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Online dating and escorts have been a trend recently and people have been jumping on the bandwagon especially during these times. It’s a convenient way to meet people without exerting much effort as you’ll only need to be on your phone and spend a little time browsing through profiles after profiles, in hopes that you can have someone with you for some playtime. That’s where Eros Guide will help you a lot.

Wherever you are in the world, Eros.com will be in handy once you have the desire to have an escort for the night. This website has been around for a long time and they have made a huge leap in the escort services with the help of middle-man platforms. Eros.com offers a lot of options and you can simply choose from the following: male, female, transgender, and themed services like massages and BDSM concepts. You can simply browse through photos in the profile gallery and choose any escort who is near your location. Most of the escorts here are either managed by some agency or just freelancers. If you avail of Eros’ services, you can be assured that whichever country you are from, you will get quick feedback and a map of some cities that can offer you a list of escorts. So, simply pick any lady that suits your liking and Eros will provide you their contact details and some pictures. As we all know already, Eros is a great platform with quality escorts that have been used by many.

The website is pretty much exclusive, so you won’t see any vulgar pictures or even naked women posing provocatively on screen. You can start with entering your information on the site – what are your needs and what age bracket you would prefer for potential babes? Their member database is broad, so you have higher chances of finding someone just within your vicinity. It’s like a marketplace, only that it focuses on sex services and Eros makes money by charging their sex workers with each successful booking. So, for the “buyer” point of view, it would just look and feel like a social networking site that features sexual workers. For the “seller” side, all the sex workers can browse through their dashboards and manage their bookings and payments made to them. They receive notifications with every new booking, with complete details of the location, date, and payment methods.

It’s a different world once you enter Eros.com and you get to have the endless chances and list of girls who are willing to be paid for some sex. You may start your escort services journey by visiting Eros.com or any of these similar websites listed below.

13 Sites Similar to Eros.com (ErosGuide):

#TOP: AdultFriendFinder

adultfriendfinder dashboard

Do you want an easy and affordable way to get laid? Go check out Adult Friend Finder. In fact, if you’re lucky, you can even get it for free!

I truly admire the brilliant system behind this website. Non-paying members can message paying members, but they can’t contact other non-paying members. As such, a lot of adventurous women use the site and take advantage of the free perks. They will wait for any paying member to message them and that’s when they can offer their escort services.

Although it works like a hookup site, it’s easy to find women who want to get laid on this site. I only paid for the $25 subscription fee per month, yet I was able to hire escorts at a very cheap rate. In fact, I was able to score some free hookups as well!

I would highly recommend the Adult Friend Finder to anyone who is not keen on spending lots of money for this stuff.

You can also check my full and in-depth review of Adultfriendfinder here.


  • Easy and cheap way to get laid
  • Some profiles have nude photos
  • Lots of active and horny users


  • Free members can only message paying members

#1: AdultSearch


You can easily find escorts from all over the world with the help of AdultSearch. They are everywhere — Canada, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, even in Africa and Oceania… just name it. If you want to look for an escort and spend some fun time with them, go on dates and well, of course, fuck, then you might want to consider taking a look at this website. Most people who travel from one place or another like to find escorts in every place they visit. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone — going on a vacation in a nice place and getting laid with some sexy lady. if you have enough money and want to look for a perfect fuck buddy, then Adult Search is for you.

As AdultSearch is available in many places, you will notice that they also have a list of escorts even in suburban places. Hot babes are not only found in the major cities, so you get to enjoy and carefully go through girls with different body types and services to be offered. You will get previews of their sexy pictures, and a short bio that will get your imagination going.


  • Top Escorts listed on site
  • AdultSearch pays attention to small details
  • Various escort types are offered
  • Easy to use website organized interface


  • A few cities have no escort listings
  • Some ladies do not provide pictures
  • Few sponsored posts
  • No filter for escorts’ body types

#2: BedPage


Bedpage is a mirror service of Backpage, a very famous adult service provider that has recently been closed down. Lots of people now use this website to get their fix of escort services, sexual adult jobs, and if you’re lucky, you can even date someone from here. The website’s layout and design are pretty basic, but it is further optimized to enhance its usefulness and ease of access. Bedpage will come in handy since they operate almost everywhere – America, Asia, Canada, Europe, and more… so if you need some of their services then all you have to do is reach out to Bedpage and you will get what you want.

Bedpage has organized the site to have sub-sections based on location so if you are in a particular place, you just need to find the thread and look for the available sex workers in your area. Escort advertisements never run out of you will have a long list of girls looking forward to making some money out of giving you pleasure and doing erotic acts. Bedpage has added an extra security feature for their site, to further assure potential clients that they’re the real deal. Simply check the “Bedpage Verified” tag so you will know that the person is legit and acknowledged by the site.


  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Available in many countries
  • HTTPS-enabled security
  • Most profiles are Bedpage-verified


  • No advanced sorting
  • Features and pictures are not organized well
  • The site’s design can use some improvement

#3: 5Escorts


If you are searching for an escort service wherever you are in the world, 5Escorts can do the job for you. They have an extensive list of female escort database, with over 250,000 service providers. The site aims to provide some fun for everyone regardless of their location.

While it is mainly available globally, 5Escorts focuses more on the American market. You’ll find their organized list of available escorts in every place possible, including important details like contact number, a short description and some pictures you could feast your eyes on. 5Escorts also work behind-the-scenes to ensure that every profile is proved to be legitimate, as they can keep track of spam and fake profiles.


  • More than 250,000 verified profiles
  • Genuine and smoking hot female escorts
  • Easy to navigate web interface
  • More focused on North America


  • Advanced sorting not available
  • Few spam accounts

#5: SkipTheGames


An adult escort service which can be easily accessed with a mobile phone, it is meant to be used conveniently and kept simple and lightweight with users in mind. Upon visiting the site, you will come across a warning that says about possible fraudulent offers that use the pretense of “account verification” so you can say that SkipTheGames care about their potential clients this way; they showed that they are not a scam site since they want to protect the audience instead and site moderators are keeping tabs on everything that is happening on site.

To make use of their site, you need to set your location and other parameters so that the indexing service will work better for you. You will be asked to specify information like sexual orientation, physical preferences of potential escorts like hair color, body type, etc. Once the site has an idea of what you’re looking for, you will be provided with a gallery of girls that fit your standards. So, upon clicking a profile or any post on the site, you will get a hold of their contact details and will easily be connected to the escorts.


  • Sexy escorts all over the world
  • Easy-to-use site features
  • No annoying ads
  • Available for mobile devices
  • Well-designed website


  • No advance filters
  • Pricey services
  • Anyone can easily establish a profile

#6: SugarNights


The website looks legit and safe, although it is never an assurance of one’s credibility and effectivity. As it is based in the Czech Republic, it offers anonymous service for porn, paid sex, and escort services. As fancy as the site sounds, Sugar Nights doesn’t equate to casual dating sites but a place where you can find a woman to bang for the night.

They offer therapeutic services, with curvy escorts rubbing your body in a calm yet playful manner to somehow relieve your stress and tension. And if you are feeling kinky and need to let some steam out, you can be assured that escorts at SugarNight will do absolutely everything you would say, of course, given with their rates. You can opt for some hardcore and mind-blowing sex or you can simply lie down and talk about stuff, whatever and whichever works for you. They also offer Live Sex Cam services where you can have some steamy online sex with one of their hottest models. You can ask them anything and they’ll gladly do it for you.


  • Uses SSL Technology for your data privacy
  • Hot and attractive escorts
  • Most models are on the curvy side
  • Website is very easy to navigate


  • Mainly focused on the US market
  • Lots of annoying ads popping up everywhere

#7: Escort Directory


You won’t need to exert much effort to find a great place for massage and escort services because Escort Directory has you covered. It’s a premium destination for everyone looking for short-time companions who wants to avail therapeutic massage services and some extra service at that. Since it is a globally-known site, it caters requests from all over the world with their list of hot escorts ready to serve you.

Upon visiting the website, you will see images of available escorts near your city, but if not, you may look for the navigation on the left side of the site to check other nearby locations. If an escort has caught your eye, click her picture and you will be redirected to a page that shows all of her essential details. The website is designed in a minimalist way and gives out the needed information without going overboard with the details and features. This site is a go-to for everyone who wants some good time with just about any escort available nearby.


  • Minimalist design
  • Easy to navigate
  • Many escorts available


  • Some locations do not have nearby escorts
  • A few annoying ads
  • Escort list not organized and filtered

#8: TNABoard

tna board

Just in case you’re wondering, TNA means Truth In Advertising. Everyone would have thought it stands for some playful and racy words but it had a serious meaning in it. So, upon visiting the homepage, you will immediately see all their user statistics, service providers, recent posts, and some advertisements. Although the site seems like it focuses more on the North American locations, you can still give it a try and check it out.

They have a specific page where you get to read all the escorts’ abilities and offered services. To enjoy all of these, you would need to sign up for an account before you can start browsing for available escorts. When you check out their “provider page”, you will find escorts, masseurs, and even those who give massages and after-service like fetish-themed setups. TNA is a really good website, as it can give the most of what users need and more. Using their services is also free of charge so you will get to enjoy while choosing what needs you want to be fulfilled.


  • More than 100,000 user reviews
  • Verified escorts on list
  • Daily updates


  • Sign-up is needed to use some features
  • Navigation problems are encountered
  • Mainly focused on North America

#9: EroticMonkey


Describing itself as a “discreet source” for high-quality escort services, Erotic Monkey heavily focuses on the American market since most of their girls come from US states only. Simply choose a region and you will immediately see the latest review written; you also get to see which escorts have the highest number of reviews, their average ratings, and some are even on the “featured” lists if they are known to have done a great job blowing off men’s minds by providing their services. Once you’ve set an eye on a specific escort, you can check out her profile and pictures, read some reviews about her, and before you could do all of that, you would need to sign up for an account.

EroticMonkey also has an interactive forum where you will find most users address their concerns and frequent questions, or it could also be a place to look for “sugar babies”. Since EroticMonkey is more on reviews and feedback, you would find chicks being reviewed here even if they are not registered, as long as they are connected to some service provider then you can express your pleasure with your writing so others can also know what to expect.


  • Lots of extensive reviews
  • Very easy to use and navigate
  • A convenient and fun way to meet escorts


  • Exclusive for America only
  • Sign-up is needed to write reviews

#10: AdultLook


Its homepage shows you a nice interface where you can easily filter escorts based on their profile status and user reviews. One good thing about AdultLook is that it’s very customizable which is made that way so it could fit your needs. If you are in a certain budget, you can customize your search results by checking price ranges. You can also search easily for age, race, body built, and other features and kinks.

So if you got your eyes on a specific lady, just take a look at their profile and you could know every information there is that would be essential for your time together. Body build, breast size and even status of their “shaved pussy” are all available for you. Their profiles also have lots of pictures so you can check them out and think ahead about what kind of good time you’ll be having with them. As for signing up, you won’t need to link your other main accounts as they will only need a username, email, and password. There are almost 300,000 escorts as of this writing and over 15,000 reviews, so you can say a lot of people have tried and tested AdultLook’s services and liked it.


  • Many escorts
  • Useful filtering options
  • Available worldwide


  • Tacky designs
  • Some annoying ads
  • Some features don’t look clean or well-put

#11: AdultWork


Unlike the previous sites which are only available in certain parts of the world, make way for AdultWork which can be accessed by everyone… worldwide. Regardless of your location, there’s a high chance that AdultWork will have someone prepared for you that will fit your standards and interests.

At first glance of their homepage, you will find numerous links to their escorts, cam girls, phone sex talkers, and many more. Essentially, AdultWork covers a lot of services so you can choose whatever you want to do and whoever you like. Escort girls’ profiles look pretty basic but one thing’s for sure — each one of them tries hard to sell themselves. Some might even perform during parties and offer other services, whatever comes in your mind. Direct stream via cam girls is also a hot option with AdultWork since we are in a modern world where it is very easy to have cam sex and enjoy some fun and dirty time online. These are just a few services offered by AdultWork; once you visit the site, you will be in awe at the number of services they could offer. Everything is centered to give utmost pleasure and the best erotic experience.


  • Available worldwide
  • A long list of services offered
  • Advanced search features


  • Basic and average-looking design
  • Some spam posts

#12: Humpchies


If you are a Canadian and want some companionship, Humpchies is a good option for you since they have a lot of escorts available especially for major cities in the area. Dozens of listings are made on this site daily so you will always have a new escort for review each time. Unlike other sites where you can easily access information of the escorts, Humpchies provide very minimal details and chooses to keep things private and simple. So if you’re someone who wants to get it over and done with, you can simply take a surface-level look at any girl and whoever catches your attention, then you’ll have some fun time together.

One nice thing about Humpchies is that you will have a glimpse of their sexual activities and metrics about it. So, if upon login you chose anal sex or MILFs or Asians, then you can be redirected to such categories and find one that exactly fits your liking. They also have contact with massage parlors and masseuses if you just want that kind of service.


  • Lots of escorts
  • Very easy to use
  • Daily updates
  • Top-tier escort platform


  • Available only in Canada
  • The main language is French
  • Loading speed is only average

#13: Slixa


Slixa.com shows their “featured escorts” on their very homepage and lets you pick a specific city or your current location. Slixa is pretty focused on American locations but you can still choose another city if you are not from the USA. If you’ve found the perfect escort for you, simply click and visit her profile, you’ll find lots of images and some of her contact information and a short bio. The best thing about Slixa is that they are not normally targeted by scammers since they have strict verifications, especially with submitted photos. It’s Slixa’s move so users won’t get cat-fished by others.

The service providers of Slixa gives you lots of option and has a wide range of erotic acts that you can have them do for you. The filtering option is available and whatever kinky stuff it is, you can just tell that to your escort and they’ll gladly do it for you and with you. Great services are provided by Slixa and most users are verified since the site is linked with a trusted third-party so it’s a must-visit if you want to score some escorts and release some steam off with some stranger.


  • The website design looks decent
  • Verified profiles
  • Strict verification for members
  • Some escorts are popular pornstars


  • Only a few escorts on the list
  • No review section by other users
  • The main page is available only for the USA

Last Word

Escort websites are the best platforms to have some fun and hookups, plus it won’t cost you anything. Although some sites have a bad reputation of being scams or ripping people off of their money, most of these services work conveniently especially for those who want to spend some playtime with an escort model. You must be careful in choosing an escort or even the platform itself where you would be looking at. You might encounter problems like being charged way too expensive or maybe some girls would simply waste your time.

If you’re slightly overwhelmed and don’t know which site to choose — I can confidently recommend AdultFriendFinder, Adultwork.com and Bedpage.com.

So now that you’ve been introduced to some of the popular names in the world of escort platforms and services, you may pick one to your liking and hopefully find an escort that would fit your tastes and give your needs. Go and watch some porn, and think of these escort services as a “training ground” for you since you will be getting a good experience and some steamy action once you decide to go for their services. Just always remember that if you are actively playing with escorts, you are prone to some nasty things and medical issues so it’s always better safe than sorry. Be careful to not encounter rough skanks in cheap places. It’s advisable to go for premium escorts with VIP experience since you would know that these women do not mess around with so-so men and are less likely to have STDs. 

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