Updated on: August 7th, 2022

InstaBang.com Review

& 12 Greatest Sex Dating Apps & Sites Like Instabang.com

Show Me 12 Alternatives for Instabang.com

Instabang is one of the popular sex dating websites that helps you find connections among like-minded people. Thanks to the developers of the website, which also the creators of another popular dating website, Uberhorny. As a matter of fact, you can access the Uberhorny platform using an Instabang account, and vice versa.

Certainly, for more than a decade, the Instabang continues to provide people the best venue for casual affairs. Indeed, it has established credibility in the business. Not to mention, it has moderators ready to serve anyone 24/7, to make sure that each profile is legit and genuine.

Banging on Instabang

Instabang is a great venue to have a good time with people across the world. This website provides fellas with similar needs in sex, and find a suitable partner for you. Certainly, it will save you a lot of time, and just simply spend it on hooking up and flirting. Above all, the community does not promote judgments and a negative atmosphere. So that everyone can have a great time finding their luck.

Moreover, it contains a lot of amazing features to choose from. Certainly, you can use these features to look for a friend, fuck buddies, relationships, or simply just a random connection. Obviously, you can see that immediately just by reading the name of the website, Instabang. Instant bang with a random stranger online that best matches your personality.

Quality of Members

Along with its sister website, Uberhorny, the Instabang joins a user base. The increasing number of people signing up for this website is among the reasons that it prosper amidst tough competition in the online sex dating industry.

According to their website, it has gained more than two million members worldwide. Even though it holds around 1.2 million in the United States alone, the Instabang still proud of its great international coverage. Currently, the Instabang website enjoys more than 20,000 visitors every day.

Gender Distribution

Meanwhile, the gender distribution of Instabang favors more on the male. Because there is around 76% of male registered member active on the website. However, it does not necessarily mean that women are not active on the website. Certainly, there are plenty of women you can enjoy talking, flirt, and pleasure with. Above all, they even like posting explicit content, photos, and videos.

Indeed, there are daily active members on the website looking for an instant bang. You can even find them on the “Trending Now” page. Not to mention, women and men are happy to engage, connect, and join in causal affairs with ease.

Sexual Preferences

Provided that Instabang is an open sex dating website, certainly, it caters to all people interested in sex dates, casual affairs, and instant bang. So, regardless of your sexual orientation, Instabang welcomes you wholeheartedly. Upon registration, you are free to select what gender you want to engage with. Also, there is an option where you can filter people according to sexual preferences so that you will have perfect matches.

Race and Ethnicity

Despite that Instabang website dominates by members from the United States. Certainly, it still has diverse race and ethnicity because it covers different places across the world. Members’ races including Black Americans, Africans, Latino, Asians, and many more.

Religious Orientation

As much as this website does not encourage any religious movements, it also does not prevent members from any religious orientation. Indeed, Instabang opens its door to everyone of any religion. Certainly, there are members of this website who are Atheists, Islam, Christians, Catholics, and many more. Because in reality, the only purpose of Instabang is to help you have sex, and nothing more.

Design and Usability

Instabang website has a very simple design, yet corresponds to the services it offers. Also, it has a clean interface that lets you focus and browse smoothly. Upon visiting, colors of blue, white, and gray will prompt your screen. Indeed, these are the brand colors of Instabang.

Meanwhile, using the website is relatively straightforward and simple. Certainly, you will not experience complications or glitches. The developer of the website made sure that all features and buttons are all in the right places. Indeed, it is apparent upon visiting the main page.

instabang usability

Sign-Up Process

Similar to other features of Instabang, the registration process follows simple steps as well. All you need to do is follow the six simple steps. These steps including your age, gender, location, specific gender looking for, and an email address. Before completing the process, you need to verify your account first through the verification link sent to your email.

Once you complete the registration process, you are now ready to use the website. Upon completion, Instabang will prompt several profiles. You may browse through that list and find who’s hot enough for you. Finally, the website’s systems will automatically send to these profiles a “wink” notification. Certainly, this feature will help you find connection by showing interest.

Instabang Profiles: Real or Fake?

On the Instabang website, an elaborate profile is not a requirement. In fact, the system only needs three important sections to fill in. Such as uploading of the profile image, brief background information, and public media. Among these three, the brief description requires much attention because it contains details about yourself. For example, your likes, favorites, personality, and anything helpful.

Meanwhile, the public media is where you can find your activities, such as videos and images uploaded, updates, posts, likes, and comments. So, if you worry about fake profiles, there are security systems used by the website to help you detect scammers. Certainly, if you suspect any suspicious accounts, you can instantly report them to the moderators. Indeed, they will ensure that you are away from harm.

Mobile Version

Currently, Instabang does not have an official app version that you can download on App Store or Google Playstore. However, the developers of the website made sure that it is compatible when using a mobile browser. Certainly, you don’t need to be in front of your computer or laptops just to log in and enjoy Instabang. Indeed, just by using any smartphones or mobile devices, you can access Instabang wherever you want to.

Especially now that it is hard to always keep in touch with your computers or laptops, the convenience of the mobile version is highly recommended. Coupled with the easier communication features of mobile phones, people can now take Instabang wherever, and whenever the need for some instant bang arises.

Instabang’s Useful Features

  • Trending Now

“Trending Now” is a feature of Instabang where you can find posts of other members such as images, videos, or even their thoughts. Above all, this feature is available for free members. Certainly, you can like, or leave a comment on any posts you find interesting without paying a dime.

  • In-site Games

Provided that Instabang promotes casual relationships and sex dates, one of the things that can make dating experience on this website is through games. Certainly, it has relationship-related games you can play. Including “Who’s Cute”, which you can rate 50 different people as either cute or not.

Also, there is “Swipe Game” wherein the mechanics have similarities to Tinder’s Swipe game. Certainly, you can play this by simply swiping left or right on the profiles of the players. If both profiles match, the website will automatically create a chat room.

  • Streaming

Another feature of Instabang is the streaming. In here, you are free to join the live streaming of other members or broadcast your own. Indeed, one of the reasons why the website only limits its audience at least 18 years old. Because most of the time the live streams of members here are sexual and explicit.

  • Premium Gallery

Premium Gallery is another feature that could help you gain profit. First, you just need to create your gallery filled with photos of yours. Next, make it private so that when someone wants to see it, they need to pay credits. However, this is an optional feature you can use. After all, people here just want to have fun and engage with naughty members.

instabang features

Membership Options of Instabang

Free Membership

Being a free member, there are limitations to using the features and functions within the website. Although, the most essential features available are just available for free. Such as creating profiles, browsing the feed, and other hooking up features. Also, free members can send messages to other members, create favorite lists, add interesting members, use advanced searching filters, and posts on the “Trending Now” section. Other than that, all the other features are for premium members only.

Paid Membership

If you want to use all the available features of Instabang, then upgrading to a paid membership is the best option. There is a lot of things you can do using either a Silver or Gold subscription. Certainly, you can experience instant banging within the day. Apart from the premium features in communication, you can also play in-site games. Thus, increasing your chances of getting a sex date.

Safety and Support

In terms of safety and security, the Instabang website assures everyone that it has a data protection system. Also, Instabang recommends the user to upgrade to premium membership, ensuring your safety away from fake profiles. Meanwhile, the customer support of Instabang is very reliable. So, if you have any issues, complications, or inquiries you need some answers. Just contact the support people available 24/7.

Uncovering the Pros and Cons of Instabang


  • An authentic website with real users and profiles
  • Most of the features are free
  • Maintains security and privacy agreement
  • Has an amazing anti-fraud system
  • Free sending of messages
  • The website will notify you when there are active members
  • Free use of newsfeed that helps you interact with other members
  • Registration is fast and simple
  • A fair number of members in every age bracket
  • Plenty of user activities on the website
  • More than 2 million members around the world
  • Immediately suspends fake profiles


  • Higher chances of a hookup when using paid membership
  • There are several sexual images and videos you may not want to see
  • Some of the useful features in communication require premium membership to use
  • Dominated by male members

12 Best Sex Dating Apps & Sites Similar to Instabang.com:

#1 — AdultFriendFinder


The Adult Friend Finder website is popular all over the world. It has more than eighty million users desiring erotic interactions with multiple women. Similarly, it provides numerous kinds of flirtatious relationships, such as casual connections, monogamy, couples, fuck buddies, and many more. Certainly, this is an excellent thing to experience that spice things up in the bedroom. Especially between open-minded people willing to examine their sexual orientation. Finally, with a quick way to register, members finish it in less than five minutes.

Full review of Adult Friend Finder here.


  • Registration is free and fast
  • The members of the website are active in looking for casual hookups
  • Plenty of options in terms of communication
  • Watching videos and viewing images are free
  • You can write blogs and engage in a group conversation
  • The app is available for download and compatible with both iOS and Android devices


  • The number of male members is greater than the females
  • Limited options for free basic accounts

#2 — Dating.com


Dating.com is a must-visit website where you can find romantic affairs and hookups. Certainly, it brings all singles around the world together in one amazing place where they can start a new romantic connection. Also, it uses unique advanced features that allow members experience dates in more easy, efficient, and faster ways. Indeed, if you are looking for a reliable website to find fuck buddies, then Dating.com is the best of all.

Ultimate review of Dating.com.


  • Members are from various parts of the world
  • Advance searching can filter based on your choices and interests
  • Live chat support is always accessible
  • Registration follows the simple and easy process
  • Does not require verification of email address after registration
  • Account creation is free
  • Tailoring of the search result according to preferences is available
  • Viewing of Profile pictures is for free


  • The app is only for Android users

#3 — 2fuck.com

2fuck member profiles

For those looking for a quick hookup or instant sex date, 2fuck is the best website for these needs. It delivers everything you desire and help you browse your perfect match. Also, it uses a special matching system that matches your profile to the most compatible members. Surely, every hookup is not as random as it seems, but your accurate mates.   Ultimately, it has millions of members around the world. Therefore, a sex date is always a sure thing.

Extensive review of 2fuck.com.


  • Millions of members from different parts of the world
  • Simple design and user-friendly tools
  • Free registration and easy steps to follow


  • Some of the website features will need a paid membership to use

#4 — BangLocals


Banglocals is a must-visit website for people looking for a perfect match for sex, dates, and casual affairs. Regardless of the number of competitive websites out there, it has remained on the leading spot today. Indeed, our lives are a shitload of work and stress. All we want is relaxing and calming ways to release it. Certainly, a great buddy who will stimulate our sexual desires can make life full of enjoyment. Good thing, Banglocals is a sex dating website that uses a simple process in registration. So, everyone will right away experience pleasure. Indeed, everyone has the chance of finding a hot, sexy mate.

In-depth BangLocals review.


  • People can create a sex date network
  • Free to search profiles of other members
  • View galleries of images and videos
  • People can give ratings to hot members
  • Registration is free and easy
  • Encourages to post personal images or upload public contents
  • You can contact people through text or email


  • No x-rated videos
  • No trial period

#5 — XDating

XDating homepage

XDating, a unique sex dating website for every adult. Certainly, it is the best way to find sexual partners, hookups, and casual relationships. So, if you are into long-term serious connections, or finding your soulmate, the surely XDating finely suit your taste. By signing up on the website, it gives you access to unlimited features it has. Indeed, finding attractive and sexually interested just like you are easy here. All the fun community of various women and men from different parts of the world are effortlessly experienced in XDating website.

XDating review here.


  • It has Dating Center that helps users find matches faster
  • The process of creating a profile is very fast
  • You can freely choose the details you want to share in your profile
  • There are different options for chatting
  • Amazing benefits for premium members
  • Registration is free and simple
  • Organized website design
  • Plenty of helpful features available


  • Fees for premium membership is expensive
  • There are fake profiles reported

#6 — Flirt.com


Joining an online adult dating website with a real and amazing number of features is relatively tough to find. Because of the numerous amount of dating sites lurking on the Internet today, only a few have proven their reputation. Certainly, there is one website that met users’ expectations in terms of romance, flirting, and dating, and that is Flirt.com!

Indeed, for so many years in the business, this website has been a notable brand that competes with other top-rated dating platforms. Certainly, just by simply scrolling, browsing, and clicking, you will have an instant date from the millions of choices around the world. So, what are you waiting for? Join the rest of the world in finding your luck.

Flirt.com review in full.


  • Members with suspicious information will undergo anti-scam verification
  • Fast registration process
  • Millions of members around the world
  • Members are young and active, usually between 20-35 years old
  • There are plenty of active members looking for casual fun daily
  • Affordable price 3-day Trial is available


  • Only premium members can send messages
  • Some of the profiles have poor details and information

#7 — Tinder


Tinder is a sex dating app that allows you to use its features for free. Several of its features and services, that other dating apps provide for a price, in Tinder all these are free of charge. Such as sending messages, downloading, uploading photos, and locating nearby members are all available for free.

Because of this, the app gained more than a million subscribers worldwide. Thus, it also opens up the chance of finding matches faster. Additionally, many of its members are into casual fun and activities. So, if sex, flirting, and casual affairs are what you like, certainly you can find it all here on the Tinder app.


  • Matchmaking system uses locations
  • Free sending of messages
  • Free uploading of photos
  • All members can access video calls for free
  • There are millions of members to check out
  • Active members are high every day
  • Very easy to use
  • Fast registration process


  • Some people do not respond to messages
  • Only has 100 swipes a day

#8 — Seeking Arrangement

seeking arrangement

A dating website that attracts daily visitors is Seeking Arrangement. Certainly, it does a brilliant job of providing a secure atmosphere for casual partnership and interaction. Moreover, Seeking Arrangement is also a place for youngsters to find sugar mommies and daddies who could deliver monetary support and encouragement for them. Indeed, Seeking Arrangement redefined the usual definition of an ideal relationship because it promotes the conventional means of online dating. Above all, this website promises to protect your privacy and information from misuse.

Seeking Arrangement review here.


  • The verification process is strict
  • Within just five days, the site guarantees users can find ideal arrangements
  • It has over ten million members actively seeking and involving worldwide
  • The majority of members are from the United States
  • The registration process is easy and very quick to finish
  • Free sending of messages to other verified members only


  • Few fake accounts
  • Requires permission to view a private gallery of other members

#9 — Adult Hookup


Adult Hookup is a dating website that will surely surpass all your expectations in terms of hook-up and dating. Regardless of being new, the Adult Hookup website provides great ratings in giving a pleasurable and convenient experience among its members in finding a match. The website has a very stylish design and simple to use.

Also, more than millions of its members are actively engaging in sexual connection every day. Certainly, there are many forms of communication between members including video chats and instant messaging. Above all, Adult Hookup commits to giving its members the best sex and matches of their lives. Thus, they offer a 100-day Guarantee program that assures you to have sex less than this duration.


  • Protects payments using an SSL certificate and encrypted service
  • Free trial membership is available for new users
  • A large pool of members worldwide


  • Unlimited and unique features are available only for paid members

#10 — Uberhorny


Due to the amazing features and services it delivers for several years, Uberhorny has attained more than two million members around the world. While the highest members are from the United States. In comparison to other dating websites with plenty of scams, the Uberhorny encourages genuine relations and interactions. Also, the Uberhorny website provides trial membership within two to seven days to allow the new members to discover if the platform is worth the investment.

Uberhorny full review.


  • There are various women in different local areas
  • The trial version is available at the lowest price
  • There are more than two million registered members around the world
  • Many members of different ages are available
  • The majority of members are within the United States
  • Requires only around three to five minutes of registration
  • Searching is in categories to help to browse efficient matching
  • Free sending of likes and winks
  • Suspected fake accounts are immediately suspended
  • Verification of profiles is available to increase viewing


  • Reminder for payment of membership is constant popping
  • Can view profiles of members when using premium membership
  • Limited actions and functions if accounts are in a free subscription

#11 — HornyMatches

Looking for casual dating and hookups in faster and better ways? Then, HornyMatches is the answer to all your desire. This website is for adult sex dating and caters to people looking for casual fun. Thus, if you feel interested in serious relationships or long-term commitments, then this is not for you. All the people here are simply into one-night-stand, and no-string attached relationship. Certainly, this website has plenty of amazing features that help you flirt, chat, and hookup. Ultimately, registration is free. So, join thousands of people in finding the best match.

Full review of HornyMatches here.


  • Many options for searching and filtering people
  • Accounts have detailed information
  • The registration process does not require any personal data
  • Reporting fraud or troll accounts are available
  • Private profiles
  • Free registration
  • The affordable monthly subscription fee
  • Design is simple and easy to use
  • Maintenance of security and protection
  • No advertisements when using premium membership


  • Limited access to features when using a free account
  • There are fake profiles reported

#12 — Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is a dating website not exclusively for traditional casual hookups, but also has long lists of hot MILFs, youngsters, and gorgeous ladies. In here, you will find plenty of fishes, from cougars to MILFs, hot chicks, all in one place. Certainly, the website offers free account registration and basic use of its features. Meanwhile, once you upgrade to the premium membership, you only need to pay affordable prices to have all the benefits of the platform.


  • Plenty of members actively looking for dates on this website
  • The design of the website is simple, clean, and easy to use
  • Advertisements are not available and no annoying pop-ups


  • Searching filters is lacking


So, if you are looking for some casual affairs, relationships, or connections, Instabang is right for you. The level of activities and interaction within the website is high. So, the chances of having a good sex match are 100% assured.

Coupled with amazing safety measures, fraud support, and 24/7 customer service, all its members enjoy a safe and convenient browsing experience. Certainly, Instabang.com and other websites featured here works hand-in-hand to weed out fake profiles and scammers. Making the whole sex dating journey great.

My personal TOP 4 for Greatest Sex Dating Apps and websites apart from Instabang.com would be:

  1. AdultFriendFinder.com
  2. Dating.com
  3. BangLocals.com

Overall, if you are in a mood for instant pleasure, and wanted to make sure that you are connecting with authentic people. Then just head over to these websites. Certainly, these are highly recommended to check out and explore it yourself.

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