potentially unsafe circumstances. Ultimately, I believe that this website is credible and trustworthy in every aspect.

Is Mega Personals Free or Not?

MegaPersonals pics escort

Overall, MegaPersonals is generally free and accessible. You can do everything you feel like once you have finished signing up —be it browsing, booking, messaging, flirting, etc. Also, the site has a premium subscription, but I haven’t seen any section or pop-up ad promoting premium upgrade so far. I tried browsing around the page and clicking on several pages, but to no avail. In other words, I can’t tell you precisely the prices available for a premium subscription.

Anyway, I’m pretty unsure of what else does a premium account offers, given that Mega Personals is already an all-access escort service. Apparently, you’ll be enjoying better security and privacy. Also, a special badge shows you a verified account, increasing your chances of finding a perfect sexual match and higher reply rates.

Pros and Cons of Mega Personals


  • Free registration and usage
  • High trustworthiness from ScamAdvisor
  • Plenty of sexual preferences for everyone
  • Covers wider locations
  • Easy signing up process
  • Attractive webpage design


  • Few users available yet

12 Must-Visit Escort Sites Similar to Megapersonals.eu:

#1 — AshleyMadison


The Ashley Madison escort website is not just a typical escort website you see online. Founded back in 2001, the website provided committed people, married or in an attached relationship, the freedom to seek any discreet affairs with someone. Until this moment, Ashley Madison remains to offer a free-of-judgment environment, and affairs are not discouraged.

Over the years, the services offering of the Ashley Madison website is changing according to the demands and changing lifestyles and ways of cheating of members. This website covers many interests, including the perks of having polygamous, monogamous, open relationships, threesomes, and others. Due to the extraordinary features, it became popular and continues to be on top-up to this day, gaining reputation worldwide.

Click for a full review of AshleyMadison


  • Maintains photo and personal information discretion
  • Encourages discreet photo uploading
  • Free registration and easy registration process
  • Available as apps on Android and iOS phones and don’t require too much memory space
  • A large community of members around the world


  • Some profiles do not provide many details
  • Some don’t fill out profile information

#2 — AdultFriendFinder


Adult Friend Finder’s website is widely popular worldwide and has over eighty million members seeking casual and sexual encounters with different girls. Also, this website became popular in the United States and provided an excellent platform for users to seek a perfect sexual match using its communication features.

Further, it offers many casual arrangements, including polygamous relationships, monogamy, couple sharing, FuBu, and many others. Indeed, it is a great website to explore sexual preferences and spice things up in bed, especially among single people and couples willing to scrutinize their sexuality. The users will finish with easy navigation and a fast registration process within 5 minutes or below.

Here’s the full review of AdultFriendFinder


  • Free registration
  • Members of the site are seeking casual relationships
  • Open for bisexuals and gay members
  • There are plenty of features for communicating with each other
  • Members are allowed to create blogs and groups for information exchange
  • Free feature in watching videos and viewing photos
  • Members are allowed and free to share any types of videos and photos


  • There are more males than females

#3 — Banglocals


Banglocals is a must-visit website for people looking for a perfect match for sex, dates, and casual affairs. Regardless of the number of competitive websites out there, it has remained on the top spot today. Indeed, our lives are a shitload of work and stress, and all we want is relaxing and calming ways to release it. Indeed, a great buddy who will stimulate our sexual desires can make life full of enjoyment.

Click here for Banglocals full review.


  • The users are distinct and from unique parts of the world
  • Website is simple to use with simple navigating features
  • Registration is quick, and hook-up is immediate
  • Booking someone close to your area is likely practical


  • Requires premium membership to operate some site features

#4 — YesBackpage


It has caused many customers to look for other solutions or alternatives to Backpage’s exit from the industry. Thus, the rise of YesBackpage, a successful, reliable, and well-known backpage alternative that brings all the goodness of classic “Backpage” into a whole new different style.

Just like the most well-loved Backpage, the YesBackpage allows people to post and publish employment ads, property listings, and even porn services and escorts service providers. Just name it; they have it!

YesBackpage review here.


  • Simple registration process
  • Very popular among users of Backpage.com
  • Effective and reliable alternative to Backpage.com
  • Finding Escort and other services are simple, quick, and straightforward
  • The design and usability of the website is strategically user-friendly and straightforward
  • Free posting of advertisements
  • Plenty of services section offered, so you can find everything you need


  • Website design could use some improvements

#5 — 2fuck.com

2fuck site

With all the escort websites across the Internet, only a few stand out. One of these is 2fuck.com, an Escort website with three million registered members worldwide. It is progressively growing every day. The website boasts its genuine and authentic services for everyone who craves sex every day.

Once you become a member, your profile will automatically undergo compatibility matching and provide you with lists of members compatible with your preferences. It is easy to say that 2fuck.com does not randomly search for members for your convenience but instead employs an analytic process to make matching more accurate.

Check out 2fuck.com review.


  • Members worldwide reach up to millions and growing each day
  • The design of the website is user-friendly and straightforward
  • Free registration for everyone


  • Premium members have exclusive features that can only access them

#6 — Onebackpage


Upon first look, Onebackpage seems like an ordinary website with loads of listings relating to job applicants and whatnot. But surprisingly, Onebackpage actually has a comprehensive list of special categories, around 120 that you can browse, explore and choose from. Each category serves its purpose and is quite varied. Regardless, each site’s category has essential value to many consumers and users.

Full Onebackpage review here.


  • A fantastic quantity of advertisements and advertisers
  • Loaded with plenty of services offered
  • Free to use
  • Reliable and safe to use
  • A reliable source of High-quality escorting services
  • Simple to use and design is easy to understand


  • It covers the United States only
  • There are advertising links added on

#7 — PrivateDelights

PrivateDelights main

PrivateDelights is a two-way advertising service, similar to what you’d find in standard classifieds these days. It is making an effort to establish itself as a significant player in the adult entertainment industry. Also, they aim to become an “all-around destination” of escorting needs by making users some accounts, advertisements, customer feedback, and member chat forums available.

Take a look at PrivateDelights review.


  • Plenty of escorts in Canada and the US
  • Reviews are helpful
  • Booking is confidential
  • It has a discreet system
  • Verified escorts


  • Some escort photos are intentionally blurred
  • Some areas have limited escorts available

#8 — EscortNews

escort news

EscortNews is an independent escort site with an enormous listing of hot and gorgeous women. You will find the most sought-after girls and amazingly stunning escorts on this site. It also offers convenient features for the users, including advanced searching, communication tools, and a simply-designed interface. So, if you are fascinated and feel like exploring your sexual dreams and deepest sensual fantasies. Take a visit and splurge into the world of escorting.

Here’s an EscortNews review.


  • Top-no choices of girls
  • The website design is straightforward, fun, and easy to navigate
  • Features are plenty
  • The index is organized pretty well
  • There are available reviews to read


  • Focuses primarily on large cities

#9 — Eccie

Eccie discussion

Eccie is a reliable escort review website that facilitates customers in gathering the necessary info before actually booking a meeting with any escort girls. Booking an escort is such a huge gamble, so an Eccie by your side, you can somewhat sleep at night, bothering nothing but the pleasure awaiting you.

Full review of Eccie here.


  • Excellent and reliable review source
  • Free registration
  • Supports mobile browsing
  • Browse and read reviews for free
  • Web design is simple and easy to understand


  • Annoying ads
  • Basic accounts can only read limited reviews

#10 — SkipTheGames

skipthegames site

Skip the Games may sound like an excellent game to play. However, this name is not for playtime but rather a great platform to find adult workers and independent escorts all in one place. The top thing about this is that you are no longer required to sign up to get vital information about the available escorts.

You just need to scroll around, click a few profiles, and viola; you can already find your perfect destination. Nonetheless, there are still risks involved since registration is unnecessary. Most importantly, if you are up for a quick sexual time of your life, then take a break from porn and indulge yourself in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have sex with a real woman.

Click for a SkipTheGames full review.


  • There are available escorts across the world
  • Photos posted by the escorts are genuine
  • There are articles published on this site that are useful and interesting to read


  • No price range for escorts are available as a preview

#11 — RubRatings

RubRatings main

RubRatings prides itself in creating a platform where horny customers can effortlessly connect with reputable heaven-like massages and erotic rubs services. It doesn’t matter where that is, as long as it’s high-quality standard services. But certainly, it would be better if within our respective local communities.

So, if you’re looking for a place to find heaven-like massages and erotic rub pleasure, RubRatings is the place for you! The platform offers an easy-to-use and cost-effective way for escort masseuse to promote their sensual offerings to all interested folks.

RubRatings review here.


  • Top-notch escort masseurs
  • Skilled escorts
  • Many locations included
  • It has escort reviews available


  • There are few states not available
  • The page is still under development

#12 — Oodle

oodle personals

If you’ve been missing Craigslist’s personal, there’s Oodle to replace. It may be just what we’re all hoping for when I say, “keep an open mind.” Listed here are several alternatives to Craigslist’s personal ads that you may find helpful in your escorts and hook-up hunt.

Generally, Oodle is an advertisement aggregator, just like Classified Advertising, Backpage, and Craigslist. However, the only difference is its ads came from a wide range of other categories. Although Oodle has not yet reached the reputation made by Craigslist, its 15M+ ads spread across 700+ areas create a solid online presence. Since it started operating, Oodle has given various options for people to post classified ads — anything from real estate to animals to apartment rentals to employment to escort services.


  • Plenty of escort girls
  • Basic and straightforward to use
  • It has a pretty solid user base
  • Operating for significant years already
  • Amazing Personals category
  • It has similar features to Craigslist


  • Posting ads requires membership
  • Admins are pulling out some ads without notifications

Final Words

If you’re eyeing a fantastic alternative to Backpage or Craigslist sites, Mega Personals is really the best deal you can find. Perhaps, the trustworthiness seal of approval from ScamAdvisor is already a huge deal to consider visiting this site. Currently, the site has no shitload of updated accounts or listings available, but what’s available on the page is pretty decent. Just have a good sense of self-awareness when meeting new people online, and enjoy yourself to the fullest while using MegaPersonals services.

In addition, I only have tiny details about the premium upgrade of this website. Still, once I discover that out, I will update this assessment to reflect whether or not I believe it’s good enough for purchase. However, if its premium service provides enhanced safety or protected communications as an option, it may be worthwhile. For now, I’m saying that the basic free membership is pretty delightful and serves its escort purposes.

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