Updated on: October 2nd, 2022

Best Gay Hookup Sites – Reviewed (TOP 7 Gay Dating Sites)

Every guy out there sometimes needs to blow off steam from time to time and indulge in thrilling “smashing” session. It’s not a problem for those who have a steady partner.. but what about those who don’t? Or those who want to spice up their life and include some change in their lives?
This is exactly why I decided to write this quick article and review some of the best hookup sites specialized for gays.

So without further ado let’s dive in! By the way, the list isn’t ranked from “best” to “worst”. All of the sites are pretty equal in terms of what they deliver. They just have a few differences. So I encourage you to try most of them out (especially if they have free trials) and see what suits you best.

7 Best Gay Hookup Websites

1. Men Nation (MenNation.com)

mennation This is a great gay website which boasts a big database (over 42 million entries) or men from all around the world. Not only it’s great for dating but is widely used for hookups as well.
The registration is initially free, but later on if you want to fully use the potential of the website – it will cost you a slight fee.
A good feature is a webcam support. That means you can utilize your webcam when meeting other men. Chats are available as well with lots of emoticons and etc.
Extensive filtering option is also available. You can select interests, favorite bedroom poses and so on.


  • Webcam support
  • Group chats
  • Lots of filters


  • Cots $39 for full version

2. AdultFriendFinder

adultfriendfinder gay This is a truly a “beast” when it comes to dating and finding anything you want – whether it’s significant other or just a casual hookup for the night. When it comes to gays – it’s get’s even better. If you think that other sites are good – I dare you to take a look at gay adultfriendfinder. Just a sheer number of gay people there will startle you. Not mentioning lots of filters you can narrow down your favorites. “Gay bears“, older men with experience, “Muscular Gods” and so on. Everyone will find what suits them the best.
The website itself is simple and easy to navigate.
Free trial gives you a great opportunity to explore the platform. And my experience tells me that a lot of people tend to STAY once they try it out. So I urge you to not skip it.. and try it for yourself.


  • Available FREE trial
  • Probably the biggest database of users
  • Easy navigation


  • N/A


growlr app Now GROWLr is an app designed more specifically to those who’re looking for “bear” type of gays. Just download the app and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It was created in 2010 so the database if filled with a large number of members.
You can filter other bears by distance and area you’re interested in. Another good thing is that there’s a field for HIV positive or negative. Which gives and idea that it’s ideal for quick hookups and it’s safe as well.


  • Intuitive design
  • Specific “bear” gay market reach
  • Nearby filtering


  • A few ads here and there
  • Crashes from time to time

4. Gays2Fuck

gays2fuck The title almost says it all. Website is geared towards gays who’re looking for some quick, casual hookups. In my opinion that’s a great trait because it filters out the ones that are looking for more ‘serious’ relationship.
On gays2fuck you’ll be able to do advanced filtering by location, interests, age of course and more.
Another great feature is a cam option which let’s you video-chat with the men you like. Even more.. it has social plugins which lets you view sexy snapchats as well.
Honestly, it’s one the best and versatile gay hookup service sites which has a free trial. So you’re risking nothing and you can gain a lot.. if you know what I mean. You can click here to try it out.


  • Advanced filtering
  • Social plugins
  • FREE trial
  • Big and active community


  • Not really suitable for relationship seekers

5. Gaydar

gaydar net Gaydar.net is a great place to find a gay partner for the night or even more. Thousands of users and probably hundreds of new ones joining every week. So you will have plenty to choose from. Just like others it has simple navigation and quite good pricing for premium features.
Another cool thing is incognito mode, which let’s you browse and post or ask questions while remaining anonymous.


  • Incognito mode
  • Simple user interface


  • Probably not huge user database
  • Costs up to ~$45 for full premium

6. Jack’d

jackd gay This is another app for gays looking for gays. Mostly used by people of color (blacks) for some reason… But there are, of course, lots of white dudes as well, so don’t shy away just yet. Jack’d is somewhat similar to Grindr only cheaper and costs around $4.99/mo – so it’s not as expensive. Which attracts quite a lot of people. But.. the quality could be better, honestly.
Just like in most other apps – you can do a “woof” sign – something similar to Facebook’s “poke”. It’s useful when you don’t want to write something boring 1st. So it grabs attention of your sympathy quite good.
From what I’ve read of other people experiences – the app isn’t super-well technically balanced and crashes from time to time.
Hopefully it will get better with further updates.


  • Relatively cheap membership
  • Similar to other popular apps
  • Easy to use


  • Crashes from time to time
  • Some fake profiles

7. Adam4adam

adam4adam This is a highly rated app/website. Adam4adam.com is a large place (over 10 million members) for gays looking for serious relationships and/or those who just want some fun and hookups.
Contrary to jack’d – their app is rated very well. And that’s for a reason. Not only it works great but it “delivers” as well.
Adam4adam is actually free and most of the useful features can be used totally free of charge. But for those who are very serious – you can buy a premium starting from ~$3.99 and ranging way above that.
Feature which is really useful I would say is “invisible” mode – similar to incognito in gaydar. You can also block users who you don’t like and see the ones that are interested in your profile.
So mainly, I would say if you’re looking for a great place to hookup – check out adam4adam.


  • Huge member databse
  • Cheap premiums
  • Lots of useful features


  • Can get pricey if you want to use all the premium features


While there are tons of other websites and apps which I didn’t review, for example Grindr or etc. – ones above are something new to discover, hopefully.
And if you ask me – what do i recommend the most – I would say Gay AdultFriendFinder does the job just perfectly; as well as Gays2fuck.
Both have free trials – so I urge you to try them both and see which (or maybe both) suits your needs the best.
Of course.. if you have anything to share or to suggest – feel free to do it in the comment section below – everybody loves when people tune into discussions and offer their favorites. 🙂

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