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& 14 (Best) Independent Escort Sites Like Tryst.link

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tryst link

Every day, many horny men, women, and couples are progressively growing and eager to try out various things in bed. However, Congress has been strict in implementing laws on the escorting industry that many independent escorts are looking for a legitimate home to venture their services. Among all other independent escort sites, only a few have remained to withstand the business restrictions and continues to emerge as the top escorting sites worldwide.

If you are fond of scrolling through escorting sites, you might have heard about the Tryst.link. It is an independent escort site that newly set up its reputation in this type of industry. It contains more than thousands of hot and sexy entertainers that rates at an affordable price range.

URL: https://tryst.link

Tryst.link hosted by Assembly Four, a similar founder of the adult version of Twitter, famously known as Switter. The Tryst.link is a great platform that lists over three thousand escorts from all over the world. These hot escorts are willing to do anything, including erotic massages, role-playing, deep throats, and other pleasurable stuff you fantasized only in porn.

Fortunately, the people behind Tryst.link puts the escorts on the front line and aims to incorporate all aspects and gender while maintaining a reasonable price range. Indeed, this is the primary focus of this site, to provide everyone a continual development in all its features, services, and other standard aspects of being an independent escort site.

Moreover, this site developed in the year 2018, following the Backpage site’s unfortunate taking down. Because of that, many escorts have lost a venue that contains reliable and authentic alternative for Backpage. Not until Tryst.link born and give everyone another shot of getting laid.

According to the founders of Tryst.link, every escort deserves similar rights and service like everybody else. However, the site raised the standards further. They formulated and put together an excellent platform where escorts and users can freely express and explore their natural lust and fantasies.

Equal Opportunities

As much as possible, the Tryst.link always sets the bar higher than other escort sites on the internet by giving opportunities to all genders. Gone are the traditional only-female escorts, the industry has represented by various sexual orientations including male, transgenders, non-binary, and many more.

Before starting up, the administrators of the site gathered around and consulted several LGBTQ people. Certainly, they tried to understand the struggles of their sexuality in dealing with the community of sex workers. Hence, this helped in incorporating all types of gender to make the escorting business more open and convenient.

Reasonable Prices To Hook Up

Additionally, Tryst.link does not exploit high monthly payments. The site believes that taking a percentage of cuts from workers does not constitute the mission of the site. Regardless of the rates, users recommend to pay according to the satisfaction they received from the site and nothing more. The site protects the freedom of its escorts from treated unequally, hence they begin the price at a very low rate. This ensures that all the escorts on this site get to advertise.

Supporting Community for Escorts

They ask users via Tryst to invest their efforts where their mouth is. Customers have the opportunity to upgrade their free accounts to a paid account which not only offers access to several additional features but likewise helps customers to support the community.

Certainly, a reasonable monthly fee that runs straight into the escort community paid for upgraded member’s accounts. Both consumer subscription payments are for community growth, whether this is for programs or the financially distressed project.

Alternative Access To Get Laid

Social networking is a big component of both the advertising procedure and the process of consumer choice, so the people behind Tryst.link have made a conscious effort on the site. They similarly introduced Switter, an adult site similar to Twitter connect as one of the Beta forms, that makes it relatively easy to register and convenient access for customers to discern of yourself.

Bridging The Gap For Sex

Additionally, they have remained committed to integrating the aspects of independent escorting and technology ever since the founding year in 2017. Further, the group encompasses all of these areas and focuses on completely leveraging emerging technologies in escort advertisement and customer relationship management to lift the standard high. From outside of independent escorts, users expect a relatively similar degree of funding, research, growth, and importance likewise compensated with.

What To Expect?

  • Real Sex From Real People

What to expect? Well, there is numerous amazing stuff waiting for you! As their contact information is on the websites, users can effortlessly pick up the phone to call the escort services. To locate anyone nearby you, look for them in the cities listed on the site. One wonderful factor that I certainly like about Tryst.link is that they guarantee that the account of every escort is genuine and valid.

Scam and trolling is at a low and is not even a consideration for scam artists. Fraudsters are prevalent now and I despise it. After all, it is my objective to just have sex and nothing else more. Besides, the majority of escort services are based in metropolitan areas, therefore users may need to get incall service or plan a tour to another city for an outcall to locate anyone else if you reside in the suburbs.

  • How Far Can You Go?

Moreover, each account, together with a name and overview of the escorts, will provide an outline of the sexual services that escorts are willing to offer. You can also determine the prices of the services they have and compare them to the other available escorts. You can freely choose whatever is convenient for you. Users can likewise see an overview of the travel schedule to give a glimpse of how far an escort willing to take off as an overseas companionship.

  • Pick Your Escort!

Overall, the bio of an escort in this site discusses what the escort wants and furnishes the users with a summary of all its services. To select an escort, there are categories you can select from, including males category, female category, non-binary, and of course, for couple category. There are a lot more categories available on this site. Further, if you wish to interact with escorts, you can check on them through the recently active users.

Also, there are numerous searching options for users to select from apart from the ones above. These include the following: Curvy, Short-haired, Long-haired, BDSSM, BBW, Petite, Black, Busty, Hispanic, Transgender, Brunette, Tall, Blonde, Mature, and Tattooed.

Sign Up and Get Laid!

Initially, as you go through the site there is a variety of classifications presented. There is a “Join” button on the home page, and upon clicking, options will prompt. These options could be a Client or Provider. For individuals seeking some sexy time and adventurous experience, then clicking the “Client” option recommended for you. On the other hand, if you are a “service provider” and aspire to be an escort, then the “Provider” button is the best selection. You should be ready since there are plenty of users on this site who enjoys amazing sex experience.

All the users on the Tryst.link must be at least 18 years of age or older. As much as possible, the site discourages any forms of aggressive behavior and must refrain from demonstrating judgments to other members. Everyone encouraged to maintain politeness to make the whole escorting experience more fun and exciting.

Subsequently, you have to provide a valid email address, username, password, and brief description of yourself as an overview upon signing up. After finishing, the Tryst.link site will show its typical homepage. Nothing fancy about the site, and it is basically pretty simple. I prefer this kind of interface honestly since the features and sections are straightforward and easy to understand.

Moreover, registered users initially informed about the pricing range of the membership on the site and special blogs that might useful in sex, fetish, kinks and so much more. Each member has a “Favorite” section where you can add your favorite escort profile for easy access when you want a quick call.

The searching feature also makes user’s life more convenient as it gives you the option to pin down specific escorts of your liking. Also, a premium subscription is an optional choice for the user. If you want to access the exclusive perks of a paid member, then payment information collected upon registration as well.

Is It The Best Escort Site on the Web?

Truly, this is a site that I can use. There may be plenty of independent escort sites on the web, but there is only one Tryst.link. Compared to others, this site contains a comprehensive list of escort services and all the available escorts are diverse and genuine. There is a lot more mind-blowing sex and exchange of breathtaking oral, a kind of sex that everyone dreamed of.

Your time surely not wasted scrolling through the site because the Tryst.link always got that perfect escort waiting for you. You can know the escort by just looking at their profiles, and boom you presented with the most comprehensive details of themselves. Users can distinguish and compare according to your preferred face, physical attributes, services offered, and many more.

Plus, there are tons of pictures, contact information, availability, and rates on every escort profile. You also ensured that no transactions and arrangements here are prone to be a scam, as the site guarantees free from fraudsters. Surely, there is nothing more perfect and convenient site on the internet today than Tryst.link.


  • Plenty of beautiful escorts on the list and a wide array of selection
  • All independent services are available
  • The design of the site is clear, minimalist, classy, and simple
  • It functions conveniently and user-friendly
  • Searching feature functions amazingly
  • An in-site messaging system is available
  • Advance searching according to location, price, race, and other specifics is available
  • Escorts are verified and accounts are genuine
  • It has an “Available Now” feature
  • Actively markets escort on social media
  • Affordable price range


  • Contains traffic in few cities
  • No reviews available

#1 — Ashley Madison


Since 2001, Ashley Madison became one of the top-notch escort sites on the history of the internet. This is a go-to place for people in a boring marriage or a committed relationship. Somehow, as relationships get long and old, the spice and fun fade, hence this site is an alternative way to find discreet affairs. Users can explore their sexual side and release urges freely. All the people here are open-minded and willing to try a variety of experiments. AshleyMadison always encourages its members to free the site from judgment and just enjoy sexual affairs with no worries.

Our AshleyMadison review can be seen here.


  • Encourages members to upload discreet images
  • Available for download using Google Play for Android users and the App Store for iOS users.
  • App version is low in storage and does not consume too much data
  • A large number of members across the world
  • Secures and protects sensitive information of the members
  • Follows simple steps in registration and finishes up quickly


  • Some accounts have incomplete information about themselves
  • Users are not obliged to provide complete account details

#2 — AdultFriendFinder


AdultFriendFinder is a widely popular escort site with more than eighty million members registered worldwide. The site encourages people to find casual hookups and no-string-attached relationships. Initially, they started in the United States, and gradually, as the site progresses over time, they have gained tremendous members across the world. Up to this day, AdultFriendFinder delivers a variety of communication tools that conveniently help their members in engaging and interacting with other people.

It considered by many as the best venue when seeking something or someone to spice up your sex life. With its easy and fast hooking up guarantee, within just a few moments of using the site, you will surely end up getting laid. The site employs a simple and sophisticated look of their website to make navigation more manageable.

Extensive Adultfriendfinder review here.


  • Free registration and the process is only easy and simple
  • Members are active in communicating and pursuing hookups
  • Available for download on Google Play for Android users, and App Store for IOS users
  • Expression and sharing of images and videos are highly encouraged
  • Free viewing of photos and videos


  • More male members than female members

#3 — 2fuck.com

2fuck navigation

With all the escort sites across the internet, there are only a few that stand out. One of these is 2fuck.com, an Escort site with three million registered members around the world. It is progressively growing every day. The site boasts its genuine and authentic services offer for everyone who craves sex every day.

Once you become a member, your profile will automatically undergo compatibility matching and provide you with lists of members compatible with your preferences. It is easy to say that the site does not randomly search for members for your convenience, but rather employs an analytic process to make matching more accurate.

2Fuck review — here.


  • Members worldwide reach up to millions and growing each day
  • Design of the website is simple and user-friendly
  • Free registration for everyone


  • Premium members have exclusive features that can only access them

#4 — Escort Directory

escort directory

If getting laid without dealing with too much hassle, then Escort Directory is here for you. It contains a long list of extremely hot escorts that are all willing to explore your deepest sexual desires. Ther are a tremendous number of escorts available here that you can choose to have sex with and guaranteed no-string-attached relationships. You can check out their profiles to make sure that you land on the perfect girl of your dreams. If you are seriously wanting to get laid or simply wanting to spice things up in bed, hurry up now and register.


  • Plenty of escorts available
  • Lists are organized and categorized to make the selection more convenient
  • The advance searching feature is available
  • Profiles of the escorts are detailed and up-to-date


  • Advertisements are in moderate number but annoying
  • Beware of fake profiles

#5 — Euro Girls Escort

Euro girls escort

Come and visit the Euro Girls Escort site and scroll through its wonderful escorts. If you are in Europe, then you are in the right place to find and connect to available escorts just around the corner. With hot and sexy women interested in naughty moment and share an exceptional time with you, there are plenty of choices on this site. There are always escorts accessible for your pleasure wherever you are in Europe.

These girls are always ready to agree to anything you deem to be a compelling experience. Users have the chance to search and get particular women of their dreams through the advance searching feature. You can categorize according to hair color, race, gender, and the services they can deliver. Indeed, you are ready to indulge in a mind-blowing intimacy with the help of their simple and fast website interface.


  • Covers the majority of the countries around Europe
  • The profile accounts of escorts are completely detailed


  • Some of the GEOs deliver the limited quantity of escorts available

#6 — BedPage

bedpage preview

The primary concern of this escort platform called BedPage is the exclusive services for its users. It contains an overflowing selection of independent escorts that undoubtedly satisfy different sexual dreams and desires. You can likewise pick from its extensive list of locations, including North America, Europe, and Asia, where escort services are accessible for reservation.

As BedPage focuses primarily on these specific areas mentioned, individuals from the United States and Canada are more favorable since there are plenty of selections on these areas. Take your glimpse at the web and explore what your greatest passion is. It employs an uncomplicated design and simple features to have a smoother functionality.

More about BedPage.


  • An extensive list of cities includes on the site
  • The design of the website is simple and strategically made convenient for users
  • A verification process is required to ensure fake profiles are not present


  • Advance sorting is not available
  • Some advertisements

#7 — Adult Search


Independent escorts gather on this one page called Adult Search. This site offers amazing deals on sexual activities and you can select freely from its long list of hot and sexy babes. They came from several parts of the globe and surely there are available escorts near your area. It even includes suburban areas on the list, so there is no excuse not to visit the site.

If you have a specific liking, then hover your cursor on the advance searching filter and select your favorite escort according to ethnicity, hair color, looks, body proportions, boobs, and other specifics. For the most convenient way, there are some profiles of escorts that contain an overview of themselves or videos that preview what they can do in bed.

AdultSearch review and alternative sites.


  • Large library of escorts available
  • Account profiles are complete detailed and simple
  • There are various options available for people with specific requirements in selecting an escort


  • There are only a few cities with available escorts

#8 — Erotic Monkey

erotic monkey

If you are a fan of checking out independent escort sites on the internet, then you might have heard or encountered Erotic Monkey at some point in your life. As far as the field of online escorting, this site has built a reputable name in the industry. It offers a wide array of functions and features that gives each member the most convenient time in finding a perfect and hot escort. There are plenty of gorgeous ladies available that are waiting for you and willing to take on whatever sexual adventure you fantasize about.

More about EroticMonkey.


  • Information about the escorts are available and incomplete details
  • Advanced searching is available and easy to use
  • The design of the site ks great and user-friendly
  • Safe mode is available
  • Features are plenty and free to use
  • System reviews are available


  • The memberships are relatively expensive

#9 — Skip The Games


Skip the Games may sound like a good game to play. However, this name is not for playtime but rather a great platform to find adult workers and independent escorts all in one place. The best thing about this is, you no longer require to sign up just to have the important information about the escorts available.

All you have to do is scroll around, click a few profiles, and viola, you can already find your perfect destination. Nonetheless, there are still risks involved in this since registration is not necessary. Most importantly, if you are up for a quick sexual time of your life, then take a break from porn and indulge yourself to once in a lifetime opportunity to have sex with a real woman.

Full overview of Skipthegames.


  • There are available escorts across the world
  • Photos posted by the escorts are real and genuine
  • There are articles posted on this site that are useful and interesting to read


  • No price range for escorts are available as a preview

#10 — Slixa


For those seeking a private entertainer with top-notch services, head over to Slixa, a site where you can get in touch with the hottest, sexiest, and gorgeous women online. This site is free from scams because they ensure that profiles of the escorts are verified. Surely, your sexual cravings will fulfilled without wasting your valuable money and time. Slixa considered by many as the safest and most classy website in the field of independent escort business online.

Here’s a full Slixa review.


  • Gorgeous and hot escorts available
  • Pictures posted are verified
  • Badges for professional experts are available
  • No annoying advertisements on the site
  • Blogs are available and updated regularly


  • Lacks range

#11 — EscortNews

escort news

EscortNews is an independent escort site with an enormous listing of hot and gorgeous women. On this site, you will find the most sought-after girls and amazingly incredible escorts. It also offers convenient features for the users including advanced searching, communication tools, and a simply-designed interface. So, if you are interested and want to explore your sexual dreams and deepest sensual fantasies. Take a visit and splurge into the world of escorting.

Check out our EscortNews review here.


  • Top-no choices of girls
  • The website design is straightforward, fun, and easy to navigate
  • Features are plenty
  • The index is organized pretty well
  • There are available reviews to read


  • Focuses mostly on large cities

#12 — TS Escorts

TS escorts

Check out the TS Escorts where you can find shemale escorts and all access of features are free. If long registration process bothers you and take up so much valuable time, you do not have to worry because TS Escorts does not require an account to become a member. What is important is, you will have a great and valuable day in bed. Arrange a shemale escorts now and get ready to indulge in some steamy hardcore fuck of your life.


  • There VIP and regular escorts available
  • Local and worldwide coverage
  • Free viewing of the information and photos of the escorts


  • The design of the site seems outdated

#13 — Harlot Hub


Harlot Hub provides an amazing venue for independent escort and easy navigation for users. On this site, the users have the freedom to select and pick the best chick on the list. Users can easily determine their preferences through the comprehensive information provided on the escort’s account. You can choose according to the physical look, hair color, ethnicity, age, and other specifications you yearn for. However, the only downside of this platform is its limited coverage. It caters only within the Western area and does not cover internationally. Regardless though, it remains the best as it provides free of all its services.


  • The process of registration is easy and simple
  • The site does not allow scammers and spams on their website
  • If an account is proven malicious and fake, the site automatically suspends it


  • Plenty of advertisements
  • Not available worldwide

#14 — Escorts Affair


Escorts Affair is an escort site that is loaded with fun, sex, and excitement that might just around your corner. Stop being afraid of getting caught anymore, and it’s time to indulge yourself in a sizzling casual affair. You can pick from a tremendous amount of selections from young to mature ones. Surely, there is plenty of sexual opportunities just waiting for you. With just a click of that mouse, you can already have steaming sex with any girls you like. The best thing about this, it covers a lot of local areas, so there is an escort conveniently located near you.


  • Free registration
  • The list of an escort is extensive and users have a wide array of selection
  • International listing is available


  • You need to get information about the laws within your area


In a world where lust and sexual urges are hard to express, here comes the help of independent escort sites. They are superheroes for people who wants to engage in discreet hookups and casual affairs. The sites mentioned above have a great contribution in providing people the best venue to connect, engaged, and arrange sexual affairs easily. Without the hassle of the good-old-fashioned method of hooking up, now that everything is advance and high-tech, escorting has also reached its most convenient way.

Every urge, dream, fantasy, fetish, kink, and other fun stuff you want to try in bed can be done here without restrictions. The escorts available are always on the go and in service to make you feel the best sex of your life. You also have the freedom to explore another side you haven’t tried and splurge into some fun and exciting lovemaking. Moreover, there are available paid subscription on each site mentioned that further gives the users more convenience and functionality of its features. Surely, they are not money-waster but a worthwhile sex experience.

My personal TOP 3 for independent escort sites apart from Tryst.link would be:

These websites have been in the industry for quite a long time now and continue to deliver amazing escort services at a reasonable price. If you are searching for a platform that encourages extramarital affairs instead of condoning it, then you will surely love it.

Regardless of what you are or where you came from, everyone is welcome to express their urges and fantasies in bed. Get up and spice things up. Don’t get too comfortable with your boring sex life and dazzle yourself with the most erotic sexual experience you can only find here. After all, we all want is to get screwed and experience a mind-blowing fuck.

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