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I have been having body pains lately, and I wonder where to grab a quick massage. You know me; I do not settle for conventional services; thus, I am craving juicy and squirming delights. With that, I ran through a list of venues and saw RubPage.com. A rush of excitement flew over me, and later I realized, why not do a review for you too. Yes, pal, how can I forget you. Surely, you are aching to experience sweet presses and delectably soft and hard pressure.

Official URL: https://rubpage.com/

Therefore, take my hand, pal, as I share with you a glimpse of Rub Page and its overall masterpieces. Rub Page brags itself as the biggest and safest erotic massage directory worldwide. Perhaps, they know where they stand and go to come up with such claims. True enough, Rub Page collated a sizeable market with over hundreds and thousands of visitors monthly. I am snooping how many pains each client bears before seeking Rub Page’s help. Well, the only thing I am certain of is that they get satisfied with every tingling Rub Page session. Let us see how it goes for you and me.

Get Sexual Satiation with Rub Page

Some may wonder how to get sexually satiated with a single massage. Do not underestimate Rub Page’s ability as an erotic arena. It provides an almost complete directory of body rub and Nuru massage listings. Regardless of location, Rub Page tries to give sensual something for you. The site also markets hot service providers that deliver beyond what they intend. It caters to most cities that require this convenient amenity.

Indeed, it isn’t surprising to see a bunch of dudes relishing the ability to order a babe to help them relax. With simple taps and navigation, fanatics can select several steamy men and women. Extra service is inevitable, and I know you can’t resist but grab the opportunities. Start getting rid of body pains and aching dick with Rub Page. Rubbing dicks are tempting, and you will be allured to a number of delectable pieces.

Nuru Massage for You

rubpage masseuse

Rub Page introduces its expertise in Nuru massage. Even in a single thought of it, I am immediately achieving a massive boner. Babes at Rub Page are considered experts in the field of Nuru and other massage techniques. For those who don’t have an idea yet, Nuru originated in Japan and involved the intense tenderness of a masseuse’s hands to your body. It creates a positive erotic charge and boosts sensuality through experiencing an hour of extreme pleasure.

Meanwhile, Nuru in Japanese means’ smooth’ and ‘slippery.’ Thus, this type of massage’s secret is its special unscented seaweed gel. Rub Page offers a no ordinary relaxation and calming provision. It relieves all the fatigue and worries in your body. Not just that, expert hands are ready to take care of you. These providers aren’t your typical masseuse; hence, get ready to be devoured. Savoring the experience is my recommendation. Go, pal!

Rub Page: Adults Only!

rubpage nuru

The place is strict and compliant about every erotic venue’s rule of prohibiting teenage and underage clients in the repository. At the beginning of the page, you will see a long pop-up of disclaimers. Rub Page introduces itself to potential visitors by declaring its content and possible effects on the viewing public. With this, the site recommends that anyone visiting the platform should respect and access the materials per its Terms and Conditions.

In addition, explicit materials may arise and bring various physical and emotional triggers. Therefore, if you are eager and willing to participate in this Rub Page adventure, you can hastily tap the ‘I Agree’ button. When done, you can start maneuvering a promised land of relaxation and welcoming abode. Rub Page allows you to do all you want and explore the area unlimitedly. Let us check the vibe and approach of Rub Page, pal.

Pleasant Rub Page Abode

rubpage faqs

The moment I stepped into the arena, ‘pleasant’ was the first adjective that crossed my mind. I was contented and happy to see the clean domain. No matter where your eyes are set, you will appreciate the glorious detail of Rub Page. Its white backdrop and blue-colored icons created a combination of a sumptuous vibe. Undoubtedly, I saw a fresh and unintimidating arena. You can feel relaxed and engaged even with its overall site design only.

On the other hand, Rub Page incorporated simple details like an animated image of males and females browsing through their phones. It seems like they seek the hottest masseurs in town. Rub Page literally knows its global impact by also adding symbolism from various countries. I saw the pyramids of Egypt, the Eiffel Tower of Paris, France, and other famed landmarks globally. Certainly, these details arouse me. I appreciate the moment and work with the people behind Rub Page.

More so, on the main page, you will readily see a search engine beside the site’s name. I hope Rub Page can also level up the logo layout. Anyway, going back to the engine, the domain allows you to navigate around your preferred geographical setting. In fact, there are two engines on the home page. The icons function exquisitely and deliver the results we are craving.

rubpage listings

Rub Page showcases various listings right at its doorsteps. Oh, you will love the photographs of the ladies in the arena. They pose and display themselves with great confidence and individual allure. I think I am going to enjoy each massage night with these hotties. You can see boobs, ass, good profiles, and artsy cover images. It is an absolute delight to feast on these deals. I commend the vibe and the buffet approach where you have to tap and select among the best options.

Each listed babe contains an erotic cover image on its presented thumbnail. Fans can see their names, location, and affiliation. Yes, some beauties came from Spas, salons, and other businesses or organizations. However, most of them are independently thriving and executing their services at Rub Page. It is also evident that Rub Page thumbnails contain a check mark suggesting that the babes are verified. In addition, reviews are readily posted.

From here, you can enjoy ladies in their pseudo names like Massage 212, Nuru Queen Milana, Erotic Massage, Humble Hands, Julinka, Curvy Chelie, and more. Some of these stunning masseurs come from New York City, Florida, Los Angeles, Seattle, and others. Ratings are also available, with some babes getting a perfect mark of five (5) while others go for 4.8.

Checking the Rub Page’s Profiles

rubpage profile

I bumped into Lara and became wildly curious about her. You know me; I do not want to waste my time hence, I am here at her profile. The cover images are so great that my whole being is excited. Lara looks so good and can pass as a famed model. Anyway, she says she is from New York City. Lara also describes herself as sweet and charming, a masseuse with a warm personality. I can exactly see her warmness by simply staring at her photographs.

Additionally, Lara promises the best Nuru massage. How to avail of her delicious offerings? Firstly, a reservation is required. Contact numbers are at hand, and it is a common practice always to mention Rub Page as a reference when you do your call. If you are wondering about rates and pricing, Lara and other masseuse listed their ratings in their profile sections. As I investigate, Lara does four (4) specific services, including erotic body rub for men, change roles, Nuru slide, and a happy ending massage. Fortunate for Lara’s fans as she rated these activities at uniform prices.

rubpage places

Thus, you can now check the address when you are settled with the details. Greatly, maps are available for easier identification. However, if you are keen to dissect more information, frequently asked questions (FAQS) are also showcased to answer your queries. Some questions tackle extra services, locations, and giving tips. I can also relate. Thanks, Rub Page!

Reviews and Rub Page Notes

rubpage info

Users and fans can leave their feedback through star ratings and written reviews. This approach is a great avenue to know Rub Page fanatics’ personal experiences and adventures. Interestingly, Rub Page knows the essential role of reviews in the market. With this, comments and commendations are itemized into four categories: service, location, value for money, and cleanliness. Below these categories, fans can also read the inscribed thoughts of the users.

Despite the visible importance of reviews, some users sadly forget or fail to share their cents. It could be a valuable hit to the overall site performance. Anyway, I commend the group of individuals who consistently provide their awesome adventures with Rub Page and its masseuse. Overall, Rub Page’s glossary of erotic venues made them a huge hit in the market of erotic massage fans. The Nuru escapade is also excellent. However, no domain is perfect, and Rub Page also shared a spare of flaws. And, it’s okay!

The Pros and Cons of RubPage.com


  • Reviews available
  • A hot and gorgeous array of masseuse
  • Great profiles
  • Global service
  • Almost every country is represented
  • Readily available information


  • No advanced search
  • Some navigational issues

12 Best Erotic Massage Sites Similar To RubPage.com:

#1 — AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder join

Adult Friend Finder is widely popular worldwide and has over eighty million members seeking casual and sexual encounters with different girls. Also, this website became popular in the United States and provided an excellent platform for users to seek a perfect sexual match using its communication features.

Further, it offers many casual arrangements, including polygamous relationships, monogamy, couple sharing, FuBu, and many others. Indeed, it is a great website to explore sexual preferences and spice things up in bed, especially among single people and couples willing to scrutinize their sexuality. With easy navigation and a fast registration process, the users will be finished within 5 minutes or below.

Read AdultFriendFinder full review.


  • Free registration
  • Members of the site are seeking casual relationships
  • Open for bisexuals and gay members
  • There are plenty of features for communicating with each other
  • Members are allowed to create blogs and groups for information exchange
  • Free feature in watching videos and viewing photos
  • Members are allowed and free to share any types of videos and photos


  • There are more males than females

#2 — Rubmaps

rubmaps page

If you have tried using Backpage and scored some mind-blowing blowjobs or handjobs for just $30, then Rubmaps can be a must-try for you. It lists all the massage parlors that offer “happy endings,” These parlors will also show the masseuses’ names and their rates for the erotic massage and other sexual services. You also get to read reviews written by other satisfied clients to know what to expect once you avail of their services. The site is also easy to navigate, so you will not have any problems browsing and searching for listings.

Grab a quick bite with this Rubmaps review.


  • A cheaper way to get laid
  • Easy access to massage parlors with happy endings
  • You get a relaxing massage and mind-blowing sex


  • $20 monthly payment to read reviews
  • Few spam ads and fake listings
  • Not totally for escorts

#3 — RubRatings

RubRatings escort chicago

RubRatings prides itself in creating a platform where horny customers can effortlessly connect with reputable heaven-like massages and erotic rubs services. It doesn’t matter where that is, as long as it’s high-quality standard services. But certainly, it would be better if within our respective local communities.

So, if you’re looking for a place to find heaven-like massages and erotic rub pleasure, RubRatings is the place for you! The platform offers an easy-to-use and cost-effective way for escort masseuse to promote their sensual offerings to all interested folks.

Full review of RubRatings here.


  • Top-notch escort masseurs
  • Skilled escorts
  • Many locations included
  • It has escort reviews available


  • There are few states not available
  • The page is still under development

#4 — CityXguide


If you want a hassle-free search looking for escorts near you, this is the site for you. Cityxguide will provide you with the best escort that you wish to immediately. It has an algorithm that can trim down the best available escorts near you in a jiffy. You can use the site anonymously. It does not require you to register, nor does it require you to leave your credit card information.

Compared to other escort service sites that are very limited in their scope, Cityxguide has a relatively wider reach. It covers several countries outside the United States.

The site has a lot of exciting features. As a user, you can report ads that you think are fake. This will help in maintaining the integrity of the site. It also has a safe browsing option that disables the images from loading. This feature is beneficial if you are in a public place. Also, if you have not found the right escort at the moment, you can do other stuff. One of its exciting features is strip bars and bikini clubs. The site can narrow down the clubs and bars near you to explore and have some fun.

Read this full CityXguide review.


  • There are always available escorts
  • Very discreet site
  • Free and very simple to use


  • Some results can be outdated
  • Few filtering options
  • Annoying popups

#5 — EroticMP


A lot of reviews can be found on this site and most of them are written honestly so you can have an idea of which one is great or not, which places are legit and sketchy. If you’re looking for a site that will lead you to get hot back rubs and extra services, then EroticMP is a must-visit because booking for appointments has never been easier with this site. If you are keen on getting your massage from places featured on listing sites, then it is a must that you do a little check first so you can be sure that you’re going to the right place. EroticMP aims to help you get to the best relaxation massage and get laid afterward, of course.


  • Honest reviews
  • Many members can attest to existing parlors
  • The site has been around for a long time


  • Not available on a mobile app
  • The site looks pretty plain
  • No advanced search

#6 — XEscortHub

XEscortHub main

Why waste time dating or hookup sites when you can book an escort girl willing to spread her pussy for you? XEscortHub is an escort site that could help you quickly find a perfect girl through its convenient and simple means and features. Despite having basic webpage design and usability, its features facilitate straightforward browsing. In short, finding the perfect escort girl is much better and faster.

XEscortHub review here.


  • Lots of escort ads are available
  • It has VIP escorts
  • Free to use
  • Registration is simple


  • Limited within the United States
  • Webpage design is basic

#7 — MPReviews

Known for their high-quality reviews, this site has been around since 2001 and a lot of people come on-site to look for the best places and search for erotic massages and happy endings. They do not directly divulge on the erotic massage portion; they offer tips and user comments on how to experience the most satisfying and successful massage and even lets you in on the know-hows of getting one, like hidden fees before you decide to splurge on it. More than 10,000 honest reviews are written by the most satisfied clients of MPReviews so you would know where to go if you want something similar as well. The users’ privacy is very important on this site since they keep everyone anonymous so you won’t have to worry about expressing your real opinions and experiences so it would be useful for other users who want to have that kind of release as well.


  • Offers friendly tips on getting a massage
  • Anonymity is very important on this site
  • More than 10,000 real reviews


  • Only a few locations, mostly around the USA only
  • No advanced search

#8 — Massage Republic

Massage Republic home

If you’re bored and lonesome and want to get hitched, Massage Republic is a great place to go. You can have a session, then have a pretty fantastic time and feel much more relaxed as a result. Fortunately, Massage Republic is a well-designed and well-organized site too. The site offers intimate relations and enlightening, not just in choosing the appropriate escort but also in terms of what to do with her beforehand, throughout, and after your transaction. Remember that the escorts are not free, but the site is.

Here’s the full review of Massage Republic.


  • Free access and no registration are needed
  • Variety of locations to choose from
  • Almost every locality is represented
  • Good site design
  • Efficient sorting and advanced search options
  • Hot diverse escorts


  • Not available in all areas
  • The US escorts are not applicable

#9 — Local Body Rubs


This website is updated daily so you can always go and check for massage reviews, especially those around your area. No matter what type of massage you’ve availed, your reviews will be much appreciated here since lots of users check from time to time before they also avail of such services. Local Body Rubs feature massage parlors with the hottest masseuses so you won’t ever regret going in for some extra service, and to think that they all come from various ethnicities. It would be a definite eye feast that you can enjoy while going for that extra comfort and stress release that you deserve. Massage parlors are discreet and lowkey so you won’t have to worry about your identity being exposed if ever you avail for one of their erotic services.


  • Has a long list of available massage parlors
  • Most of their masseuses are from different ethnicities
  • Directions are well-provided as well as contact details


  • Some services cost quite a bit
  • The website looks plain and boring
  • No advanced search and other features

#10 — Spa Hunters


Introducing a very massive forum that allows members to comment and rate every massage parlor they’ve ever been into, Spa Hunters is now one of the best sites that are similar to RubMaps and even Backpage. Top Recommendations are also being updated now and then so if you have some time to spare, or you just want to relax after a long and stressful week, then Spa Hunters can come and help you out. Special “talents” can also be found on this site. These are beautiful ladies who can give you massages and a hard-on so you will enjoy your stay in any parlor of your choice.


  • Lots of massage parlor locations
  • Massive forum with honest reviews
  • Happy endings are offered in most parlors on site


  • Website looks unorganized
  • Only a few features
  • Very few images on the listings

#11 — BedPage


Looking like your typical Craigslist or Backpage website, it lists cities all over the world and putting them down by province or state so you can easily navigate and check if there’s a nearby massage parlor near you. They have lots of available places and their categories are so extensive that you’ll find a listing of various things, from the normal and typical services to sexual services, which is what we’re here for. They have Adult listings and you can choose erotic massages, adult jobs, BDSM, escort services, and Bodyrub categories. If you’ve found categories that you like to avail and have searched within your location, then you can start hitting up local masseuses and go your way to a happy ending. BedPage’s listings include pictures so you can have an idea of how your masseuse for the night looks like and contact details so you can reach them easily.

Check out the BedPage review.


  • Worldwide coverage of local erotic massage parlors
  • No registration required
  • Many listings of various categories


  • No thumbnails on posts
  • Lots of sexual gibberish and emojis on list titles
  • No user reviews

#12 — SumoSearch

sumosearch female escorts

When I first heard about SumoSearch, I immediately thought the domain was clever and well-thought. It uses a swiss domain .ch as an extension of its name and spells it out as Sumosear.ch. Though the name sounds strange, SumoSearch is a resource for finding escort services from various escort sites. It possesses a robust and reliable search engine that provides a search function, especially for phone numbers.

With this site’s powerful scanning system, you can browse websites and photos linked to any phone number. In other words, it shortens your search time scanning for escorts because it lets you run one search instead of numerous profiles on hooker sites. Thanks to the heavy traffic volume, I can assume it’s a fantastic idea! It’s only been a month since Sumosear.ch went online but still gets around 6,000 visitors per day. Wow! Although the accurate measure of any hooker site today always boils down to how fast and easy you can get laid.

Click here for SumoSearch full review.


  • Efficiently gather escort listings from different websites
  • You can find erotic massages, escorts, fetish, and trans escorts services
  • Plenty of listings every day
  • No need to sign-up or log in to checkout escorts’ contact information
  • Free to use
  • Clean and simple website layout


  • Few sorting and searching tools


I can see how Rub Page wanted to deliver a relaxing and calm domain. The design is well-organized with its clean abode and harmonized assortment. Listings are also excellent in dropping the hottest babes capable of delivering palatable body rubs and erotic massages. More so, each masseuse profile contains enough information like descriptions, FAQs, prices, and services. Reviews are also available to help users pick the best option. Indeed, if you are craving one delectable adventure, check the list today and see who’s available in your location.

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