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The Ultimate Review of BeNaughty.com

Show Me The Pros & Cons

I’ve already heard of countless dating and hookup sites or apps, and yes, I’ve even tried some of them. In fact, I’ve gotten so used to them that I somehow grew tired of the small talks. Then come to BeNaughty; just the name itself sounds fun and mischievous, and maybe that’s just exactly what I needed lately, which was why I found myself typing it down and signing up for the site.

So What’s All The Buzz About BeNaughty? 

Popular among those who are into casual dating and hookups, BeNaughty has been taking the world by storm since they really do have quite some members. This is where you can get naughty all you want and no one’s going to bat an eye because everyone does the same. It has this unique “naughty mode” which lets users have fun with other people in incognito mode. Sounds interesting, right? 

Signing Up

Their signup process is really easy and no-nonsense. You can Sign Up by clicking here. Just a few information here and there, upload a profile picture, and then specify what kind of relationship you are actually looking for right now: FWB? ONS? Relationships? Or just plain friendships? The choices are endless and it is yours to make. Your profile would be the first thing that other users would see, so you’ll need to put stuff that could actually attract others. You can also add your interests and hobbies, so those who are interested could have a glimpse of your likes. 

Connecting With Potential Partners

BeNaughty is very easy to use since just by seeing users’ profiles, you’ll already benaughty messagehave some sort of idea regarding their preferences. If you are using dating apps or anything similar to this, I would suggest to really take a second or two to read one’s profile. That way, you can easily sort out your potential matches. So, of course, to get started talking to someone, we’ll need to shoot a message, and for me, who is an introvert, I actually suck at breaking the ice and starting conversations. And with that, BeNaughty is kind enough to have the concept of sending “winks” so you can start getting messages from others. 

So, upon scrolling through hundreds of profiles, I finally knew what type of profiles could be seen on this site. I realized right there and then that thanks to the modern technology that we have today, connecting with others (and hooking up!) has become so easy.

BeNaughty And Its Members

benaughty membersSince I already have an idea of how popular it is, I wasn’t surprised anymore upon seeing A LOT of people. There were even some who are just around my area. For a dating/hookup site, BeNaughty has around 17 million users who visit the site every month. We all know that population size or the number of its users would make or break all these online dating sites. One good thing about BeNaughty is that they always have a surge of new users from time to time, so our options would widen and we’ll have more chances to meet someone.

I noticed that most of the profiles are not really well-detailed, especially with information like their interests and hobbies. Maybe that is because most people in dating sites would prefer being lowkey and as much as possible, to stay anonymous, although not technically since there’s no way we’ll be totally unknown when everyone can see our profile pictures. 

Breaking down BeNaughty’s member demographic, there are actually more women than men on the website. I was a bit surprised by that fact since I was expecting more of the men population on such sites. 

Are There Any Real Girls On BeNaughty?

Yes, definitely. The fact that they have more women users than men tell us that benaughty real girlsyou’ll get to have more possible matches if you’re looking for them. Since I came to BeNaughty at first, just out of curiosity, I actually made the decision of getting the paid membership and voila, I think I’ve been showing up more compared to when I was still using the free membership. It got me thinking that perhaps it is one of the perks of having a premium account; your profile gets to be put on top, giving you more matches here and there. It actually became easier for me to talk to people and eventually score some hookups. 

Fake Profiles and The Likes

For anyone who’s ever been into the online dating scene, seeing fake profiles is nothing new. I noticed that with BeNaughty, they have quite a lot of suspicious profiles, especially ones without any information and pictures provided. I literally scrolled down for a few seconds and all I saw were the number of profiles with no pictures, and even with random letters on display instead of their names, and some even using pictures of celebrities for their profiles.

Although BeNaughty verifies each and every account by sending verification emails and codes, it seems like fake profiles are actually hard to totally control. It’s also good if your account is verified since it will help with connecting to other people since they would also know that your profile isn’t a fake one.

BeNaughty and Their Safety Measures

benaughty profile pic Verifying accounts is one way of ensuring that the people behind these accounts are real, although some accounts remain to be unverified and could fall under the category of “fake”. BeNaughty also has another safety measure where they’ll send warnings to a user once they receive spam-like messages or even just the ones from profiles that have not been verified yet. So, if you are trying your luck with online dating and hookups, you have to know what words could signify that you are in danger and I would suggest that you stay away from people with unverified accounts (sometimes they’re bots).

“This member is under antiscam verification. If you still want to communicate with this member, switch Safe Mode to OFF.”

This was what I received when there was an unverified account who sent me a message. This is one smart move from BeNaughty and it definitely sets them apart from other dating sites. Not all sites would prioritize their members’ safety like how BeNaughty does it.

Website Layout and Over-All Design

Unlike other websites that somehow shove all of their features to a user upon account creation and site visit, BeNaughty kept it simple and clean. They chose to do it that way so users won’t be bombarded with too much information and features, making you feel lost in a website. It also helps with their mobile experience since their whole layout and interface is light and easy, it also works well even for mobile use.

BeNaughty and Its Mobile App

benaughty app BeNaughty can also be accessed through their mobile app. In fact, most of their traffic comes from users who are using their mobile, since it is the most convenient. Another cool feature that they have is letting users upload videos instead of the traditional plain images for your profile, and you can also set it to private or allow access only for the ones whom you want to view the videos. Another feature in their mobile app that I really like is the “Hot or Not”, which gave me that similar to Tinder vibes. You should be on the “Hot” category so you’ll attract more matches, and to do so, you need to continuously work on your profile, update your photos, and just be active regularly. 

BeNaughty’s Features

Compared to other websites and dating apps that I’ve used before, BeNaughty has quite limited features. They only have the basic search and filter, but honestly, I think that that itself is effective enough since it could be all that’s needed to get around a quick fling site like this one. Their search and filter functions are no-nonsense as well. You can filter profiles based on ones with profile pictures, videos, or whatnot. It also has options for other information as well like sexual orientation, marital status, ethnicity, and what you’re looking for, and even for some physical appearance options like body type, eye and hair colors, and the likes. I think these features alone are already essential for a dating site, for you to choose from the dozens of hot men and women that are also looking for the same thing as you are. 

Communicating With Other Naughty Users – FREE ACCOUNTS

When I was only using the free account, I noticed that the features I can enjoy are actually very limited. Take for example, with the messages. If you don’t have a paid membership, you can only have a limited chance to talk to existing members since you’ll only get to send five messages a day, and to add to that, there are even limitations to these messages and the recipients. For women, they have an advantage even if they’re only using a free account since they can message whoever they want, send as many winks as they want to, see who’s currently online, access the new users’ list, and they can also add or like people into their favorites.

Communicating With Other Naughty Users – PREMIUM ACCOUNTS

Men can message anyone if they have a premium account. The “looking for” section in a user’s profile is usually locked, and you can unlock it if you are a premium user. You’ll easily view photos that are set to public on any user’s profile and you can send videos and photos to your heart’s content. Another vital info that is available for premium accounts is the rough location of another user, so you’ll have an idea of your potential match’s location.

How Much Does It Cost To Go Premium?

benaughty pricing Currently, you’ll need to spend at least $0.99/day for a subscription. They offer a three-day trial so it will cost you around $2.97. They have three options for these subscriptions: one month, three months, and six months. Going for the one month option is quite pricey at around $45, the three-month one would roughly cost you $45.90 while six months would be the best deal since you’ll only spend around $73.80, it actually gets cheaper the longer the duration is. I am currently enjoying the three-month subscription, and I know that this won’t go to waste since I’m already having so much fun by using BeNaughty.

So, to sum it all up, I’ll be listing some PROS and CONS about BeNaughty, in hopes that more people will be interested in trying such a cool online hookup platform like this one (because it’s really worth to try). 

Pros & Cons


  • No-nonsense web design and layout; simple interface allows user to fully enjoy without being bombarded with too many features
  • They have strict safety measures to protect members from scammers and fake profiles
  • They directly send warning messages to users who are receiving suspicious interaction from unverified accounts
  • “Hot or Not” feature that lets the members see potential matches and review each profile
  • Has a “Full Safe Mode”, which allows only verified members to send you messages


  • Only women can send messages using free accounts. For men, they’ll have to be a premium subscriber first before they can do that 
  • Its mobile app version is available to Android users only

To Sum Up

Since I’ve been lurking here for quite some time now, I can say that it is really easy to match with somebody on this site or app. I actually met some of my matches and had quite a good time. The good thing about this one is that everyone knows what they want and what they are actually looking for. Although definitely, it depends on each person, well, you can even go as far as skipping the usual small talk and just get down to business, since there are some people you’ll meet here whose goal is to get laid and be naughty with someone new. There’s always that thrill of doing the deed with strangers and since both of you know your intentions, then everything’s cool. No commitments and labels needed… just pure fun and you can get to unleash your naughty side to someone who’s also game for it. Compared to the traditional dating apps where you’ll have to talk to every single one of your matches and go through the usual self-introduction and small talks, with BeNaughty, no playing games, no-nonsense. It’s much easier to hook up with people since it’s also what they’re looking for: a quick fling.

Really living up to its name, BeNaughty is a community where hookups can be as easy as 123. Since it’s an environment where no one’s going to judge you for showing your nasty sides, you can all skip the small talk and get right to it immediately. Go for it if you want, skip if you don’t. You don’t need to be all coy and shy since everyone here obviously wants the same thing. And as I’ve tried both its free and premium memberships, (you can signup for a trial by clicking here) — I can say that your money won’t be put to waste with how easy it is to get matches and have what you want.

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