Updated on: October 1st, 2022

AdultFriendFinder Review

Ultimate Review of AdultFriendFinder.com – My Honest Opinion With Pros & Cons

Show Me The Pros & Cons of Adult Friend Finder

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Our rating: 4.8/5!

If one of your hobbies is surfing the net and exploring new stuff, you have probably crossed paths with AdultFriendFinder.  Adult Friend Finder, or now more commonly known as AFF, has been in the industry of swinging and dating for more than a decade. It is not surprising that they have already established their name as one of the top dating and swinger site in the whole world. They have launched the site on the year 2006, since then they have just become even more effective in their industry as more and more people have opted to become their member. Despite all the other new sites that have come play and compete in the same industry, AFF has still become the better option for a lot of people when it comes to looking for a match to date or just to hook up.

This site is just one of the developer’s original websites which caters to the swinger market and other people who are into short hookups and possible life partners. There are other sites of similar niche that are launched by the same developer which are equally great. Adult Friend Finder’s advantage is that it was launched earlier so it attracted more visitors first.

What is The Purpose of AdultFriendFinder?

Basically, the site is all about looking for someone who can potentially be a short-term or a long-term partner. It has all the basic features of a dating site but it gives you more than just the partner that you need. The developers made a very smart move of incorporating features of porn sites into this dating site. As a result, you get a site with all kinds of people — singles, those who are in an open relationship, those who are just looking for fun, or even couples who are into exciting sexual relationship dynamics. Aside from this pool of people, you will get to have a more sexual and interactive experience on this site. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to possible sexual encounters you can get out of this site. It will surely give you a wild ride. The level of excitement in your experience will be based on how much you are willing to spend.

adultfriendfinder onlineSite visitors can choose their level of participation from those who just freely browse the site and check on every person they find interesting or be very active on it. The site has a Connexion feature which gives the member the option to have real-like virtual sex with another person through video while you are. It also supports paired devices (sex toys) which allow you to send sensations to your partner. If you are not willing to pay, you will not be able to get in touch and enjoy these features. But as earlier stated, for those who are willing to splurge for these kinds of excitements, the site has a lot in store for you. However, this doesn’t mean that for those non – paying members, there is no longer any chance for you to get a date. There is! You just have to set up your profile and make it interesting, upload nice photos and just wait for other members to connect with you.

How Many Users Do They Have?

Adult Friend Finder is mainly a dating app but members of the site do not merely find dates. Some find real friends in the course of their interaction since the site is really a huge community of real people. It has average monthly visits of over 25 million where visitors spend roughly 10 minutes every time they visit. Most of its visitors come from the United States comprising more than 50% of their visitors. In the 2nd place in the United Kingdom, and the third is from Canada, having a total number of 80 million users around the world. With this number of visits and users, the site still continues to gain more and more members and users. 

The increasing number of site members is a result of the constant updates and improvements done by the developers throughout the years. What was once just a simple dating site has become a home to all those who want to explore different sexual niches and adventures without the fear of being judged by people. Since people visit the site for more or less similar reasons, it is a breath of fresh air for its members, it is their sexual safe haven.

Reasons Why You Need an AFF Account

AdultFriendFinder chat

Everybody knows that AdultFriendFinder is among the largest and most popular hookup destinations worldwide. Even newbies in the adult entertainment industry have once heard of or visited this site. Literally, it has everything you need, from casual sex and dates to sexual adventures and serious relationships.

Certainly, its unfiltered match feed, satisfying live calls, and filthy albums are heaven-sent features for many horny fellas. It doesn’t matter if you are not yet thinking about sex just now, having a spare material on hand is always a welcome convenience. In fact, the COVID-19 regulations have proved this super clear. For years, the increasing home isolation has led to a skyrocketing number of people interested in nudity, porn, and sexting. And if you’re like me, who doesn’t want to gamble life over unsafe sex, AdultFriendFinder is your safest bet.

I’m sure you’ve used Tinder and other hookup sites before, and since you’re here, I’m guessing it wasn’t a good experience. So, if I were you, I’d stop gambling on my hookup experience if you have AdultFriendFinder right here. Signing up would give you many chances of jerking off online, regular casual sex, streaming sex shows, and participating in filthy chat rooms.

Signing Up on Adult Friend Finder

adultfriendfinder sign up The site has a very smooth registration process. There is no need to fill out a lot of information about you. It can literally take less than 5 minutes and you are done. You are just basically asked of your sex, interests, your birthday so that they can make sure you are of legal age, the country where you came from, and the province. There is also an option for couples who choose to register as one. This information is all asked through a tick box and a drop-down option. The site will also ask you about the persons you are interested to meet which you can select as many as you like, if you have a lot of interests. 

In the second part of the registration, you are then asked for your email address for verification that you are actually a real person, your unique username and password, and a short introduction of yourself for better chances at finding the person of your interest. This is also where you should write about the people you are interested in especially if you have a very specific interest. After these are all set, you can now login anytime at Adult Friend Finder. During the log in process you can opt to use the username you created or your email address, then your password, and it will direct you to your account where you can see the latest activities in the site. The site does not oblige you to upload your photo in your account, but it has highly recommended for more chances of interaction. 

Site Tour

When logging in to your account, you are immediately greeted with lots of options and possible matches on the page.

Since the site has a very vast number of members, it is normal to have thousands of members who are simultaneously online, and the site never runs out of recent activities in the feed. You can actually start looking for your match from there.  The majority of its members provide very sexual and adult content through videos, blogs, photos, or even through live streaming where they openly show their nude bodies.

Messaging and Communication on Adultfriendfinder.com

There are a lot of ways to connect and interact with members in the site ranging from life which is a more aggressive way of interacting, to the wink feature is a more subtle option. Chats can be made in the chat rooms, and you also have the option to make a blog of your different sexual expressions. Communication in the site is a basic and essential feature that whether you are a paying or a non-paying member, there is always an option to communicate for you. 

Their Extra Features

adultfriendfinder features

This site is full of surprises. It has a lot of extra features that you can rarely find in just a single site. It is basically jam-packed with things to do, it caters to the different needs and wants of its members.

Chatrooms and Groupchats

The site is a very huge community of people from different walks of life have almost the same, if not actually the same, goal which is to look for a partner in whatever context. To further this goal, the site has made a public chatroom where members can just free his mind and share about his different interests and desires. As a member, you can join the different chatrooms or you can make one.

Sex Academy

For the newbies who are still in the exploration stage of the different sexual kinks, the site has a Sex Academy which provides for online instruction on the how-tos of different sex positions and deeds. This feature has prepared for instructional videos on the proper ways of doing anal, or oral sex. It also gives out tips on having better chances of meeting people on the site.


The site has daily contests and the winner is determined through who has the most likes. Contests vary from theme to theme and anyone can submit their entry.

Live Cams

For those whose of you who are into live-action, who wants to see the people in the site real-time, there is an option for you to do that. One of the best features of the site is what they call the live cams where you can see who are live at the moment and you can see who is broadcasting real-time. You can also choose to be the one broadcasting.


When you have been visiting the site for a few times already, you can find people who have become your constants or your favorites. You can put these people in your hotlist so that you can easily find them again the next time.


Flirting is one way of getting someone’s attention and if you’re too shy to actually start a conversation, you can simply click the wink button and send it to the person you are interested in. 

Gift Giving

If you are the type who expresses your appreciation through the sending of gifts, you can also do it through the site. AFF gives you the option to send virtual gifts to people.


Members can document their sexual activities in a journal. Other members can also share their stories in their sex stories page which could be derived from fictional to be like experiences.

Finding a Life Partner on Adult Friend Finder – Is It Possible?

AdultFriendFinder free cams

AdultFriendFinder is the ultimate solution for those sick and tired of answering long, tedious relationship questionnaires on standard online dating websites. Creating an AFF account takes a couple of minutes, and everything you need is to provide a username, login info, valid email account, and a brief bio. While the site doesn’t demand a biography or even a single photo, it’s generally wise to upload a few because it increases your chances of getting replies and flirts from other users.

Additionally, AdultFriendFinder has a variety of customization settings, even more than I imagined from a casual dating site, to say the least. In fact, adding more information to your account will dramatically increase your matching chances. For instance, you can add basic details of your physical attributes, like eye color, hair, or even complexion.

But aside from profile details, AdultFriendFinder also gives a damn beyond what’s on the surface. It has personality tests you can answer that will surely provide much deeper facts about yourself. In fact, I encountered an amusing form called the “Purity Test,” which asked a hundred brilliantly written items about your sexual preferences. That form alone will help you discover sexually compatible users. Certainly, it’s pretty reassuring that AdultFriendFinder incorporates your innermost thoughts, preferences, and feelings. I’ll probably never find a hookup site like this that takes dating and hooking seriously and smoothly.

Perhaps, the only way of finding a long-term relationship or a life partner on AdultFriendFinder is to provide necessary details that will help expand your options. Anyway, let’s not get your faith too high. I’m sure, if you’re trying out AdultFriendFinder with a similar purpose as other users, none of this really matters.

Finding Perfect Matches

AdultFriendFinder sex dates

AdultFriendFinder works similar to other dating and hookup sites. It has thumbnail lists of close matches displayed on its main page. After registering an account, the list of matches is selected in random orders, but if your profiles have more details and pretty specifics, it could improve the matching algorithm. If it helps, I recommend you specify your age, gender, nationality, sexual preferences, location, body, relationship status, and radius. AdultFriendFinder will display online users closely matched to your profile, so you can easily pick out anyone who suits you best. On top of that, AFF includes newbies and users who liked your profile on the match list.

Matching has even made it more convenient because the message is pretty customizable. When I try it out, I can quickly mark chats as “important” or “read”. This way, those users I find attractive would be prioritized on top. It’s pretty sleek, and I’m sure no site has ever done this before. Plus, the moment you sign up for AdultFriendFinder, surprisingly, in an instant, you’ll be bombarded with flirty messages. Take note; these are not bots, so fuck them up as much as you can.

But what I like most about AdultFriendFinder is its quick and efficient features for hookups and dates. Unlike other regular dating sites, this one actually delivers what it promised. Now you don’t have to chit-chat and connect with users for weeks, months, or years before securing a meet-up (or worse, you’ll get ghosted quickly). Good thing AFF members are here to hook up, so they definitely don’t have time to waste for talks. Just hit up the match list, and instantly you’ll find the perfect sex mate. If you want to fuck it, then fuck it. Easy.

The AFF App

AdultFriendFinder app

Sit down and relax because AdultFriendFinder has the most convenient platform for your hookup needs. Introducing… the AdultFriendFinder app, a mobile version of your favorite AFF site. Using this mobile application, horny users worldwide can communicate, chat, match, and connect with others without a hassle. If you already have an AFF account, you can also use it when using the mobile version.

Many users have opted for the AdultFriendFinder app because it offers a quicker and more convenient experience than the site, especially those who are always on the run. However, you might be wondering why you can’t search the app using Google or App store; well, don’t worry. I’ve got you. The AFF app doesn’t have its own app but rather a part of the “All Friend Finder” app and is considered an all-access platform of the FriendFinder community.

There are many ways to install the app, either through the AdultFriendFinder site or the Google and App store. Overall, it’s pretty easy and cool to use and doesn’t have complicated features. The team behind this app really made sure to keep it simple and organized so that even newbies can quickly grasp the user interface. Scroll and browse all you can because the All Friend Finder app has your back!

Certainly, there’s so much you can do here apart from hooking up and quick chats. You can stream live shows, find close matches, and do things that only AdultFriendFinder can offer. Note that all the features accessible on the main site are also available on the mobile version, which adds to more convenient and efficient hooking up experience.

Free or Premium: Which is Best?

AdultFriendFinder join

I have to be perfectly honest; it’s nearly impossible to find a casual date or hookup on the site without any registration — free or paid. But of course, we’re talking about AdultFriendFinder here, and as we all know, this one is not just a simple, traditional hookup site. So even with a free membership, there are lots of things you can still do around. For instance, free users can use the communication features of AFF to message chats, check profiles, visit chatrooms, and respond to emails.

However, many of the juiciest secret stuff is exclusively accessible with a premium subscription or by collecting in-site points. These points serve as the site money you can collect through AFF activities. In exchange for the points, users can use premium services and features only accessible by the paid members. This way, free members cannot spend a dime on subscriptions while enjoying the perks of AFF. In other words, the larger points you collect, the wider features you can experience. BUT, these processes will take a shitload of time, and honestly, it’s just a fucking waste. Personally, I rather choose to upgrade and avail of its paid membership.

Payments and Price of Adult Friend Finder

adultfriendfinder prices As a member of the site you have the option to either remain a non-paying member or to subscribe for the monthly membership. Paying for the membership fee entitles you to more features that are unlocked which means more fun. Paying members have the option to be a member for a month, for three months, or for a year. Members are categorized in three: the basic member Who are non-paying, the silver members, and the gold members. The different types of membership have different features that they can enjoy.

The Gold Membership: Adult Friend Finder’s Price and Perks

AdultFriendFinder hookup

I recommend upgrading to Gold Membership for anyone looking for a quick and easy hookup. Personally, having a Gold membership gives a person’s profile more authenticity, legitimacy, and credibility, making a connection and meetings less scary and intimidating overall. To a certain extent, being a premium and official AFF member gives better “credibility” to the user and makes it easier to trust since they invested money to experience hookup. Honestly, when a particular site is free, there are more scammers and catfishers since no person in his right mind would spend dollars just to be a troll.

But if you’ve been using AdultFriendFinder longer than you intended, perhaps upgrading to gold should be your best bet. The moment you make a purchase, you’re treated like a “King” or “Queen” on AFF. Plus, hookups will be much easier to find, and you’ll appear more often and on top of searches. Not only that, but you’ll also have access to the most extensive searching options available on the site and reply to chats and emails whenever and wherever you wish.

Certainly, with the power of Gold Membership, any user can use whatever features or services AdultFriendFinder offer. You can use online chats, upload photos on your profile album, share personal videos, etc. The more activities you do on the site, the better engagement you’ll get. Gold members typically get hookups and dates faster than free members because they get more spotlight from the rest. So, for anyone thinking of upgrading, here’s a little overview of AdultFriendFinder’s prices:

  • One-Month Subscription – $39.95 per Month
  • Three-Month Subscription – $26.95 per Month ($80.85
  • Twelve-Month Subscription – $19.95 per Month ($239.40)

Security and Safety

Since the last time they had a security issue, the site has been improving and re-improving its security and safety especially when it comes to the details of its visitors and members. Currently, they are being protected by a third-party system that puts layers of encryption so that the security on the site will not be breached.

As far as the system is concerned nowadays – the site and app have top-notch security and encryption, keeping your data safe at any time.

Pros & Cons of Adult Friend Finder


  • The search tool is really dependable, it can filter to the most specific details you want to filter
  • You never run out of people to connect to because of its massive membership and wide reach
  • It has an app for easier access which is available for both Android and iOs users
  • Aside from the current app they have you also have the option to use the mobile version of the website
  • There are a lot of features that it is impossible for you to run out of things to do


  • The male to female member ratio cannot be determined
  • The site is not for people whose goal is mainly to have friends or just looking for a platonic relationship

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is the site AdultFriendFinder legit?

aff feed Definitely yes! It is a legitimate adult dating site that has been un the industry for more than a decade. It has established its name worldwide with 80 million members throughout the world. 

  1. Is AdultFriendFinder effective?

Yes! Members actually find people to date or hookup with through the site. With its vast membership with people of similar sexual enthusiasm, it is almost impossible not to find someone you can be whether you are a paying visitor or not. This is what keeps the site on the field up until now.

  1. If I have skipped updating my profile, can I still update it?

Yes. If you need to update your profile to be more catchy, you can do so by following these instructions:

  1. Log in to the site with your username and password.
  2. Click the “My Account” link at the top of the page.
  3. Choose one of the three links in the Profile section that allow you to update your desired section.
  4. Be sure to fill in all of the sections on the profile and be sure that you check your spelling.
  5. Click the “Save” button to finalize your changes.
  1. Can I retrieve a forgotten password?

Yes, if you forgot your password, you can just click on the “Forgot Password” link. It will then ask you for your username and email address. Instruction on the retrieval of your password will be sent to your email. You just have to follow the instruction and you’re back on track.

  1. Can I turn off the auto-renewal feature of the site?

Yes, the auto-renewal feature may be turned off. This feature was actually placed for convenience. However, for those who do not wish to eir membership, this feature may be turned off by logging in to the site, then click the “My Account” link, and then go to the “Billing History & Credit Card Info”. You will then see the product status and just tick the button OFF under the product status. 

  1. Are my details safe with the site?

Yes! Your details are definitely safe with the app and are maintained by a third-party system that protects and encrypts the information input in the site.

  1. Do I need to download the AFF app to access it on my phone?

Not necessarily. You can still enjoy the AFF site without downloading the app. The site has a mobile version that makes you access the site through your phone even without the app.


If you are still thinking twice about registering for AdultFriendFinder, it is noteworthy that the site has won a number of awards as the best dating site by different award committees for several years. But if you are all ready for some action and adventure, you can easily register to AdultFriendFinder.com. You will surely enjoy! In my personal opinion – it’s really worth it. So just check it out and see for yourself.

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