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UKPunting Review

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Even if you’re careful and vigilant, finding that excellent escort venue and other related goods is not quite as honest and straightforward as you think it is. Sure, there is a great abundance of escorting websites globally, but absolutely zero assurances that the services you get are precisely advertised. And of course, the lady you booked will match your standard and expectations.

Official URL: https://www.ukpunting.com/

I mean, who wants to expect something tremendous but instead ends up with potentially harmful people or perhaps (worst of all) a police officer! Whether you live in the United Kingdom or not, you must have heard of these challenges many horny folks experience in finding a reputable escort service.

Good thing there’s UKPunting — a sex-loving community that features a wide range of essential subjects about UK whores, fresh porn movies, and more. It is a place where horny dudes can freely express their sex lives, seek support, and provide others a place to blow off steam. Are you ready to connect and blow off your erotic secrets with like-minded people? If the answer is yes, then UKPunting must be your go-to site for all your needs. Let’s find out more about UKPunting and its features below.

UKPunting: Best Venue for Punters Like You!

There is one girl named Lexie who can do amazing blowjobs and a vast squirter. Well, as much as I like anal sex, she does not keen on any of those. But getting tied up and BDSM is her expertise. How did I know these before I booked her? Thanks to UKPunting, I’ve seen this on her profile where every escort can show off their sex and escorting rules to give you an overview of what you might expect before booking.

Indeed, the UKPunting website is here to help UK-based hookers and seductive masseuse find legit clients. It offers to help consumers and escort partners learn about each other to gain positive and satisfying sexual experiences. UKPunting gives consumers relevant details on other customers’ experiences, helping them better understand what they’re dealing with. Isn’t that cool?

Unfolding the History of UKPunting

As far as I know, UKPunting has been around for a very looong time… yet it seems like they’ve only been operating a month. I got to tell you about the fantastic founder of this website. He’s just a simple escort-seeker like us who desires to help others find the best reviews and authentic escort service providers. He also ensured that the website is entirely free and does not ask for extra payment from customers. His selfless generosity costs him long-term since he would continually fund the escort company’s operating expenditures. Wow, what a guy! Unbelievable!

Let’s further discuss UKPunting and why they market themselves as the top Sex Review/Discussion Website today. Does it genuinely match your expectations? That is yet to be seen.

True Nature of UKPunting

UKPunting review

So, UKPunting is a simple website that provides help but doesn’t even take advantage of people through the money-making business. Yes, that’s right! It is such a stimulating spot to be in — no ads and other annoying activities within the page. In other words, you can freely and smoothly browse UKPunting effortlessly and peacefully. In fact, you can share your thoughts about anything, like weird-ass fetishes, kinks, and other embarrassing things.

Just for the record, UKPunting is not precisely a website for escorts, and other escorting services post and advertise their sexual goods. Instead, it’s an excellent place for people to come together and review some escorts/services — helping other consumers in their purchases and save much effort and time. It’s natural for us to solicit relevant pieces of advice and feedback from fellow consumers before spending our hard-earned money. After all, we’re here to enjoy, not to get scammed. Oops!

Putting UKPunting to the Test!: My Personal Experience

UKPunting post

Of course, I made sure to use UKPunting myself. What’s the point of giving reviews if I don’t exactly know what I’m saying? Besides, I don’t refuse any free stuff, especially when it comes to this. Let’s start! I register myself on the website. Soon after that, I went straight ahead to its main page that looks like a typical old forum page design. Well, it’s not as terrible as it seems, though. Technically it depends on how things you prefer, but for me, I personally like the simplicity.

Buttons to register and log in are on the upper portion of the main page. Similarly, there are options to display discussion boards, reviews, online users, and website statistics. At the time I was online, there were around 605 members and 2,003 visitors. So far, that’s a significant number for me.

Later that moment, I checked out the discussion tab of UKPunting and saw several interesting topics. Some were talking about scams, while others were discussing erotic images. Generally, the users typically discuss issues like sex, escorts, prices, and escort providers.

Reading all these exciting topics is a helpful way to make my adult entertainment experience more desirable and worthwhile. Certainly, UKPunting has plenty of fantastic reviews about escorts that genuinely give me less time and effort compared to doing all the work by myself. I could even stumble upon scammers and ass-fucker escorts.

Style and Visual Design of UKPunting.com

Many people who have seen UKPunting may think that its website design is quite simple. However, this simplicity has its own benefits as well. Let’s say, for example, UKPunting has only a couple of tabs/buttons to choose from, so it saves you time, and the page does not appear cluttered. All the options and features are arranged naturally, so there’s no way you’ll get lost from the pleasure.

The moment you get used to the website, you’ll appreciate its design and intuitive interface after hours of using it. After all, why do you need a complicated structure and advanced interface if all you need is an effective venue to exchange info, share facts, and give relevant reviews with other fellas. Just make sure you register, though, because you can’t do much if you’re just a visitor.

Is UKPunting a Worthwhile Experience?

UKPunting categories

Forums — they are on their way to dominating the sex market. Those who enjoy having some finest experienced sex addicts and devoted lovers of the world’s best profession will all benefit from using websites like UKPunting. There’s always good info on UKPunting. You’ll find great tips, URLs to porn, popular websites you haven’t ever encountered before, and make friends with other users who could genuinely give great suggestions. Sure, you may browse the page without registering; however, you must first sign up if you wish to participate in talks. When you haven’t logged in, visitors will only see the subject titles and currently live members on the homepage screen.

What More Can I Expect from UKPunting?

UKPunting negative review
  • Regularly Updated Discussion and Reviews

I agree that UKPunting may appear old, outdated, but fresh posts are frequently being made to the discussion board. Everything brand-new is accessible for all the conversations you participated in, and you’ll get updates of what’s in store for you. Because your personal list allows you to bring in new subjects, such as the latest affairs, or gorgeous pictures from escorting services, you will not ever skip regular upgrades, top stories, or content from the pages you follow.

Don’t get me wrong. Several threads and conversations are not quite as lively as others, and you’re sure to witness a few of them that were laid to rest for quite some time. But don’t panic! Since on top of everything else, there will still be an excellent chance to chat and share about pleasure and sex, right?

  • Authentic Users

That’s right! Nothing can match the authenticity of UKPunting in terms of user reviews. They all came from real, legit, and genuine people who care for their fellow online escort-seekers. All the relevant information presented during discussions and facts on reviews comes from real individuals you can use when purchasing or booking.

Do you need authentic stories from amazing sex adventures or road trips with stop-overs for some escort services? You can find it all here at UKPunting. Some of these users may not be experts in this type of business, but they certainly don’t make fake comments and info.

Grab That Chance to Become A Member Now in UKPunting!


Since you’ve come this far, I’m sure you’re more than interested in joining the UKPunting community. Don’t hesitate to register and become an official punter! Don’t worry; the registration process won’t take much of your time. UKPunting team has already considered that a lengthy registration process won’t be a good start. Just provide a validated email address, create a unique username and password, and voila! You’re all set to become the next punter.

All privileges like commenting, creating personal threads, starting a discussion, or whatever can all be experienced by a registered member. Believe me, when I say UKPunting is a great venue to check out before even thinking of spending a dime on that escort you’ve been eyeing for the whole day. Oh common! You know precisely how dangerous it can be when you have no clue what you’re getting. Seriously, it’s not worth it to take that risk when you got everything you needed here.

UKPunting’s Pros & Cons


  • Plenty of links to fantastic porn videos
  • Great recommendations of safe and excellent porn sites with various niches
  • Relevant discussions and topics
  • The interface is intuitive and uncomplicated to operate
  • Reviews are detailed and accurate


  • Few porn banners available
  • Design is too simple

TOP-12 Escort Sites Similar to UKPunting.com:

#1 — AdultFriendFinder


Adult Friend Finder’s website is widely popular worldwide and has over eighty million members seeking casual and sexual encounters with different girls. Also, this website became popular in the United States and provided an excellent platform for users to seek a perfect sexual match using its communication features.

Further, it offers many casual arrangements, including polygamous relationships, monogamy, couple sharing, FuBu, and many others. Indeed, it is a great website to explore sexual preferences and spice things up in bed, especially among single people and couples willing to scrutinize their sexuality. With easy navigation and a fast way of the registration process, the users will finish within 5 minutes or below.

Here’s the full review of AdultFriendFinder


  • Free registration
  • Members of the site are seeking casual relationships
  • Open for bisexuals and gay members
  • There are plenty of features for communicating with each other
  • Members are allowed to create blogs and groups for information exchange
  • Free feature in watching videos and viewing photos
  • Members are allowed and free to share any types of videos and photos


  • There are more males than females

#2 — AshleyMadison


The Ashley Madison escort website is not just a typical escort website you see online. Founded back in 2001, the website provided committed people, married or in an attached relationship, the freedom to seek any discreet affairs with someone. Until this moment, Ashley Madison remains to offer a free-of-judgment environment, and affairs are not discouraged.

Over the years, the services offering of the Ashley Madison website is changing according to the demands and changing lifestyle and ways of cheating of members. There are many interests cover by this website, including the perks of having polygamous, monogamous, open relationships, threesomes, and others. Due to the extraordinary features, it became popular and continues to be on top-up to gain reputation worldwide.

Click here for AshleyMadison full review


  • Maintains photo and personal information discretion
  • Encourages discreet photo uploading
  • Free registration and easy registration process
  • Available as apps on Android and iOS phones and don’t require too much memory space
  • A large community of members around the world


  • Some profiles do not provide many details
  • Some don’t fill out profile information

#3 — 2fuck.com

2fuck navigation

With all the escort websites across the internet, there are only a few that stand out. One of these is 2fuck.com, an Escort website with three million registered members around the world. It is progressively growing every day. The website boasts its genuine and authentic services offer for everyone who craves sex every day.

Once you become a member, your profile will automatically undergo compatibility matching and provide you with lists of members compatible with your preferences. It is easy to say that 2fuck.com does not randomly search for members for your convenience but instead employs an analytic process to make matching more accurate.


  • Members worldwide reach up to millions and growing each day
  • The design of the website is user-friendly and straightforward
  • Free registration for everyone


  • Premium members have exclusive features that can only access them

#4 — EscortGuide


EscortGuide is a website that answers your prayers. Suppose you are trying to book an escort in the United Kingdom, head over to this website. Indeed, there are loads of girls listed on this platform. You will make sure to locate escorts of different ethnicity like Black, Asian, African American, or Latin.

Not to mention, there are somewhat a few mature and experienced escorts available here as well. However, they remain to look stunning and appear youthful.

Click for a full review of EscortGuide


  • Thousand of available female escorts in the United Kingdom
  • Profiles of escorts are complete and detailed
  • User-friendly features
  • The site has a spotless and easy design
  • Supports mobile version


  • Only caters within the United Kingdom

#5 — Seeking

seeking arrangement

A niche dating platform that attracts daily visitors is Seeking Arrangement. Since this is not a regular matching website, its design could throw off several individuals who occasionally come on this. It does, nevertheless, a brilliant job of providing a secure atmosphere for the type of partnership and interaction it promotes. Moreover, it is intriguing to discern that it has a fair number of people internationally for a platform that contains a relatively fundamental concept.

Seeking Arrangement is a place for youngsters to engage sugar mommies and daddies who could deliver monetary support and encouragement for them. Sugar babies must provide love, sex, affection, and lengthy connections in exchange. An ideal relationship is redefined by Seeking Arrangement as it undermines the conventional means of internet wooing. The site delivers an oasis in which you can incorporate enjoyment with a company.

Check out Seeking review.


  • The verification process is strict
  • Within just five days, the site guarantees users can find ideal arrangements
  • It has over ten million members actively seeking and involving worldwide
  • The majority of members are from the United States
  • The registration process is easy and swift to finish
  • Free sending of messages to other verified members only


  • Few fake sugar baby accounts
  • Requires permission to view a private gallery of other members

#6 — EscortDirectory


If getting laid without dealing with too much hassle, then Escort Directory is here for you. It contains a long list of sweltering escorts that are all willing to explore your deepest sexual desires. There are many escorts available here that you can choose to have sex with and guaranteed no-string-attached relationships. You can check out their profiles to make sure that you land on the perfect girl of your dreams. If you are seriously wanting to get laid or simply wanting to spice things up in bed, hurry up now and register.

Full EscortDirectory review here.


  • Plenty of escorts available
  • Lists are organized and categorized to make the selection more convenient
  • The advance searching feature is available
  • Profiles of the escorts are detailed and up-to-date


  • Advertisements are in moderate number but annoying
  • Beware of fake profiles

#7 — EroticMonkey


Erotic Monkey is your discrete place to find quality escort, as what they claim they are. Well, they do have a reason for such a claim. The site takes a lot of visits every single day. This is because of their effective way of providing escorts to its users.

Visiting the site, you will immediately see the different girls rated and reviewed. The honest reviews of accurate site users are the reason why people continue to patronize the place. While others hated studies and being assessed, Erotic Monkey encourages it. In searching for the right partner, you are first to ask about your region. Afterwhich, you can choose to filter the ladies that appear based on the number of reviews, rates, and recommendations. Once you found the right one, you can further know about her when you click her profile.

The site also has a forum if you want to interact with other users. There are a lot of different topics and even other various services offered on their platform.

Take a look at EroticMonkey review.


  • Advanced search tool
  • Easy to use
  • Beneficial reviews


  • Minimal scope
  • You have to have an account to review

#8 — Fuckbook


Many people enjoy Facebook, but have you ever thought of transforming this site into more sexual and beneficial? Well, before you even thought about it, some people have already made a perfect site that provides the functionality of Facebook and the advantages of sex adult sites. Altogether, it became Fuckbook. On this site, you can find casual encounters and allows you to explore your sexuality without judgments.

The members of this site came from worldwide, and all are open-minded in terms of sex, fetish, kinks, and many other things. Due to its popularity, it was awarded as XBIZ Award for Dating Site in the year 2014. Ever since the year 2009, the period it was initially launched, Fuckbook has been providing its members with a great platform and opportunity to be in a hookup culture. Browsing the site, navigation is reasonably straightforward. You can even avail of the premium membership to fully enjoy its exclusive perks and free advertisements experience.

Here’s a Fuckbook review.


  • Awarded as Dating Site of the Year by XBIZ
  • You can access the apps in numerous ways, including tablet and smartphones
  • A considerable number of members, over 29 million worldwide
  • Open to all types of gender and sexuality
  • The registration process is easy, simple, and speedy
  • Members have many options to interact with one another
  • The search filter is free to use


  • Reading and replying to members’ messages are for premium members only
  • Annoying advertisements
  • Annoying automated messages receipt keeps coming constantly
  • Advertisements placements are all over the website

#9 — Banglocals


Banglocals is a must-visit website for people looking for a perfect match for sex, dates, and casual affairs. Regardless of the number of competitive websites out there, it has remained on the top spot today. Indeed, our lives are a shitload of work and stress, and all we want is relaxing and calming ways to release it. Certainly, a great buddy who will stimulate our sexual desires can make life full of enjoyment.

A full Banglocals review here.


  • The users are distinct and from unique parts of the world
  • Website is simple to use with simple navigating features
  • Registration is quick, and hookup is immediate
  • Booking someone close to your area is likely practical


  • Requires premium membership to operate some site features

#10 — BedPage


The BedPage escort website’s main priority is the services they provide. This one has a wide assortment of escort girls that will fulfill multiple sexual wishes and demands.

Besides, you can also select escorts from Asia, Europe, and North America or any places from the extensive list of areas. On the other hand, the clean and straightforward layout and critical elements often facilitate the better performance of the website. It provides a user-friendly design and easy connectivity —making it more essential for everybody.

Click for a BedPage full review.


  • A long list of cities included on the site
  • The user interface and layout of the site is straightforward and effortless to operate
  • The website adopts a confirmation procedure to assess every profile account


  • Advance sorting is not available

#11 — Skokka

skokka universal

This website is popularly known as Skokka.com. Skokka.com is insanely popular, with over 30,000+ unique visitors every day. These numbers suggest high demand and only go to show how successful the site is. The overwhelming number of site visitors might result from the many offered countries on the front page’s list. If you have some extra monies and are tired of your hand being the only contact you get these days, it cannot hurt to give it a try anyway.

Skokka review here.


  • Plenty of escorts with escort listings all over the world
  • Advertisements for casual encounters
  • Respond to ad on-site
  • Several thumbnails and good display
  • Accessible to search and use
  • No membership required


  • I could not find user reviews
  • Average site features
  • Some advertisements do not display pictures
  • Prices are sometimes not listed

#12 — TERB


The TERB website has existed for a long time and claims to provide an objective, non-bias assessment of everyone’s ideas. Their team works hard each day to make it a fantastic community. For ten years, TERB has been doing business as a community resource for Toronto escorts and massages. The TERB forums are meant to be for your fun and edification, accommodate independent contractors, and match personalized needs for Toronto agencies.

Check for review of TERB


  • Great design
  • User-friendly interface and navigation
  • Active users every day
  • Plenty of forums


  • There are few spams


Indeed, UKPunting has its own ups and downs. Other people may find it too simple-looking and outdated, but many users have found the best resource for their escorting needs, hookups, and nasty desires. Despite its design, many users love spending quality time here, especially when they need expert advice, help, and support from the best — even just about anything you want to share.

Overall, websites like UKPunting answer our prayers, and we need more of this site. Especially now that there are plenty of scams, fraud, and malicious sites that only yearn for our money. I’m sure if there are UKPunting around the world, it will help the escorting business and improve escorting services even more. That’ll make my dick happier!

Finally, you can visit a few of my most favorite escort sites that provide excellent quality and service, just like UKPunting: AdultFriendFinder (if you’re interested in casual/sexual encounters), AshleyMadison (seek any discreet affairs), and 2fuck.com (genuine and authentic services offer for all sexaholics).

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