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PrivateDelights main

An escort service site called PrivateDelights has expanded its features and location to accommodate ladies throughout Canada and the US from its base in Switzerland. For one thing, this isn’t your traditional escort service platform where users are matched based on criteria such as compatibility and interest. Rather, it’s a rip-off of online classifieds and business directories. As we know, classified adverts are comparatively straightforward two-way ad services published by anyone who provides the “goods” or “services.” The same goes with PrivateDelights, ads are produced by escorts, and those looking for escort services respond to those ads. Pretty basic, right?

Official URL: https://privatedelights.ch/

Currently, a great diversity of kinky pleasures, conventional sex, intense services, and crazy sex is covered by the escorts on PrivateDelights. For example, there’s an arousing massage and blowjob, as well as kinky things like foot fetish, double penetration, cumshots, and swallowing cums. Some escorts also offer girlfriend-experience service and threesomes. These escort services are more pleasurable and entertaining if you could do it with an escort of your choice. Lucky for you, PrivateDelights also includes male, female, gays, transexuals, and couple escorts that would suffice your peculiar taste in sexuality.

PrivateDelights — Your Solution to All Your Escort Needs!

Numerous sites catered to many horny people by providing adverts, product evaluations, or community forums. Others strove to give all of those elements at once, with little success and effectiveness. After the eventual downfall of some notorious escort pages like Craigslist and Backpage, most escorting services have vanished without a trace. But the disappearance has resulted in the rise of other popular websites, including PrivateDelights.

PrivateDelights is making an effort to establish itself as a major player in the adult entertainment industry. PrivateDelights aims to become an “all-around destination” of escorting needs by making some accounts, advertisements, customer feedback, and member chat forums available. Currently, PrivateDelights is stepping up efforts to displace—and, in fact, to outperform—traditional independent escort agencies like Backpage.

Escort Services of PrivateDelights’ Models

PrivateDelights new york

When it comes to escort services, you’ll come across a lot of options on PrivateDelights. There’s Wild Ass Humping, Wild Fuck, Oral Without a condom, Light French Kissing, G-Spot Massage, Finger Up The Butt, Girl Friend Experience, Golden Shower, Foot Job, Finger Fucking, Double Penetration, Doggy Style, Dick Sucking Lips, Bondage, Ball Licking, Swallowing, Anal Rimming, Ass To Mouth, and Cum in Mouth. It’s a great chance like no other, so reap the benefits of it while you can.

The woman of your wildest fantasies will be waiting for you discreetly — simply choose to have an in-call or out-call session with her. Plus, PrivateDelights has a wide range of ethnically diverse models, including Latinas, Japanese, Asians, Caucasians, Whites, African, biracial girls, and people from all races and backgrounds.

To finish it all off, PrivateDelights offer great control over your taste. So, if there’s hair preference you want to settle, models can wear wigs, so you don’t have to settle with a red-haired or dark-haired escort. You can likewise choose between teensy weensy escorts or MILF escorts around your area. Some escorts are similarly interested in traveling to different countries, so you might want to consider that if you’re planning on a hot weekend getaway. Book now, and don’t worry about safety and anonymity. The website gives its customers plenty of recommendations on maintaining confidentiality while still having fun and staying within your money constraints.

How Does PrivateDelights Work?

PrivateDelights client providers

PrivateDelights is a two-way advertising service, similar to what you’d find in standard classifieds these days. Ads are created by escorts, who act as both a provider of services and an advertiser. The person using PrivateDelights to find an escort is the “customer.”

Providers can make a new advertisement for their essential services after they are validated. That means they undergo a verification process before they are allowed to post. Within those postings, you’ll typically find her photos, services she provides (some have Do’s and Don’ts services included), rates, payment options she prefers, and personal details.

A potential customer who sees her ad may also read reviews and feedback from previous customers. It is crucial to read these reviews since it allows customers to screen which escort is excellent or not. Eager clients can get in touch with the provider straight away by using the provided personal details on the ad. I need to mention this, though; the site has little to no accountability for the exact escort-customer arrangement because you’re the one dealing with the escorts exclusively.

When you feel satisfied with the escort service, you can feedback or review the escort’s profile. This way, you can help other customers in deciding whether they’re perfect for booking. But remember, a review must not contain any private details and stuff about what actually occurred on the hookup/meet-up, so make sure to keep that when writing one.

PrivateDelights’ Design and User Interface

PrivateDelights search

Since it was made specifically for a customer’s needs, the escort website design of PrivateDelights may be different from anything else you’ve experienced. This means that your account, keywords, smart searching engine, and places are all accessible from the top navigation bar on the website. When using several complex screening tools, the powerful search engine supports customers in finding more local escorts in nearby cities or anywhere in the world.

For example, there are a variety of sexual orientation choices for escorts and different services offered. There are also factors such as mile radius, country, availability, in-and-out calls, and ideal means of payment. Other than that, there’s a long list of providers offering unique sexual services like Private Show, Wild Ass Humping, Oral Without a condom, Light French Kissing, G-Spot Massage, Finger Up The Butt, Girl Friend Experience, Wild Fuck, Golden Shower, Foot Job, Finger Fucking, Double Penetration, Doggy Style, Dick Sucking Lips, Bondage, Ball Licking, Swallowing, Anal Rimming, Ass To Mouth, Cum in Mouth, Lady Friend, Sado-Masochism, Cowgirl, Deep Throat, Full Service, Anal Sex, Hand job, HoneyMoon Experience, Porn Star Experience, and Sat On My Face. The rest of the site’s features, such as navigation — perform flawlessly and are clearly labeled for your convenience.

Is PrivateDelights A Reliable Escort Site?

PrivateDelights escort profile

Numerous signs are pointing that PrivateDelights is a reliable source of escorts and services. There maybe be a handful or even thousands of escorts available in any specific spot. Members of the site can only create ads on PrivateDelights. Meaning, the escorts should undergo an authentication process before they can post an ad. In this way, you can guarantee the pics, details, and contact info they submit are credible.

Because of this stringent standard, once your reviews on PrivateDelights are found blatantly dishonest, you may be permanently banned from the page. The escorts themselves are proactive towards both pleasant and critical reviews. The majority of them have the initiative to establish a connection with their customers to prove their authenticity and service. As a matter of fact, they tell stories about their interactions and hookups with customers to lure them to keep coming back for more.

When browsing, you may encounter some escort profiles that have little information on their postings. Don’t think of it as a bogus or misleading profile – not everyone has the time to provide detailed ads. Although the site has no straightforward way for customers to find out more about escorts, you can simply ask them to access their exclusive message boards to get to know them intimately. This way, booking and arrangements are much more accessible and smoother.

Authentic Escorts on the Site

PrivateDelights escorts

Looking through escort model collections, I discovered that the photos are modest and appear genuine since they don’t seem all picture-perfect. However, I noticed that their pics and accounts don’t have their “branding,” making me believe that PrivateDelights doesn’t follow a tedious photo verification process. Well, that’s fine. I don’t care about it that much. As long as they are authentic, I’m good with that.

Numerous escorts use their personal social media and online accounts on their profiles. Perhaps they wanted to show they are legitimate persons and not some bogus fraudsters. In other words, they know how important credibility is to their biz, so they’re ready to have you peek into their personal affairs through official social accounts.

It appears as though all 200+ user profiles are authentic in some way. While that number really doesn’t look like a lot, I think that’s better. You’re better off knowing what to anticipate now, though. There are phony escort services out there that boast millions of members but can’t totally rely on how many frauds there are waiting for their next victim. Although, several PrivateDelights’ escorts have concealed their identities or just changed identities for reasons. So, I still recommend you to check their ratings before actually booking one of them. That’s for your safety and protection too.

PrivateDelights pennsylvania

PrivateDelights has branches in the United States and few Canadian areas. If I were you, I would keep an eye on my beloved escort’s schedule; you never know she’ll be passing through your area the following week, and making an appointment in advance will ensure that all of your fantasies of her “cum” to life. If you precisely know what escort you’re hunting for, you can use the standard searching methods like area, country, and location. The menus are as basic as possible, evoking the vibe of classic classified ad websites. It means that there will be no extra marketing gimmicks or intrusive advertising.

Heads up! Before I forget, I gotta mention this: even though these escorts are service providers and they’re HOT, it’s still necessary that you act straightforward and courteously to them. That way, you get the most out of your purchase.

Escort Reviews and Chat Room of PrivateDelights

PrivateDelights reviews

I understand that several people may favor extra colorful and informative reviews; the reviews of PrivateDelights are purposefully plain and devoid of specifics. Every PrivateDelights review is an authentic experience, with no unbiased opinions whatsoever because both customers and escorts could benefit from it.

I have some tips on how to write a PrivateDelights review correctly, so you could help a fella experience the best escort services possible. Basically, there are two standards to follow when writing reviews to ensure confidentiality, politeness, and security. To begin, avoid disclosing any confidential info about yourself, including your residence or social security number. Next, refrain from revealing any details regarding what takes place on the bed. Simple, right?

Also, several PrivateDelights chatrooms can be accessed through the Discord website or app. The rooms have separate areas for escorts and customers and a blended space where both users can talk to one other in peace and comfort. PrivateDelights have rebuilt a portion of the old platform’s forums and social features, but not all of it. As far as I know, they’re preparing to launch additional forums on the website to expand their community features, although it’s unclear how well those will go.

Pros and Cons of PrivateDelights.com


  • Plenty of escorts in Canada and the US
  • Reviews are helpful
  • Booking is confidential
  • It has a discreet system
  • Verified escorts


  • Some escort photos are intentionally blurred
  • Ads

12 Best Escort Sites Similar to Privatedelights.ch:

#1 — AdultFriendFinder


Adult Friend Finder’s website is widely popular worldwide and has over eighty million members seeking casual and sexual encounters with different girls. Also, this website became popular in the United States and provided an excellent platform for users to seek a perfect sexual match using its communication features.

Further, it offers many casual arrangements, including polygamous relationships, monogamy, couple sharing, FuBu, and many others. Indeed, it is a great website to explore sexual preferences and spice things up in bed, especially among single people and couples willing to scrutinize their sexuality. With easy navigation and a fast registration process, the users will finish within 5 minutes or below.

Here’s the full review of AdultFriendFinder.


  • Free registration
  • Members of the site are seeking casual relationships
  • Open for bisexuals and gay members
  • There are plenty of features for communicating with each other
  • Members are allowed to create blogs and groups for information exchange
  • Free feature in watching videos and viewing photos
  • Members are allowed and free to share any types of videos and photos


  • There are more males than females

#2 — Fuckbook


Many people enjoy Facebook, but have you ever thought of transforming this site into more sexual and beneficial? Well, before you even thought about it, some people have already made a perfect site that provides the functionality of Facebook and the advantages of sex adult sites. Altogether, it became Fuckbook. On this site, you can find casual encounters and allows you to explore your sexuality without judgment.

The members of this site came from worldwide, and all are open-minded in terms of sex, fetish, kinks, and many other things. Due to its popularity, it was awarded as XBIZ Award for Dating Site in the year 2014. Ever since the year 2009, when it was initially launched, Fuckbook has been providing its members with a great platform and opportunity to be in a hookup culture. Browsing the site, navigation is reasonably straightforward. You can even avail of the premium membership to fully enjoy its exclusive perks and free advertisements experience.

Click here for Fuckbook full review


  • Awarded as Dating Site of the Year by XBIZ
  • You can access the apps in numerous ways, including tablets and smartphones
  • A considerable number of members, over 29 million worldwide
  • Open to all types of gender and sexuality
  • The registration process is easy, simple, and speedy
  • Members have many options to interact with one another
  • The search filter is free to use


  • Reading and replying to members’ messages are for premium members only
  • Annoying advertisements
  • Annoying automated messages receipt keeps coming constantly
  • Advertisements placements are all over the website

#3 — EscortGuide


EscortGuide is a website that answers your prayers. Suppose you are trying to book an escort in the United Kingdom, head over to this website. Indeed, there are loads of girls listed on this platform. You will make sure to locate escorts of different ethnicity like Black, Asian, African American, or Latin.

Not to mention, there are quite a few mature and experienced escorts available here as well. However, they remain to look stunning and appear youthful.

EscortGuide review here.


  • Thousand of available female escorts in the United Kingdom
  • Profiles of escorts are complete and detailed
  • User-friendly features
  • The site has a clean and simple design
  • Supports mobile version


  • Only caters within the United Kingdom

#4 — 2fuck.com

2fuck page home

With all the escort websites across the internet, there are only a few that stand out. One of these is 2fuck.com, an Escort website with three million registered members around the world. It is progressively growing every day. The website boasts its genuine and authentic services offer for everyone who craves sex every day.

Once you become a member, your profile will automatically undergo compatibility matching and provide you with lists of members compatible with your preferences. It is easy to say that 2fuck.com does not randomly search for members for your convenience but instead employs an analytic process to make matching more accurate.

Click for a full review of 2fuck.com.


  • Members worldwide reach up to millions and growing each day
  • The design of the website is user-friendly and straightforward
  • Free registration for everyone


  • Premium members have exclusive features that can only access them

#5 — Sugarnights


Are you seeking sugary sweet nighttime? Indeed Sugarnights is here to rescue. Being one of the famous escort services online can help you hook up with genuine and authentic people. The website assures that scams and other unwanted deception should not be concerned.

Mainly, they specialize in providing a fantastic connection to members like massages, escorts, entertainment, and an experience to have a girlfriend, with a worth its price. There are numerous available cities listed on their website, and you can select what is convenient for you through a map available for viewing. When you ultimately decide, plunge yourself into the most extraordinary services this website can offer.

Check out Sugarnights review.


  • A wide array of escorts to choose from
  • Straightforward and easy to understand, the interface of the site
  • Navigating the site is not complicated
  • The site was set up many years back


  • Focuses mainly on the United States
  • Advertisements are plenty
  • Website owner’s identity is hidden

#6 — TopEscortBabes


As the internet keeps on growing, escort services have increased on various websites. Many of them have gorgeous, super-arousing female escorts. Functionalities and credibility, however, differ significantly from one brand to another. So, if you’re an erotic seeker and your dream is to spend one of the sexiest moments of your life, you should pick out the best suitable escort platform there is. One of these relevant websites is Top Escort Babes.

Top Escort Babes is an escort service website we all know about. They offer intimate companionship on demand if you ever needed some late-night company! The website provides information on the thousand most well-known pornstars, women, shemale escort models, and celebrities worldwide.

Full TopEscortBabes review here.


  • It has thousands of escorts and plenty of featured agencies worldwide
  • Supports multiple languages
  • It does not require registration
  • It has a built-in messaging feature
  • Indicates suspicious accounts using the “Suspicious Profil” badge
  • There are pornstars available as escorts
  • Simple, elegant, and great design
  • A fast and smooth browsing experience
  • Supports mobile browsing
  • Plenty of escort categories to choose from


  • Lacks searching features
  • Some escorts are pretty expensive

#7 — UKPunting


The UKPunting website is here to help UK-based hookers and seductive masseuses find legit clients. It is a place where horny dudes can freely express their sex lives, seek support, and provide others a place to blow off steam. Are you ready to connect and blow off your erotic secrets with like-minded people? If the answer is yes, then UKPunting must be your go-to site for all your needs.

It offers to help consumers and escort partners learn about each other to gain positive and satisfying sexual experiences. UKPunting gives consumers relevant details on other customers’ experiences, helping them better understand what they’re dealing with. Isn’t that cool?

Take a look at UKPunting review.


  • Plenty of links to fantastic porn videos
  • Great recommendations of safe and excellent porn sites with various niches
  • Relevant discussions and topics
  • The user interface is sensitive and uncomplicated to use
  • Reviews are detailed and accurate


  • Few porn banners are available
  • Design is too simple

#8 — EroticMonkey


Erotic Monkey is your discrete place to find quality escort, as what they claim they are. Well, they do have a reason for such a claim. The site takes a lot of visits every single day. This is because of their effective way of providing escorts to its users.

Visiting the site, you will immediately see the different girls rated and reviewed. The honest reviews of accurate site users are the reason why people continue to patronize the place. While others hated reviews and being assessed, Erotic Monkey encourages it. In searching for the right partner, you are first to ask about your region. Afterwhich, you can choose to filter the ladies that appear based on the number of reviews, their rates, and recommendation. Once you find the right one, you can further know about her when you click her profile.

The site also has a forum if you want to interact with other users. There are a lot of different topics and even other various services offered in their forum.

Here’s our EroticMonkey review.


  • Advanced search tool
  • Easy to use
  • Constructive reviews


  • Minimal scope
  • You have to have an account to review

#9 — EuroGirlsEscort


EuroGirlsEscort isn’t an entirely Europe-focused escort website as its title might suggest. As a matter of fact, it welcomes all types of escorts (male, female, lesbians, gays, trans) from all around the world. So, if I were you, I wouldn’t be bothered much about my horniness. It’s totally pointless since EuroGirlsEscort offers hot, passionate, and equally horny escorts for you, regardless if you’re somewhere else outside Europe.

EuroGirlsEscort is a paradise for female escorts. With their detailed profile photos, lovely and sophisticated layout, and the utter lack of additional costs, everything you see is absolutely free. The creators of this website have successfully managed to revolutionize the escorting industry with an unimaginable scale of pleasure and enjoyment. If you want a hooker service with several search features, simple sign-up, beautiful ladies, and a never-ending wave of new customers, what else could you possibly want?

A full review of EuroGirlsEscort here.


  • There are plenty of Escort services offered
  • Escorts go through a verification process
  • Unique escorts
  • It covers worldwide, not only in Europe
  • Helpful reviews from verified customers
  • Easy to understand website design


  • Some areas have limited escort availability
  • Found some fake ads from agencies

#10 — YesBackpage


It has caused many customers to look for other solutions or alternatives to Backpage’s exit from the industry. Thus, the rise of YesBackpage, a successful, reliable, and well-known backpage alternative that brings all the goodness of classic “Backpage” into a whole new different style.

Just like the most well-loved Backpage, the YesBackpage allows people to post and publish employment ads, property listings, and even porn services and escorts service providers. Just name it; they have it!

Click for a YesBackpage full review.


  • Simple registration process
  • Very popular among users of Backpage.com
  • Effective and reliable alternative to Backpage.com
  • Finding Escort and other services are simple, quick, and straightforward
  • The design and usability of the website is strategically user-friendly and straightforward
  • Free posting of advertisements
  • Plenty of services section offered, so you can find everything you need


  • Website design could use some improvements

#11 — TERB


The TERB website has existed for a long time and claims to provide an objective, non-bias assessment of everyone’s ideas. Their team works hard each day to make it a fantastic community. For ten years, TERB has been doing business as a community resource for Toronto escorts and massages. The TERB forums are meant to be for your fun and edification, accommodate independent contractors, and match personalized needs for Toronto agencies.

TERB review here.


  • Great design
  • User-friendly interface and navigation
  • Active users every day
  • Plenty of forums


  • There are few spams

#12 — TNABoard


Truth In Advertising, abbreviated as TNA, shows excellent features on its homepage and a recent list of available uploads. There are some adverts showing girls delivering special services for members. The listing in TNA is vast and even includes Alaska, Colorado, and Arizona. The escort service of this site offers a great alternative to most of the top escort sites in the world. The best thing about this is entirely free of charge and loaded with a selling bonus feature. Check out the features of their website and grab the opportunity of what you love.

Check for review of TNABoard.


  • Over a hundred thousand reviews
  • Escort adverts are verified
  • It has daily updates on its website


  • Need account on some features they offer
  • Some issues on its site navigation


If you’re looking for a safe and discreet escort sexual paradise in the United States, Canada, or elsewhere, look no farther than PrivateDelights. You have complete control over how the page looks and functions based on your location and sexual tastes. Plus, all of its escorts underwent a verification process and seemed to be authentic. I’ve seen some photos they posted, and they look hot — but not picture-perfect that you would think it’s too good to be true.

All of its escorts cover a massive variety of seductively exciting services that they specialize in. They likewise come with a highly flexible work schedule and pricing rates — I’m pretty sure it’s within your budget. I can’t say it’s a perfect escort site, but from what I see, PrivateDelights seems to have a promising future. I’m just wondering how much success it could bring to the present escort industry. I guess there’s still a lot to look forward to on this site soon!

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