Updated on: September 23rd, 2021

EasySex Review

& 12 (Best) Sex/Hookups Sites Like EasySex.com

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Easy Sex

In terms of hookups and sex dating sites, EasySex remains to provide its fans with a venue to engage and find interested people in casual sex and hookup. On this site, you can find tines of choices, all looking pretty hot and sexy. Above all, these hotties look loves no-strings-attached sex and just pure erotic fun.

In other words, if you are chasing true love and a long-term relationship, you should seek other sites for that. In EasySex, meeting horny and sexy locals is the way to go. Certainly, no room for drama, and messy relationship issues. Just fun, kinks, sex, and good old fucking with the sexiest gals around.

URL: https://www.easysex.com

Naked Truth About EasySex

For users who are too busy checking the time to make friends, a dating platform is truly convenient. This one site that immediately springs to mind is EasySex. As the title implies, you will have the hottest and fastest sex on the site. Hence, this page is helpful for both males and females looking for a just sexual fling. Indeed, there is a wide variety of individuals can choose from, and everyone will surely find someone they can talk with. And later, go on to satisfy all those wet dreams.

However, you have to weigh the existing amount of participants on the platform before you enter and register. Besides, the choice of casual sex seen by many other members who are using this platform. These highlight the fact that for casual sex, you can come across several folks. Truly, EasySex has all you need for your sexual desires and the best sex website there is.

How Does It Work?

EasySex lives up to expectations: The erotic romance site speaks for one feature most of all: “Sign up for a good time” as a slang term for online hookups. In pursuit of one-night stands, there are around 3.7 million users who stroll around the site looking for noncommittal connections, casual encounters, or sex affairs on the web.

Truly, EasySex already has around 55 million subscribers worldwide all under shelter. Indeed, no other male nor female receives any partner feedback, except single-sex interactions, so they have to find it themselves.

Additionally, 25,000 newcomers registered every day, according to their statistics. So, the chances of not having a date are highly unlikely. Moreover, they hit around 9.2 million members in a year. And the site gained 25,000 new sign up per day.

EasySex, for instance, boasts a 72% playful teasing assurance, and reports about 10,000 flirtations per day. Indeed, EasySex’s relatively equal gender balance is useful as well. There is about 48% are females, 52% are males. For 62% of women, the casual dating app also counted in the premium accounts.

Why People Love EasySex?

As the name implies, EasySex holds the best venue for instant hookups on the internet today. Hence, many enthusiasts consider it as one of the top online adult sites you can ever come across. In addition, registration will not even cost you a dime. The bonus part of this is it only requires a few basic steps and information. Afterward, once you have completed everything, you certainly are good to go.

Meanwhile, when you become an official member, the site will automatically connect you to your ideal matches across millions of members around the world. However, for you to get accurate matches, EasySex employs profile requirements. There are specific questions that need to address, just to make the whole searching easier for other members as well.

Also, this will allow other members to get matches with you when information links together. Indeed, everything made it easy for you by EasySex. With just a few clicks there and that, you will have the best sex in your life with the best match to have.

Easy Steps To Sign Up

Indeed, this is the easiest part of becoming an official member of EasySex. All you have to go secure is some necessary details about yourself. These include age, name, preference of what you are looking for, and location. Apart from this, you can add other data you think necessary for the marching algorithm.

Additionally, the upper portion of the site is where the option that users can access their profile. They can make changes and all possible edits you can make to make your profile more attractive. Further, make sure that you provide delightful interests or anything that will boost your profile and get huge matching. For instance, your paring will be either gay, straight, lesbians, bisexuals, and other members sharing a common interest.

Furthermore, the site also allows its members to browse the community list and find specific members you’re interested in. For instance, you want to search for a person in your particular area or nearest place. In other words, you can narrow down members according to your specific convenience.

Join Groups and Community For Instant Sex

According to statistics, there more than millions of members have signed up for EasySex. Hence, all the users of the site have the chance to be a member of a group or a community. In a group or community, the chances of finding a hookup are higher. Provided that, you have the opportunity to engage with similar-minded people. With this in mind, the main focus of EasySex is to cater to the horny members in expressing their sexual urges to right and matched members.

Ways To Get Laid in EasySex

Amazing Search Algorithm

EasySex is a design by professionals in relationships, in which the platform intended for its users to become interactive. The special searching algorithm allows everybody to find the perfect fit they are searching for. Besides, users may continue finding specific members on the web with the assistance of such filters.

For instance, you can filter according to gender, location, age, kinks, orientation, and fetish are the common filters it has right now. A large number of members use this website to discover users who live near their zone. Truly, it never fails to be an outstanding feature of the site. Especially, among those members seeking hookup instantly just around the corner.

Erotic Video Uploads

Many users of EasySex need to upload one of their videos in their profiles. It is important that within the site itself, the videos should demonstrate more about yourself. Although, it might sound redundant as the site is already filled with written information about you. Take note that videos speak louder than words.

On the other hand, if you come across a particular video with nudity content, you should never take it as a shocking moment. This turns out to be a common thing within the site, which gather more audience to your profile. Above all, the videos you can upload here have no restrictions. So, feel free to post a video or tons of videos of yourself.

Chat Who’s Online

Another way to have sex instantly is to check who’s online. In EasySex, there is a section intended to see who are the members currently online. You can even check out who are ready for some sexy time on cam. With this, it is easy for you to chat, mingle, and hook up with whoever’s ever online. I’m pretty sure that whoever is up, they must prepare for some sexual fun.

Moreover, EasySex also gives the user the chance to communicate and get to know other members who have viewed their profile accounts. Check out some people who found you interesting and attractive. See if they match your preferences and chat them right away. Above all, the Android and iOS app version of EasySex makes chatting more convenient. You can communicate with anyone, anywhere you go. Just bring your smartphones or tablets, and click on any members you to hook up with.

Send Instant Message For Instant Fuck

Ultimately, the last feature but definitely not the least. To have sex instantly, the best way to do it is to be straightforward and send them a message. EasySex has limit messaging up to 4,000 characters only, however, it is much enough to send your wink and interest to someone. Also, you can try using cute emojis, smileys, or even gifts.

Sadly, video chat is not an available feature on EasySex. So, if you are fond of having a steamy video conversation with someone, this will not happen here. Although, the exchange of messages through chats is definitely a fun way to flirt and start connections. On the other hand, if you find someone uninteresting and annoying, you have the power to block and ignore their messages.

Safety and Support

While browsing sites, it is essential as a user that our browsing experience is protected. By the end of the day, experiencing cyber attacks is the least scenario we want to happen. For the purpose of protection and security, EasySex employs SSL encryption to secure its members from any potential cyber invasions.

Also, the site has little amount of reported fake or troll accounts lurking around the site. It is easy to say that trolls are less likely to experience because many members are interested in meeting and hooking up. However, it is important to always be vigilant of any suspicious accounts.

On the other hand, the customer support of EasySex is highly reliable in giving the best solutions to any issues. They are available at all times and ensure everyone that your concerns, issues, and inquiries are well taken care of.

Uncovering The Benefits and Drawbacks of EasySex.com


  • The registration process is extremely easy, simple, and straightforward
  • The site is free for everyone to register and ensures no hidden charges in the future
  • Sexual satisfaction is always guaranteed
  • The gallery of hot and sexy models is available for viewing without any cost
  • You have the freedom to choose any members of your liking
  • A diverse community of users is present
  • Premium membership is relatively affordable


  • Accessing all the features of the site restricted among premium members only

12+ Best Sex/Hookups Sites Similar to EasySex.com:

#1 — Ashleymadison.com


In terms of casual relationships and adult hookups, Ashley Madison has been in the game since the year 2001. Also, it remains to be one of the leading destinations for people experiencing miserable partnership or want to break out of the marital relationship norm. Indeed, Ashley Madison would be the best place for you. Truly, all sorts of sex relations are welcome here.

While their unfailing features and functionality remain stable. Every user can interact and experience sexual pleasure with several fellow users worldwide. Most of all, Ashley Madison responds to the input of its members and the ever-evolving expectations of consumers. Thus, gradually enhance the site’s features. In this case, amid the tough virtual dating industry, Ashley Madison continues ahead of the rankings to this very day.

Check our full review of AshleyMadison.


  • Users can upload discreet photos freely
  • The registration process is free and very simple steps
  • Sensitive data and other personal information are safe and protected
  • App version is available for download both on Android and IOS devices
  • Large base of members around the world


  • Some profiles have no complete information about themselves

#2 — Dating.com


Dating.com developing and enhancing together all singles from around the world in one wonderful place where a great romantic relationship can be developed. Additionally, the participants of the site are certainly from different nations, traditions, and lifestyles. Also, the site uses unique communications tools and ways to allow members to interact and communicate rather efficiently. Indeed, when you are looking for a possible matching chance, it is so much easier to use the Dating.com website.


  • Numerous members from diverse countries worldwide
  • Live customer support is accessible all the time
  • Easy process of registration and free for everyone
  • The searching filter is best at tailoring according to users’ preferences


  • App version is only available for Android devices

#3 — Adultfriendfinder


Adultfriendfinder.com, a popular sex website, has existed operating since 1996. Since then with its numerous members globally, the platform provides vast functionality, rising to millions. Also, it includes web chat, sex videos for adults, and discussion forums to enable members to connect.

Surprisingly, it has 30 million visitors per month and most of them end up signing as members. Truly, Adultfriendfinder emphasizes the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada as its biggest base of registered users. Certainly, it is no wonder that it places on the internet is among the most widely used and successful hook-up and dating sites.


  • There are numerous members from around the world
  • Many ways to communicate and engage with other members
  • Matching is easy to find
  • Live streaming and advance filter are available for all members
  • Chats and live webcam are available


  • Basic accounts have limited accessibility to the website

#4 — Victoria Milan

victoriamilan quick profile

The world’s most prominent hookup site, Victoria Milan. This website offers its users a convenient, reliable, and private sexual experience between married and committed individuals. Indeed, Victoria Milan is a perfect place to explore your erotic interests with individuals around the world beyond your married relationship. Also, it has an excellent feature to exit quickly via its “Panic Button” escape feature and pullback from being trapped.

Moreover, Victoria Milan is secured and adequately protected from any intrusion and abuse of sensitive information exchanged here by using an outstanding protection system. As yet, Victoria Milan has far more than six million users and is rising around the globe daily.

Our full review of Vitoria Milan here.


  • It has a free and easy registration procedure
  • Members can willingly select a specific location they want to have matches
  • Design is easy and elegant
  • Features like winks and add to favorites are free to use
  • Downloadable on Google Play Store and App Store


  • Video chat is not available on this site
  • Premium members can deliver and view instant messages

#5 — BeNaughty


Introduced in 2000, BeNaughty has grown to be an incredibly popular dating website. It provides a proven quality and fulfilling experience for the users. Also, each day it has over 13 million visitors, and tons of people around the globe register as users. Indeed, this is a perfect venue for feeling wild and engaging with single and married people in sexual relationships and connections.

Besides, your private data sent to BeNaughty is safely secured as it employs the SSL Encrypted method. Above all, it has completed the validation procedure for all accounts. All these enable the entire journey a lot more enjoyable and scam-free.


  • Established for more than 15 years
  • New members are increasing daily
  • Users are extremely active
  • Each account have 5 free chats daily
  • The site design is simple and easy to use
  • Video chats between members are available


  • Few information provided on some profiles
  • Annoying advertisements are plenty

#6 — FetLife


FetLife is a dating and hookup platform for adults. It started beginning in the year 2008 and focuses primarily on people finding and wanting to satisfy people’s sexual desires. Namely sexual fantasies, fetishes, kinks, and BDSM. Certainly, thanks to the growing demand for dream satisfaction, FetLife attracts more users until it hits more than 8 million members all over the world. In other words, the members can openly express their private fantasies and desires without judgment via FetLife and encourage everyone to accept it.


  • Members are open-minded about BDSM, fetishes, and kinks
  • The majority of the members are from the United States
  • Members’ age range is between 25 to 34 years old
  • Free registration
  • Free exchange of messages to other members
  • Explore tab feature helps narrow down specific members


  • Linking other social media accounts is not possible
  • Not yet available for download in App Store or Google Playstore

#7 — 2fuck.com

2fuck navigation

If you struggle tough to find a quickie or matching website that provides services, rather than misleading statements, then you’re not alone on this. The 2fuck.com website spans the whole planet, celebrating its 3 million users and regular sign-ups of steadily rising guests. Certainly, 2fuck.com considers the needs of individuals in their various sex preferences and allows members to guarantee that everyone should be linked and pleased.

Here’s a more in-depth review of 2fuck.com.


  • Millions of users worldwide
  • The interface of the site is simple and manageable to use
  • Registration is available for free


  • Several features can merely be accessed by premium subscribers

#8 — Instabang


Bringing the community together is Instabang’s primary objective. This platform was deliberately developed to continue providing users with hectic life through its promising speedy service. Indeed, there is a quick gratification of sex life among its members. Hence, if you are searching for non-committed partnerships or just occasional connections with people that have common needs, then you are ideally suited to this platform. Indeed, the participants will never encounter problems locating a one-night stand buddy with a large number of sensual girls and young women with attractive bodies.

Full Instabang review here.


  • It contains various languages for the most convenient usage of non-English speaking members
  • Members provide abundant images and videos on their galleries
  • The advanced searching option is available to make accurate searching
  • Safe mode feature is available when browsing by blurring any explicit images or scenes while in public areas
  • Preview of videos is available before making payments
  • The homepage is extremely easy to understand and use


  • There are fake profiles reported
  • A paid subscription is required to send messages

#9 — Flirt


Flirt, a popular site that has received major credibility since the year 2009 in the serving of casual sex and explicit affairs. Over the years, this platform has been respected by several users and has attracted millions of followers worldwide. Further, the platform includes a three-day membership subscription preview and encourages individuals to discover what Flirt can deliver. On the other hand, the data and other private information are protected as it often exclusively follows anti-scamming software and safety protocols.


  • More than a million members worldwide
  • Numerous members are actively seeking and online day today
  • Trial membership is available
  • Different sexuality and nationality are welcome
  • Locked messages features enable erasing automatically within 24 hours
  • Uses verification process for reported suspicious members


  • Sending and receiving messages is for paid members only

#10 — Adult Hookup


Adult Hookup is a dating website that in regards to hook-up and online dating, will definitely meet all your standards. Similarly, Adult Hookup offers excellent reviews aimed at providing users with a satisfying and easy interface in seeking matches. The website is indeed a very elegant design and each day over millions of its users participate actively in a sexual relationship. Further, there are many opportunities to interact, including video chats and text messaging, between members. Ultimately, they give a guarantee program of 100-days that promises within this period, you will have sex.


  • SSL certificate and encrypted service used for Payments and transactions
  • New users can avail of the free trial membership
  • An enormous collection of users worldwide


  • Vast and distinct components of the site are available for premium members only

#11 — FreeHookups


Freehookups.com is an amazing hookup and sex dating website. With this in mind, it ranked #1 on the list of quality websites around the world. As the site asserts, 92% of its members end up having a hookup partner. Indeed, this is really the place to go if you like to have multiple orgasms. Also, there is a great number of women to choose from this platform. Finally, the greatest feature is, no fraud or phishing scams is lurking around.

Check out more about Freehookups here.


  • Various classes of girls to choose from
  • The design of the website is simple to use and enhances features even more for premium members


  • The payment for premium membership is extra costly

#12 — Flingster

flingster member

Flingster is an adult dating website for a meeting, hanging, and making out with singles. On this website, the application process is indeed extremely fast and convenient. So, it won’t be wasting much of your energy at all. In comparison to several other dating websites, even free accounts can use message and video chats without paying.

On the other hand, paid subscribers to have additional features that are indeed unique. Meanwhile, Flingster similarly provides discreet identification while chatting, before you consent to a spontaneous quick fling.

More on Flingster here.


  • Unspecified character is a choice
  • Everybody is nice regardless of sexual orientation or gender
  • The signup procedure is available and relatively simple
  • The site’s design is simple however, understandable to navigate


  • There are occasional phony profiles reported


If you need sex and hookups as instant as possible, then a hookup website is your best option. Easysex and other sex and hookups websites mentioned here provide the best venue for finding your luck in sex. Every member of these sites has only one major goal: to fuck and have a wonderful bed moment. There is no moment wasted here. Within just a few times, you are guaranteed to have a hookup match.

Indeed, you may come across a few other websites that promise hookup and sex, but do not live up to the expectations. However, with these websites mentioned, they feature guaranteed satisfaction in sex, pleasure, adventure, and thrilling sexual fun.

Choosing is hard, so here are my top four personal choices apart from Freehookups.com that might help you decide:

The chances of having a casual hookup and sex are very high. Also, the members here are extremely active in finding their best shot in getting laid as quickly as possible. Above all, it employs an effective and efficient method of communication. This helps to keep the engagement between members more conveniently and easily possible. Unleash that wild side of you, and prepare yourself for more real-life and fun-filled sex actions.

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