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Skip The Games

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SkipTheGames Men have sexual needs that cannot be fulfilled by simply jerking off all day right in front of the computer. I can totally understand the frustration that comes with not being able to achieve satisfaction just because you don’t have a partner to share the passion.

Even watching the nastiest porn videos won’t be enough to satisfy men’s sexual needs. If you want the real thing, then go check out SkiptheGames.

So, what is this website all about? As the name suggests, this website lets you skip the game and go right into the real thing. This is very useful for when you have an elevated level of horniness and you just want to experience real-life pussy.

SkiptheGames creators understands the needs of horny men out there, which is why they came up with this site. It’s where you can find adventurous individuals that offer mind-blowing services.

You might say that websites like Tinder and OkCupid can do the same thing but you may have to exert a lot of effort and spend a lot of time flirting just to get laid. You’re not even sure if the person can fully satisfy your sexual indulgences!

This is why Skip the Games is here. It lets you search and find real pussies in as fast as an hour! The website features people offering escorting services at reasonable prices from all around the world.

For a hundred dollars or even less, you can find someone who will be willing to hook up with you.

Just give the woman a call and agree on a price. In less than an hour, this girl will be knocking right at your door and will give you an experience that you will never forget!

When I first look at SkipTheGames, I thought it has nothing special. The use of various fonts was ambiguous, as most of its listings pages. The text is multiple fonts and colors, and that put me on guard about the site. But even though most replacement Backpage-like sites seem to focus on being practical, this site outshines them with its simple design.

Don’t think about how it looks when you use it; think about how simple it is to use. The search toolbar is located along the top of the page to help you quickly and easily access the most popular searches. SkipTheGames certainly dives right into the gritty details, which is attractive to those who want to get shit done like me.

Finally, you may enter the name of your city and any other information like hair color, or desired action, if necessary. Only the town is needed, so if you’re not sure what you need, quickly scroll through all your city has to offer. However, if you have no time to struggle through these pages, you can still have an easier time looking for cities with a higher selection like Las Vegas or Shanghai.

Creating SkipTheGames: The Idea Behind the Unique Concept

The Name Says It All

The concept behind SkipTheGames is to make it easy for escorts and clients to meet privately and anonymously. It perfectly embodies the site’s name (SkipTheGames) because it runs in the simplest and quickest ways. The process of interacting with an escort should be expected to be easy and enjoyable. After all, the more complicated a site is, the less likely I am to visit.

All that makes sense is that I have an urge and that I demand satisfaction. From what I see, escorts are ready, eager, and capable of making my dick hard and smashing my life. Indeed, the platform employs a sophisticated search algorithm to assist me in locating escorts that appeal to my eyes and my penis.

Getting Exactly What You Want

Regardless of your preferred tastes — whether short, sassy, or buxom Latinas —there are several girls for you to hook up with on SkipTheGames. It’s worth noting that the platform is famous for having the most diverse selection, as you can find escort services tailored to your sexual preferences and desires. Not to mention, SkipTheGames doesn’t support discrimination when it comes to male, female, or transgender escorts, and it will help you find your happiest ending.

After years of utter masturbation, I understand how fucked and exhausted you are. I can see that your hungry tiny penis is dying to be stroked by a pair of warm breasts and smothered in warm skin. Hooking up with any girl is a difficult job. Who would love your lustful sick fantasies, after all? So, stop wasting time and get cracking. Bring in the filthiest hookers to meet all your needs!

Finding Sex Made Easy With Skipthegames

Part of the answer here is undoubtedly determined by the services provided by the escort you choose. While not all escorts have sex with their customers, the majority of them you’ll find on SkipTheGames are happy to fuck your brains out. All you need to know about their offerings is right there in their profiles. So, there’s no room to make errors or judgments because of the level of details these profiles have been on point.

Apart from just having sex, you get a detailed discussion of what the escort can do during sex. So, if deepthroating action accompanied by anal is your primary interest, an escort’s profile will show you if reaching out is an excellent choice. There should be no attempts to put the person under pressure to engage in things they aren’t comfortable doing or beyond what their profiles say. All you have to do is move on and meet someone that more closely matches your preferences.

Do I Need To Sign-up on SkipTheGames?

In comparison to many of its competitions, SkipTheGames excels when it comes to “getting started.” Of course, in your most unyielding state, you can only think about pussy and wanting to plunge in as fast as possible. The worst thing you want is a website that blocks you from starting because it requires many useless details.

Although a quick sign-up process is exemplary, SkipTheGames has got you covered with no registration required. Registration only applies to users uploading ads on the web, but other than that, there’s nothing more you need to do. In other words, only the escorts require creating profiles, which is ideal for you because you need to see what they’re up to before deciding who you want to fuck. To get started on SkipTheGames, all you have to do is head over to the website and begin searching.

Features That Stands Out

  • Detailed Profile

When you find someone you feel interested in learning more about; their ad will include information such as body hair, payment methods, incall or outcall status, ethnicity, and even the number of piercings they have. In addition, most providers have a wish list of services they’d like to give or receive, such as the Girlfriend or Boyfriend Experience, gifts, dreams, control, and much more. Certainly, SkipTheGames pays close attention to the minor points of the game.

  • Advanced Searching

SkipTheGames isn’t giving you exactly what you want? Try to include nearby locations in your quest. It has a selection of neighboring cities at the top of your search engine results, so you can cross off as many as you want and add them to the list you’re browsing.

  • Articles to Read

If that were not enough, try your luck by reading articles. Yes, you read it right! I’m a massive lover of the articles written by escorts, including insider tips on being a better client, catching a false advert, and a list of escort phrases and their meanings. SkipTheGames certainly goes to great lengths to ensure that its users get the most out of their time on the site.

  • Nude Images

Escorts will post nude photos on this website that enables you to see what you’re looking for. On the SkipTheGames website, several escorts chose to publish their most personal images. It is a perfect way to learn more about a girl before going on a date or booking her for the night. Getting horny could be as simple as looking at naked pictures. However, if nude photos were not enough to relieve the thirst, you can pay an escort to reach absolute satisfaction.

Fastest Way of Connecting with Escorts in SkipTheGames

One of the primary components of a fast and convenient connection with escorts in SkipTheGames is having no registration process. Furthermore, the search mentioned above method contributes to the overall simplicity of the system. All I had to do is create a concept of what kind of escort I’d like to see.

Of course, no one knows that better than me because I already have that idea before I begin looking. When I finally found a profile that appeals to me, I immediately contact her and express my desire to use her erotic services. Since the procedure is simple and easy, I could bury myself balls deep in an escort much faster than I probably expected.

Let’s Talk About Money!: Payments on SkipTheGames

Almost all female sex workers on SkipTheGames accept several payment methods. So, you can book any escorts you like, as long as she gets your request. Several escorts only take cash, whereas others consider all forms of payment, like cryptocurrency. Yes! You read it right. For simplicity and a better user experience, SkipTheGames offers a range of payment options to its users.

Not to mention, the preferred payment options on this site are bitcoin and cash. After all, who in their right mind will prefer paper trails instead of convenience, right? If you needed some money, take out the sum you’ll need, plus a little extra. Avoid taking out more money than you need because an escort can figure out a way to force you to waste what you have. Trust me!

Is It Legit? How about the Escort Profiles?

Even though SkipTheGames covers a wide range of places, it must also provide a secure and authentic experience for its users. This is mainly true when you realize that visitors are not required to register to access the web. Good thing that countless people are using SkipTheGames will vouch for its legitimacy. They all found hot escorts while searching the web and found their “happy endings” there.

It’s worth noting that a profile verification process is designed to guarantee that the escort girls you see are who they claim to be. Whenever possible, this validation process is highly recommended for your benefit, and it will make the experience safer. From my personal familiarity, I can assure you that the site is an escorts’ docking place.

I’ve Got No Regrets Using SkipTheGames

The word “free” is one of the best in the world, especially true in the adult entertainment industry. We don’t have to pay anything to get an escort number, and the fact that there’s no paper trail connecting us to an escort ad service takes any suspicious expenses off our bank records. In this aspect, SkipTheGames truly shines for its users.

What’s more? There’s a bonus! This site is full of content. Almost every city in the US has a large number of service providers. So, even if you live in a remote area in Mississippi, you’ll be able to find someone who will satisfy your wildest dreams. I have used all the new sites emerging these days, and I can safely assume that SkipTheGames has the most user base.

Finding an escort website that suits your tastes can be demanding with so many options available. SkipTheGames, on the other hand, is a reliable escort website that provides free escort services. It enables you to connect with everyone from around the world without charge.

Of course, nothing is more disappointing than discovering that an escort website does not live up to expectations. If you’ve ever been disappointed by an escort platform, give SkipTheGames an a go — you certainly won’t regret it! Things don’t constantly go as planned on the escort website, and an inevitable failure is an all-too-common expectation. SkipTheGames, on the other hand, holds its word and never disappoints its customers.

Pros & Cons of SkipTheGames.com


  • Allows you to search for escorts from around the world
  • Real photos, relatively a few fake profiles
  • Simple interface


  • Pricing is sometimes not clear upfront
  • There are some impostors from time to time

But… If you’re looking for a great alternative to SkiptheGames.com, then you’re lucky because I have done my own research on your behalf. In fact, I have gone as far as testing almost ~60 websites.

To make things easier, I have narrowed down the list to 10 top websites in detail and some additional links as well. I believe these sites are the perfect alternative to SkiptheGames. Some come in the form of directories while others have a classified ads section for those offering escort services.

TOP 10 Sites Similar to SkiptheGames.com:

1. AdultFriendFinder


Do you want an easy and affordable way to get laid? Go check out Adult Friend Finder. In fact, if you’re lucky, you can even get it for free!

I truly admire the brilliant system behind this website. Non-paying members can message paying members, but they can’t contact other non-paying members. As such, a lot of adventurous women use the site and take advantage of the free perks. They will wait for any paying member to message them and that’s when they can offer their escort services.

Although it works like a hookup site, it’s easy to find women who want to get laid on this site. I only paid for the $25 subscription fee per month, yet I was able to hire escorts at a very cheap rate. In fact, I was able to score some free hook ups as well!

I would highly recommend the Adult Friend Finder to anyone who is not keen on spending lots of money for this stuff.

Here’s a full review of Adultfriendfinder.


  • Easy and cheap way to get laid
  • Some profiles have nude photos
  • Lots of active and horny users


  • Free members can only message paying members

2. Tryst.link

trystlinkTryst is one of the best choices out there. In fact, it’s touted as the home of independent escorts. The escorts on this site have different rates and the agency cuts out some fees from what you will pay them. Here, you can find escorts offering sex for just $80. Of course, some of the most remarkably stunning women charge more, from $150 to as much as $500 per hour!

What I like about this company is that they give importance to their customers. If you have any concerns or questions, just give them a call and someone will be there to pick it up! The profiles of these escorts are verified so you can be sure they are legit. Plus, their response rate is impressive.

At the homepage, I was able to easily browse the listings of escorts near my area. For those who want to search for escorts in different locations, just use the search bar. There’s also an option to filter your search. You can choose to search for women, men, couples etc.

I love that all the escorts are verified so there are no fake accounts. This is Tryst’s advantage to some other alternatives. Each of the escorts will publish their rates, contact info, schedule, bio etc. The information is very detailed and some will even include a link to their Instagram account.

Full info about Tryst.link.


  • All escorts are verified
  • No need to sign-up
  • No spam and fake accounts
  • Reasonable rates
  • Responsive members


  • It’s not offered in a classified type

3. Switter.at

switter at Switter works like a social network aimed at sex workers. It’s also similar to an escort directory and it’s one of my favorites from among this list. Just think of it as something similar to Twitter, except that users are sex workers. Of course, you can sign up for an account as well since that’s how you can get in touch with these ladies.

The website features a listing section where you can browse profiles of different sex workers. It’s possible to filter the listing by location and look for anyone near your area. One of the things that I like about Switter is that it doesn’t have fake ads or spams on the feed.


  • Doesn’t have fake ads or spam profiles
  • Escorts are verified
  • Works just like Twitter


  • Most escorts use a dedicated listings area

4. Slixa

slixa When it comes to a superb lineup of escorts, Slixa will not disappoint. As a matter of fact, this is where I had the best sexual experiences of my life!

But this also comes with a fee because Slixa is more expensive compared to the other alternatives in this list. And if you sign up to be a VIP, you are guaranteed that the ladies here are truly worth the cost. In fact, some charge up to $400 per hour for truly extraordinary service.

For budget-conscious users, you can refer to the non-VIP section where the affordable ladies are. You can find those that offer their services for around $50 – $200 per hour.

Check out our extended review of Slixa.


  • Escorts are verified
  • Profiles have detailed pictures and bio
  • Escorts are high-end


  • Rather expensive

5. DoubleList

doublelist DoubleList is a website that’s dedicated to ads and listings for people looking for casual sex. If you like using websites that post advertisements for escort services, then this site is worth checking out. When this site first started about a year ago, nobody seemed to be interested in it. But it eventually soared into popularity, especially with users who prefer to search on places that are a little bit underground.

In this site, you’ll be able to comb through posts offering very affordable services. Yet it’s a pretty organized site and the services are categorized into different sections, from M for F, F for M, M for M, etc. It’s also possible to post photos and view photos of others, too!

But this website is quick to censor offensive language. So, you cannot just say you’re looking for someone with a big cock to suck. But some users are very creative at advertising their services. Also, it’s free so you can try it and not risk losing your hardly earned $$.

Here’s a full Doublelist review.


  • Active user base
  • Great place to look for hookups and casual sex
  • Similar to Classified Ads format
  • Free to use


  • The ads could be censored due to words used
  • Lots of fake ads and spam

6. Ashley Madison

ashleymadisonYou have probably heard about Ashley Madison already. In case you haven’t, I’m here to tell you that this is an excellent website. In fact, this is one of those websites that I go to whenever I feel like getting laid.

What’s interesting about this site is that it’s dedicated to married individuals who want to have an affair or engage in casual sex. This is what makes this website stand out. Not a lot of people would be willing to date somebody who is married, which is why married individuals often find it difficult to get laid on other sites.

Ashley Madison has a system where non-paying members can send messages to paying members. However, non-paying members won’t be able to get in touch with each other. This is why most women on the site have free accounts and will only wait for paying men to get in touch with them.

Ashley Madison review – here.


  • Cheaper than paying for escorts
  • Exciting platform to use
  • A great alternative to casual sex for married individuals
  • Some women are rich and fun to be with


  • You have to put in effort to find someone who will be interested in an affair

7. Bedpage

bedpageSimilar to other sites, the Bedpage is a great site to look for escort services, except it has plenty of fake posts and fictitious ads. In fact, you can rarely find legit ads on this site.

I have a feeling that the owners of this site will not allow anyone to post real ads because they don’t want to get into trouble with the law. It also seems like a single person owns the website’s ibackpage, yesbackpage, and ebackpage, since they are all linked to each other on the homepage.

Here’s a full review of Bedpage.


  • Similar platform to Backpage


  • Tons of fake ads and spam
  • Hard to find real escorts

8. EroticMonkey

eroticmonkeyEroticMonkey is a good site to look for hookers and escort services. I appreciate the fact that they will always pick up their phone whenever I call. The rates are very affordable and you can get services for as low as $50 per hour.

The profile page of the escorts includes information about their body stats, as well as their respective rates. EroticMonkey will also allow users to leave reviews. However, only premium members can read reviews. To be a premium member, you’ll have to pay $30 per month. I don’t really recommend paying this much for the premium services. The free version should be okay.


  • Affordable rates
  • There are plenty of escort services providers
  • The website is hosted in Switzerland


  • It will cost you $30 a month to read escorts’ reviews

9. Rubmaps

rub maps You have probably tried scoring affordable blowjobs and handjobs in the Internet. Well, Rubmap is a good place for that.

This website advertises all massage parlors near you that offer happy endings. The parlor will display the masseuse’ names and they also charge for a reasonable fee for those who might be interested in getting an erotic massage.

There are tons of reviews written about this website and most customers are quite happy about using it. Some users will even offer tips on how you can score services for a cheap price.

But the biggest downside is that they charge users with a $20 fee monthly to be able to read reviews written by other users. Yet, you’ll still be able to find details about these massage parlors without having to pay.

Here’s a full Rubmaps review.


  • Cheap way to get laid
  • Best place to look for massage parlors that offer happy endings


  • Not a good place to look for escorts
  • You’ll have to pay $20 to see detailed reviews

10. AdultSearch

adultsearchAdultSearch.com is not only an escort site as it also works as a sex guide. In this site, you’ll come across listings of sex workers in your local area.

There are also listings of massage parlors offering erotic massages, as well as strip clubs. But what makes this stand out from the rest is that users can post on forums for sex tips, guides, and recommendations.

If you’re someone offering escort services and you want to advertise services on this website, you’ll have to pay $10 per month in order to post your services.


  • Several escorts to choose from
  • The listings also include massage parlors and strip clubs
  • Similar rates to other websites


  • Escorts have to pay to post an ad

Alternatives to SkiptheGames.com I Recommend

Many sex workers and escorts use SkiptheGames.com. Sure, there may be others who have loyal clients but looking for new ones can be a challenge. But if you’re a regular user, and you used to use one of these for a long time – it’s probably time to try something new if new adventures is what you seek.

Good news is that there are lots of good alternatives. As you can see from the list above, Tryst, AdultFriendFinder, and Slixa are what I would highly recommend.

If you’re not sure what website to use, it is best to try them all and experiment. That way, you can decide which of them can better help you to reach the best pu$$ies out there.


Personally, I’m a big fan of SkiptheGames.com and have been using the website for several years now. But since I was looking for more alternatives.. this has led me to do a more extensive research in order to find some great alternatives.

I had lots of great experience with SkiptheGames. This is where I met Jenny, a 24-year old escort who was probably the most stunning woman I’ve ever met in my entire life. She was offering her services for only $100 per hour, which is pretty reasonable given her overall looks and etc. We would meet almost every week and she did tons of amazing things for me.

What about you – do you know of any website that can be a great alternative to SkiptheGames? If you do – don’t be shy and comment your suggestions below.

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2 years ago

Cityxguide is a good one as well.

2 years ago

I’ve been trying to use skip the games , but every time I try to send a email from a AD it comes back with 403 forbidden. What’s the problem ?

J. Bourne
J. Bourne
2 years ago
Reply to  Van

Nobody responds to emails…. text only !!

2 years ago

What escort sites are free to post ads on besides skip the games

2 years ago

I am at welcome inn I looking to get some girl high for ablow jod

2 years ago

Eros.com, Richobo.com, escortdirectory.com

Vancouver Escorts
Vancouver Escorts
2 years ago

Hello, thank you for sharing this article it will be really helpful for me to understand about skip the games and top 10 escort sites similar to skipthgames. I appreciate your step for choosing this topic. Great article!! You have done a good research I must say, thank you very much for sharing this article.

1 year ago

There are a lot of scams going on right now on skip the game

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Kennieth Bradley
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