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& 10 Alternative Websites Like CityXGuide.com

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Traveling to a new city can sometimes be lonely and cold. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Companionship can easily be sourced and utilized, regardless of any city you are in and sites like CityXGuide.com made this possible.


But, they’ve moved to a new web address — cityxguide.app.

That’s why we’ll be providing just a brief overview of what CityXGuide was all about and you will see the 10 best Cityxguide alternatives.

New official URL: https://cityxguide.app (former — cityxguide.com)

What is CityXGuide About?

CityXGuide.com is an adult-themed ad directory designed to give you access to female escorts and call girls wherever you are. It doesn’t matter which city you are in, CityXGuide.com has a collection of escorts ready to keep you company and make all your dreams come true.

But the website is not just about escorts and call girls. You can also get an array of other adult-related services such as live sex, phone sex, massages with happy endings etc.

CityXGuide Extra Services

More like an escort directory, you would find lots of countries on their list, and postings are updated regularly so you can easily find an erotic masseuse nearby. Most of the girls on this site are part of larger third-party services so you would know that they’re all legal and legit. Although the site focuses on the US market, it is still surprising to have a few other countries included in their list. If you have someone that has piqued your interest, you can directly contact her and you’re on your way to some happy ending. With CityXGuide, everything is pretty simple and smooth-sailing. No extra charges and not even a paper trail left behind because the site values the users’ discretion and privacy.

Can I Register on CityXGuide As a “Worker”?

Besides, the site is also not just for people looking for companions. It’s also a nice place for workers in the adult industry to post their ads and get access to a large pool of clients who visit CityXGuide.com every day. Despite this, CityXGuide.com is not the only adult-themed ads website.

Pros & Cons of CityXGuide


  • Website is very simple to use
  • Everything on site is for free
  • Information about girls is provided most of the time


  • Plenty of annoying ads
  • Some fake profile here and there

Top 10 CityXGuide Alternatives:

1. Adult Search

AdultSearch img Adult Search is an escort directory that gives you access to thousands of escorts. The site has escorts for all US cities but it also has escort ads from some of the top cities in Europe, South America, Asia, and Oceania. Adult Search also has a great variety of escorts. Whether you are looking for some oriental love or some busty blondes to warm up your cold nights, you can easily find what you are looking for.

The website also has a simple interface and an effective search feature that allows you to search escorts based on the city you are in. It also looks like Adult Search does some effective screening methods to weed out fake profiles. I am not sure how it does that but based on the reviews I have seen online, the girls there are legit.

Finding a genuine girl to spend quality time with is never easy and there are so many fake profiles out there. The fact that Adult Search can weed out this problem is a huge plus for any user.


  • Comes with a massive collection of escorts from all corners of the world
  • European escorts are available too including call girls from Asian countries as well
  • The user interface looks simple and easy to use
  • The site has done a very good job of weeding out fake profiles from the platform


  • Annoying ads that may be a turn off for some people
  • The search options are limited. You are only able to search escorts by city or country.

2. Adult Friend Finder

adultfriendfinderAdult Friend Finder is not technically an escort site. It’s not a place to go and find a hooker or a call girl but it’s still a very solid option for people looking for casual encounters. Think of it as an ads platform where you can find friends with benefits, or just people looking for a casual one-night stand. Just like Tinder, Adult Friend Finder is designed to curate your search so that you only get potential matches in your location.

The site is also one of the most popular websites for casual sex encounters. It is estimated that the site gets over 25 million visits every month. This means that it is a trustworthy option that people are using from all over the world. The site offers an interactive experience.

It’s not just a place to go, view some ads, and pick a girl. You get to interact with potential partners, send virtual gifts, and even make friendships. Even though eventually you will be engaging in a causal relationship, it is relatively more meaningful than just paying a hooker.


  • The directory has millions of daily users looking for casual encounters
  • It is one of the most popular adult classified sites with outstanding popularity and pedigree
  • You can make meaningful connections as well even as you engage in casual sex encounters


  • You have to pay a monthly fee to unlock some of the premium features in this site
  • It’s not an escort or callgirl site so there might be some restrictions on who you can talk to

 3. Erotic Monkey

erotic monkey Erotic Monkey is a pure escort website that features ads from call girls across the US. Two things make Erotic Monkey relatively better compared to the others.

First of all, the site has a list of escorts already available on the homepage. You don’t need to do a full search even though it is possible. The collection of girls there is also amazing. From Asian girls to sexy blondes and women of all races, you can find anyone who tickles your fancy.

I also loved that the site allows you to leave reviews for girls on your experience. There is a caveat though. Only paid members can write or see reviews. The other challenge with Erotic Monkey is the fact that it only features escorts from the US alone. If you are traveling out of the country, you may want to use a different site. Despite these shortcomings, it’s a solid site with an easy-to-use interface.


  • Features an excellent variety of escorts to choose from including women of all races
  • The homepage is populated with top-rated girls so it should be easy to get a quick girl in no time
  • The site has a review and rating system that helps you see top-rated girls with the best reviews


  • The escorts available are only from US cities and this may limit people traveling abroad in other cities
  • You will need to have a paid subscription to see escort reviews left by other users

4. Doublelist

doublelist preview Doublelist is an online personal ads website designed to help people find like-minded individuals either for meaningful connections or for just casual sex encounters.

But unlike the normal adult ad websites where you just go to find a hooker, Doublelist gives you a chance to make more meaningful connections if you so wish. Think of it as Craigslist but just for personals. The platform gives you access to a wide variety of adult personals. You can contact and chat up with clients with the hope of finding a date in your city.

You will also love the fact that this site is easy to navigate. Just browse through dozens of classifieds and find exactly what you are looking for in minutes. Doublelist is also trying to reduce spam on the platform by asking users to put in their phone numbers as part of the registration process.

You also need an account to post ads here. Doublelist aims to create a safe platform for people who share the same interests to connect and so far, it’s doing a pretty good job of it.


  • Requires people to put in their phone numbers during registration to avoid spam
  • The site is relatively safe to use and you get loads of genuine profiles
  • The website allows you to both create and share ads or just view personals from other people as well


  • Despite efforts to deal with spam, there are dozens of fake accounts and ads
  • The site is relatively new and it may not be able to cater for people in smaller cities

5. Locanto

locanto Locanto is a global classifieds network that allows people to put ads for what they are looking for. Even though the platform has so many different classifieds, there is a personals section that is dedicated to casual encounters including escort and call girl services. Locanto is more like a craigslist. It’s not entirely an ads website for escorts but it has a section just for that.

The good thing about Locanto is the fact it has some pedigree. It has been in existence for as long as Craigslist. However, the platform does very little to screen ads and you are more likely to run into fake profiles when you are there.

I also noted that this is not a site fully dedicated to personal ads. This means that there might be other areas it’s prioritizing. Despite this, it’s still a great option to find local call girls and escorts to hook up with.


  • The site has an incredible reputation and it has been here for a very long time
  • Available in literally any country and features many local personals.
  • Easy-to-use interface with a very effective search tool


  • Loads of fake and scam ads there so be careful before you meet with someone
  • It may take longer to find a hook up there even though the diversity of ads is relatively good

6. Escort Meetings

escort meetings As the name suggests, Escort Meetings is simply a site to meet escorts. It’s a fully dedicated platform that features a collection of high-end call girls that you can hook up at any time. Escort Meetings is designed for people who don’t mind spending extra money on escort services. It has premium girls looking for discerning gentlemen of class and most of the profiles there are fully legit.

The website also features ads on the home page. You don’t need to do any searches. Just visit and browse through a collection of girls. The diversity of women available is also amazing. Whether you are looking for plus-sized women or skinny models with busty chests, Escort Meetings has everything you need.

The site also has additional adult-related services including live cams. Escort Meetings has escorts from many different countries. The only downside is that you don’t get to browse based on cities.


  • There is an amazing selection of girls on the platform with legit profiles and a high-end attitude
  • The platform features escort ads from many different countries outside the United States
  • Easy to use platform with a collection of call girls at the home page for easy access


  • You may run on a few fake profiles now and then
  • The site doesn’t allow you to browse escorts based on the city. You can only browse based on countries, which can be limiting for some people.

7. Eros Guide

eros guide If you ever want to get laid by a hot chic that will be discrete about it, then Eros Guide has to be the site for you. Eros Guide is a large escort ads website that features a host of girls to meet all your fantasies. These girls have no limits. It doesn’t matter the kind of fantasies you have or how dirty they are. You can easily find a girl at Eros Guide to fulfill them. Eros Guide has a very easy-to-use interface.

Unlike other sites where you have to search or browse through profiles based on cities, Eros Guide populates its home page with dozens of girls to help you quickly pick the hot chick you want right away. Besides, the escorts here are very generous with the info they give you.

You will see so many pictures and get many details about them. This makes everything seem and feel real. However, just like many other escort sites, there are some fake profiles there too.

Eros Guide & its alternatives here.


  • The escort profiles have plenty of information including many pictures
  • The site features high-end top of the line escorts that will give you a very good time
  • The website has an easy to use interface as well


  • No review system allows other users to leave feedback on their experiences
  • It’s not unlikely to stumble upon a few fake profiles as you browse through the girls

8. YesBackpage

yesbackpage YesBackpage is an interesting inclusion in my list because of two things. First, it is nearly as good as the average escort directory out there with tons of profiles to browse through.

Secondly, the site is not fully dedicated to escort services. It’s more of a general classified ads platform that has a section of adult-related personals, including escort services.

YesBackpage allows you to search for services on a city by city basis. However, the site is limited when it comes to location. The site only allows ads from a few countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.


  • Has an excellent collection of classified ads in the adult niche
  • Easy to use platform that allows you to browse profiles based on cities


  • Doesn’t have any reviews that allow you to test the authenticity of escorts
  • A lot of fake ads there so take your time before calling someone over

9. Tryst

tryst linkTryst is just a platform for people who just want to get laid in a more meaningful way. It has some hot girls there offering a wide array of services for men who are willing to pay the right price.

One thing that I loved so much about Tryst is that the profiles there are very personalized. You don’t need to put in too much info but a valid email and a display name will be required.

The site will also need you to write something about yourself and what you are looking for using a maximum of 300 characters. This makes it easier to find girls more interested in you and the experience more exciting.

Want to know more? Check our Tryst.link review here.


  • Offers a personalized hook up the experience for its users
  • There is a great diversity of hot girls to choose from
  • Easy to find the girls you want in one quick search


  • Creating the profile takes time and is a little cumbersome
  • Some escort profiles there have very limited information

10. Top Escort Babes

top escort babes Top Escort Babes is also a top of the line escort directory that features classified ads from many different countries. This site has a very simple interface and it allows you to browse through an array of profiles by just clicking the city you are located in.

There are many different profiles to choose from there as well. The challenge with Top Escort Babes is that the screening is very poor. The site also has a very ineffective search tool.


  • It has escort profiles from all countries around the world
  • The site has an easy-to-use interface


  • No user reviews on the site
  • The screening process is not that good so there’s a chance you will run into a fake profile

Conclusion About CityXGuide

Getting laid wherever you are is not that hard, especially if you are ready to pay up. There are many amazing escort directories out there like CityXGuide.com but in case you are not in a position to use it, there are many other great alternatives.

The ten above are of course good enough but Adult Friend Finder (click here to visit the site) stands out easily as one of the best options. It has a massive collection of escorts to choose from and many legit profiles to explore. The site is also easy to use and has a simple search feature that will get you the girls that you want.

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