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Escort Babylon Review

& 12 (BEST) Escort Sites Like EscortBabylon.net

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Sometimes in our lives, we start to realize that we’re starting to spend more time wanking. Either the person we’re married to is the problem, or we don’t have a good enough woman. Though self-gratification (masturbating, I mean) can be helpful, actual sex yields a far more pleasurable experience.

One of the primary reasons that hookup culture exists and made much easier are service providers like EscortBabylon! Any man can quickly find a woman he’d find sexually desirable at any time of the day, thanks to this website.

Official URL: https://escortbabylon.net

I have studied this website, and I’m positive it’s a terrific platform. But it will be nice to run it through the entire assessment to be sure. Please scroll down to learn more about EscortBabylon, and I’ll be happy to tell you all about it!

What’s So Good About EscortBabylon?

As often as the case in adult entertainment, it is nice to jerk yourself off, but getting your dick wet can be as pleasurable and freeing as well. That’s also the reason why escort services like Escort Babylon emerge — to make it a lot easier than ever to search for a playmate that will make you happy. It’s like a traditional escort service, except better, in other words. The vast majority of those websites facilitate escorts, and their customers are happy with it. While this is impressive, will it be able to see new progress?

If six people had a good time with an escort, wouldn’t it be useful to know if they went away telling stories about her? It’s what certainly sets Escort Babylon apart from the typical escort sites. While it has a list of people to fulfill your needs, it also offers reviews to assist in the selection process.

In addition to other people’s reviews, you can also explore the work of the escort to see how many views and invitations they have posted on EscortBabylon. Certainly, they are here to give you a glimpse into the ladies you might want to have sexual relations with in the future.

Not to mention, there are lots of details to select from when choosing an escort. You get to see her statistics, previous images, comments, and an overview of the services she had done in the past. In other words, users get to see a complete detail of the sexy escort and clients who have previously worked with her. Very amusing, isn’t it?

EscortBabylon: My First Impression

EscortBabylon home reviews

You will soon notice that this website is among the most eye-catching websites in the world when you get here. But the downside is, you don’t have many choices here. So, go ahead and click “Change City” and enter the place you’re in to get things started. I guess I ought to point out this earlier. Escort Babylon is currently only available in North America; most of its customers are Canadians and Americans.

I thought to check out the escorts in Las Vegas. We’re all mad for sin city, aren’t we? I’m sure of it because I am all over the place trying to find girls to seduce when I’m on a sex binge. When I clicked on the “Las Vegas” down to fuck girls for cash, the website gave me a list of Las Vegas escorts to browse. Every day, roughly six new entries adding to the list. There are times when a dozen or so are added every 24 hours, mostly over the weekend.

You may also hire escorts based on popularity and’ current,’ which applies to models that have re-posted their ads. Therefore, they aren’t entirely “fresh.” EscortBabylon placed more than a dozen new ads in Las Vegas over the last twenty-four hours.

Sign Me Up for EscortBabylon!

Register on AdultFriendFinder.com — a #1 EscortBabylon’s alternative. And get laid with some hot girls without paying them

You must register to see the latest reviews written on the girls’ profiles. However, accessing other people’s reviews is somewhat surprising, and you’ll need to add one of your own. To begin with, you should certainly go on the website and sign up. You’ll need an excellent unique username to catch other users’ interest, a real email address, and a password powerful enough to ensure your profile’s protection.

Certainly, the Escort Babylon team makes every effort to guarantee that all users are genuine and not scammers or hackers. You must accept the link sent out to your email to validate your account. It has no other sections for completing any personal data or detailed questions because it is a review website.

Visual Style and Navigation of EscortBabylon.net

Design and Visual Features

When you first log onto the website, you may believe it’s huge of a hoax because the appearance is quite funny and strange. Yes, certainly, it is not the most creative design you will ever see. Despite all these obvious and visible design flaws, Escort Babylon is very easy to use and understand. The website and visual features are very easy to grasp. You certainly don’t need any expertise to understand how it works fully.


I revisited the website’s homepage and noticed that most of the links were on the right. I suppose these will help find different kinds of escorts, given what you know. You can also select “All Asian,” known as “HK Bobo.” It was cool to see plenty of Japanese, Chinese, Korean boys, and even kawaii Korean girls performing because they knew how to turn guys on.

There were also many posts involving sexual massages, which I think is a great buy for Asian women. Escort Babylon has “Max 80” for those who aren’t on a tight budget, “Ay Papi” for those who appreciate beautiful Latino men, and even Shemales for those who love transexual fucking. Go ahead and do whatever you want; it doesn’t matter to me as long as you have fun.

Where Can I Find Babylon Escorts?

EscortBabylon locations

Choose Canada, the United States of America, Oceania, or Europe, at Escort Babylon. Because most of the escorts are from English-speaking countries, they regulate Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Aside from that, some escorts reside in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and New Zealand; however, the diversity isn’t great.

In the USA and Canada, you are more than welcome to pick your state or region of interest. Certainly, ladies will not be able to board the first long-haul flight out of their town, so you’ll need to find someone nearby. A large percentage of the professional models are socially and ethnically diverse. Despite the myriad differences among them, every woman is professional, sexy, beautiful, and fascinating.

Reviews: The Heart of EscortBabylon

EscortBabylon selection

This website’s primary goal is to generate reviews, so we’d like to walk you through the process. The user review’s layout is relatively straightforward, and it contains all of the necessary details to assist potential customers. You must include the heroine’s name, date of the incident, type of service, and venue location.

Also, it is necessary to describe the type of connection and let people know if the photos of the escort woman were precise. After this, you should describe how much it cost, or how long you spent, and whether or not the arrangement was worthwhile!

Register on AdultFriendFinder.com — a #1 EscortBabylon’s alternative. And get laid with some hot girls without paying them

To complete the next section, you need to review the escort’s appearance, personality towards the client, behavior, abilities, performance, and good personal hygiene. Furthermore, it is critical to assess whether she fulfilled any of your requests or merely tried to get her way.

It would help if you also rated how punctual she from the start until the end of your romantic meeting. Of course, they ask a few questions about how you feel and satisfaction when having sexual contact. You can provide the rest of your ideas, thoughts, and emotions in the open question section of your review.

Making Contact in EscortBabylon

Making contact with the escort service providers on the site is simple enough. Since the data supplied is minimal, the contact information is likely to stand out as quickly as you see it. However, keep in mind that there might be details you need that aren’t readily accessible. Thus, one of your top priorities should be making sure that the service delivered satisfies all of your expectations.

Will I Get Laid via EscortBabylon Effortlessly?

I’ve always considered it quite confident in using Escort Babylon, which could be the greatest chance to date. So long as a service’s website page does not indicate whether she will sleep with clients, you have no way of knowing if she’s willing to take part. If you want to be certain, you should combine the review and communication features on this website to ensure complete satisfaction before hiring an escort. Just remember that many people have gotten laid simply by using the platform before you, so there’s no excuse why you can’t too.

Pros & Cons of EscortBabylon


  • Primary operates in American state and numerous other countries
  • Reviews available are in-depth, with details that help you in hiring an escort
  • It has search options using keywords like services and preferences
  • Huge database and variety of escorts to find
  • Services are free of charge
  • Updates regularly
  • New members added daily


  • No available mobile app
  • Website Design is quite outdated
  • Limited number of countries available

12 Best Escort Sites Similar to EscortBabylon.net:

#1 — Adult Friend Finder


The website Adult Friend Finder is widely popular worldwide and has over eighty million members seeking casual and sexual encounters with different girls. Also, this website became popular in the United States and provided an excellent platform for users to seek a perfect sexual match using its communication features.

Further, it offers many casual arrangements, including polygamous relationships, monogamy, couple sharing, FuBu, and many others. Indeed, it is a great website to explore sexual preferences and spice things up in bed, especially among single people and couples willing to scrutinize their sexuality. With easy navigation and a fast way of the registration process, the users will finish within 5 minutes or below.

Here’s the full review of Adult Friend Finder


  • Free registration
  • Members of the site are seeking casual relationships
  • Open for bisexuals and gay members
  • There are plenty of features for communicating with each other
  • Members are allowed to create blogs and groups for information exchange
  • Free feature in watching videos and viewing photos
  • Members are allowed and free to share any types of videos and photos


  • There are more males than females

#2 — Ashley Madison


The Ashley Madison escort website is not just a typical escort website you see online. Founded back in 2001, the website provided committed people, married or in an attached relationship, the freedom to seek any discreet affairs with someone. Until this moment, Ashley Madison remains to offer a free-of-judgment environment, and affairs are not discouraged.

Over the years, the services offering of the Ashley Madison website has been changing according to the demands and changing lifestyle and ways of cheating of members. This website has many interests, including the perks of having polygamous, monogamous, open relationships, threesomes, and others. The extraordinary features became popular and continue to be on top-up to this day, gaining reputation worldwide.

Click here for Ashley Madison full review


  • Maintains photo and personal information discretion
  • Encourages discreet photo uploading
  • Free registration and easy registration process
  • Available as apps on Android and iOS phones and don’t require too much memory space
  • A large community of members around the world


  • Some profiles do not provide many details
  • Some don’t fill out profile information

#3 — Slixa


You might be wandering around the internet searching for that right sex companion to sit by your side while fulfilling deep darkest desires. Indeed, this is mind-boggling sometimes. By all means, I am glad to introduce to you Slixa. It is a website that will bring all the best aspects of escort service and avoid pitfalls in this industry.

Surprisingly, Slixa provides undying excellence and satisfying customer service. As a result, there is an incredible amount of positive feedback and reputation scattered all around the internet favoring this website. Additionally, various important publications provided their opinions about Slixa, and primarily were positive and upholds its fame. For this reason, the website gained over a million visitors, and thousands of more people signing up every day.

Slixa review here.


  • Website design is modest but still user-friendly
  • The site includes the desirable and most stunning escort options
  • The account profiles of the escorts have clarified and detailed description of themselves
  • The majority of escorts are ready to travel or take on an adventurous trip
  • Annoying advertisements are simply limited


  • Rates of escorts are quite costly

#4 — ListCrawler


A London-based escort site that changes its URL once you press enter after typing it out will then be redirected to Escort Alligator. However, these two are just the same. The site is very strict with their visitors, especially with verifying their age, so of course, since it is an adult site, you would need to be 18+. This site has a great feature where you can look at different cities away from yours. You will then see hundreds of classified ads by both professional and amateur escort girls.

List Crawler is more widely used in North America, but you really won’t regret trying out this site because of the hot girls that could easily warm up your bed in just a few negotiations. They even have listings in Quebec, Montreal, and many other places. List Crawler would be a very big help if you are going to travel and you want to accompany you for fun (and of course, exciting sex!). Although the website looks pretty outdated due to its old existence and fewer updates, the site still serves its purpose well, so you must try it out.

Click for a full review of ListCrawler


  • Daily adverts
  • No strict registration
  • Optimized for mobile use


  • A bit outdated design and interface
  • Mainly based in North America, only

#5 — EscortsAffair


Escorts Affair makes the full escort service more favorable and easy. The website offers a reasonable price for mind-blowing sex in return. It also has gorgeous ladies willing to make love with anyone — married, single, or in a committed relationship, for instance. Indeed, Escorts Affair became the most popular venue among married people because it allowed them to explore their sensual side. Besides, they can fuck gorgeous and hot escorts they only wish in their dreams.


  • The registration process is free and follows simple steps only
  • The list of escorts is pretty long, and many are available within your local area
  • The site caters within your local areas and worldwide


  • Check the laws within your local area that is against escorting service

#6 — BedPage


The BedPage escort website’s main priority is the services they provide. This one has a wide assortment of escort girls that will fulfill multiple sexual wishes and demands.

Besides, you can also select escorts from Asia, Europe, and North America or any places from the extensive list of areas. On the other hand, the clean and straightforward layout and critical elements often facilitate the better performance of the website. It provides a user-friendly design and easy connectivity —making it more essential for everybody.

Full BedPage review here.


  • A long list of cities included on the site
  • The user interface and layout of the site is straightforward and simple to operate
  • The website adopts a confirmation procedure to assess every profile account


  • Advance sorting is not available

#7 — Harlot Hub


Harlot Hub provides a fantastic venue for independent escort and easy navigation for users. On this website, the users have the freedom to select and pick the best chick on the list. Users can quickly determine their preferences through the comprehensive information provided on the escort’s account.

You can choose according to the physical look, hair color, ethnicity, age, and other specifications you yearn for. However, the only downside of this platform is its limited coverage. It caters only within the Western area and does not cover internationally. Regardless though, it remains the best as it provides free of all its services.

Take a look at Harlot Hub review.


  • The process of registration is easy and simple
  • The site does not allow scammers and spams on their website
  • If an account is proven malicious and fake, the site automatically suspends it


  • Plenty of advertisements
  • Not available worldwide

#8 — Sugarnights


Are you seeking sugary sweet nighttime? Indeed Sugarnights is here to rescue. Being one of the famous escort services online can help you hook up with genuine and authentic people. The website assures that scams and other unwanted deception should not be concerned.

Mainly, they specialize in providing a fantastic connection to members like massages, escorts, entertainment, and an experience to have a girlfriend, with a worth its price. There are numerous available cities listed on their website, and you can select what is convenient for you through a map available for viewing. When you ultimately decided, plunge yourself into the most extraordinary services this website can offer.

Here’s a Sugarnights review.


  • A wide array of escorts to choose from
  • Straightforward and easy to understand, the interface of the site
  • Navigating the site is not complicated
  • The site was set up many years back


  • Focuses mainly on the United States
  • Advertisements are plenty
  • Website owner’s identity is hidden

#9 — Adult Search


Adult Search is an escort website that functions like no other. It provides overwhelming services, mostly about sex, from their long list of escorts. Although, you can still enjoy other activities you like to try apart from sex. Members come from numerous parts of the world, and there is certainly a perfect escort for you within your local area. Even around suburban locations are included in the listing; that is how broad the coverage of their services is. You can select from multiple types of escorts that differ according to body types, hair color, ethnicity, and other specific sorts you prefer. You can scroll through their profile photos. Some may even provide full sexy, and gorgeous bodies of themselves you can jerk off easily. For the most convenient way, some escorts uploads videos that give you a preview of how hot they can be in bed.

A full Adult Search review.


  • Escort listing is huge
  • Profiles of escorts are detailed and straightforward
  • You have a variety of options on specific types of escorts


  • Few cities have no available escorts

#10 — TNABoard

Truth In Advertising or abbreviated as TNA, shows great features on its homepage and a recent list of uploads available. There are some adverts showing girls delivering special services for members. The listing in TNA is huge and even included Alaska, Colorado, and Arizona. Further, the escort service of this website offers a great alternative to most of the top escort sites in the world. The best thing about this is completely free of charge and loaded with a selling bonus feature. Check out the features of their website and grab the opportunity of what you love.

Click for a TNABoard full review.


  • Over a hundred thousand reviews
  • Escort adverts are verified
  • It has daily updates on its website


  • Need account on some features they offer
  • Some issues on its site navigation

#11 — Euro Girls Escort


A platform that does so well in connecting you with hot escorts around your area, EuroGirlsEscort is the answer for those who want to bang around in Europe. Wherever you are, you sure will have someone nearby to provide you with the hottest escort experience ever. Simply look through the profiles on-site and check out their photos before you proceed in reaching out to have arrangements with them.

The website is designed well and pretty simple, making it easier for users to navigate through. The escorts’ profiles are well-thought-of, with all their important contact details and physical attributes for easier browsing and matching. You will enjoy checking out profiles because European girls are something; you’re surely going to have fun with once you start your escort service journey with this site.


  • The majority of the countries in Europe included on this site
  • It consists of profiles with detailed information and background
  • Hot and wild escorts


  • Some of the locations provide a few numbers of available escorts
  • Plain-looking site
  • No advanced search

#12 — CityXguide


If you want a hassle-free search looking for escorts near you, this is the site for you. Cityxguide will provide you with the best escort that you want immediately. It has an algorithm that can trim down the best available escorts near you in a jiffy. You can use the site anonymously. It does not require you to register, nor does it require you to leave your credit card information.

Compared to other escort service sites that are very limited in their scope, Cityxguide has a relatively wider reach. It covers several countries outside the United States.

The site has a lot of interesting features. As a user, you can report ads that you think are fake. This will help in maintaining the integrity of the site. It also has a safe browsing option that disables the images from loading. This feature is really helpful if you are in a public place. Also, if you have not found the right escort at the moment, you can do other stuff. One of its interesting features is strip bars and bikini clubs. The site can narrow down the clubs and bars near you to explore and have some fun.

Check for review of CityXguide


  • There are always available escorts
  • Very discreet site
  • Free and very simple to use


  • Some results can be outdated
  • Few filtering options
  • Annoying popups

Final Thoughts on EscortBabylon

Initially, I had a pretty awful impression of Escort Babylon, but I started to appreciate its uniqueness in time. Sure it is not the most appealing website I’ve seen, but the content is decent despite the outdated, wacky appearance. You do not need to spend much alone time in solitude when using Escort Babylon, and therefore we consider it a wonderful choice for people who absolutely loathe being alone.

The interface is certainly simple and straightforward. No puzzle-solving is needed just to get started. Sadly, the trouble is the majority of the escort women are within Canada and the USA only. So, if you’re willing to do it, you can use the ratings of escort women to guide you to find a specific chick. Once you’ve decided, dial the phone number found on her profile directly! Remember to keep yourself satisfied and sexually excited!

Among the lists of websites above, my personal TOP 4 Escort sites besides EscortBabylon.net would be:

  1. AdultFriendFinder.com
  2. Ashleymadison.com
  3. Slixa.com
  4. ListCrawler.com
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