Updated on: May 23rd, 2022

9 Best Dating Sites for Sex 2020 – Top Places to Hookup Online

Show Me Top 9 Websites for Online Hookups

We all want to find our one true love amidst all the chaos, heartaches, and disappointments we’ve been through, but it will take time. So, there are times when we would want to experience short-term thrills and just enjoy life as of the moment.

Looking for hookups can be caused by a lot of factors. Maybe you just got broken up, coming from a long-term and serious relationship, and you just want to put aside your breakup pains. Maybe you’ve had rough work conditions that got you really stressed and just want to unwind and release your pent up energy. Maybe you just have a lot on your plate and can’t afford to commit to a serious relationship yet, so you just want to have some of your primal needs met. The reasons and factors are endless, and it varies from one person to another. No one’s going to force you to commit, which is why hookups are the best thing.

There are thousands of hookup sites available today and you just have to find the right one that fits your needs and your personality. You should look for a website that is genuine towards its purpose, which is bringing people together to have the best casual relationships and no strings attached sex. I’ll make it easier for you by listing some of the best and most popular hookup sites you might want to check out. Most of the sites on the list have been proven and tested by users who swear by its features and even I have tried some of them as well. Check this list out and this might be the start for you to have the best bang of your life.

Top 9 Websites for Short Term Hookups

1. 2fuck

2fuck page home

This site is the perfect place to find women whom you want to play and get kinky with. Over 2 million users have been frequently visiting the site so you’re bound to find your match in one way or another. As a 100% website, it has just the basic hookup site features but it does its job of helping you find someone you can fuck around with and be sexually-matched. It matches people based on their preferences, so you’ll have to answer some questions during the sign-up process. 2fuck is perfect for everyone, regardless of what you want from a sexual partner, no matter what kinks and fetishes you might have.


  • This site is 100% free
  • It has a mobile app version
  • More than 2 million users worldwide
  • User-friendly design and interface, making it easy to use


  • The site’s privacy levels can be slightly improved

2. Dating.com

datingcom homepage

Offering different communication methods for users to meet, mingle, and find the best hookup matches, Dating.com is not just your typical hookup and dating site. Just like other hookup sites, Dating.com uses the credit system and you won’t be able to message any other user unless you’ve purchased enough credits. It has a lot of premium features that users will enjoy and eventually lead them to meet people who also want to have casual fun.

Want to see a more in-depth review of Dating.com? – Just click here.


  • Members from all over the world
  • Efficient search features
  • Convenient since can easily adapt to mobile browsers
  • Emails, chats, video calling, and chat rooms as the main communication tools


  • Some fake profiles
  • The app version is not available on iOS yet

3. AdultFriendFinder

adultfriendfinder dashboard

Known for being very kink-friendly, AdultFriendFinder is very famous among hookup fans. It is already well-established in the hookups and online dating industry, boasting of its massive traffic and number of users. A lot of people looking for casual relationships can be found here, and it has been around since 1996. AdultFriendFinder’s features are more of like a dating app, but it has additional quirks which makes it more sexual, focusing on fulfilling your kinks and fantasies as well. The more active you are on this site, the more results will be coming your way. With this site, you can meet and interact with people who also want to just get laid, engage in cybersex, and even arrange meetups that will, of course, lead to hookups.

To see a more extended review of AdultFriendFinder – don’t hesitate to click here.


  • A reputable website that has been around since 1996
  • Extensive search facilities
  • Offers a lot of online sex options
  • Allows users to focus on their sexual self-expression
  • Interactive portions promoting communication between users


  • Paid membership can is very expensive
  • Does not have data in terms of the site’s female-male ratio
  • The site does not have any data-driven system for matching users

4. OkCupid


This site, which is also very popular in its app version, is usually being compared to other popular hookup sites. OkCupid has its own features and edge which makes it very popular in its own right. This site caters to literally everyone, regardless of gender and sexual orientation. Are you looking for an all-straight, gay, or bisexual relationship? OkCupid can do the job for you. Since it allows users to embrace diverse lifestyles, it has been loved by online dating and hookup fanatics. Also, since it is very popular worldwide, it would mean that you’ll have a lot of options to have your potential hookup partner. 


  • You can broadcast any of your “date suggestions”
  • The site’s matching algorithms are very powerful
  • People can rate fellow users’ profiles
  • Easy to navigate
  • Mobile-friendly and very easy to read


  • The basic interface which might leave users wanting more, especially in visual terms
  • Some users have tried getting their accounts locked out for no apparent reason
  • The monochromatic interface will appear dull and boring
  • Some features can get really pricey

5. BeNaughty

benaughty members

If you want to get your “Naughty Mode” on, this site is perfect for you. All you have to do is sign up and specify what kind of relationships you’re currently looking for, your kinks, and even down to your fetishes. The site verifies each member upon sign up, and you’ll surely be in for a great deal because this site is home to plenty of hot and sexy babes. BeNaughty is very famous for those in the hookup scene and it has become really easy to communicate with others who want the same thing as you.

And if you wish to see a more thorough review of Benaughty – click here.


  • No non-sense web interface
  • Ensures members’ safety through their safety measures
  • Warning messages are being sent to protect members from fake profiles
  • Has a “Full Safe Mode” where only verified accounts can contact you


  • Only women can send messages even with free memberships
  • Men would need to go premium to send messages first
  • The mobile app is not available on iOs
  • Unverified and fake profiles are still quite a lot

6. InstantHookups

InstantHookups home

This site is well-known for its strict 50/50 ratio between males and females, which is not easily attained by other sites. With almost 4 million current members, InstantHookups live up to its name by matching people who want to have dirty and kinky fun with some stranger from the Internet. Just the web site’s name is enough to tell you that you’ll be able to score hookups and get into casual relationships with other like-minded users.


  • Auto-Match features make the match-up process easier
  • Uses a GPS-based system which is very advanced compared to other sites
  • Basic membership allows you to communicate with other members
  • You can explore for fellow users near your location


  • Male users need to check the site again and again for available registration
  • No phone support to cater to users’ problems
  • The whole website looks outdated and boring
  • There’s a lot of fake profiles on the site

7. Grindr


For sexually active men, this website is heaven. Almost 30 million users have been frequently using the app to score some sexual encounters with fellow accepting men. This site is very popular among gay and bisexual males who want to steer away from usual dating and hookup sites which are sometimes just working for straight individuals. Grindr also makes sure that users engage in safe sex, seeing how they emphasize the importance of sexual health in the site. Users are required to disclose sensitive information like HIV status and the likes to be transparent and safe.


  • HIV Status is very important and should be indicated
  • Gaymojis, which are exclusive emojis for Grinder is widely enjoyed
  • Makes the app’s icon discreet so no one would judge you for having such an app on your phone


  • Dick pics are almost sent by literally every guy (not that I’m complaining but it does get annoying at times)
  • Glitches from the site often cause delay and dissatisfaction among users

8. Get It On


This hookup site mainly focuses on helping you find someone that matches your sexual preferences. They offer a very complex matching method taken from users’ answers from a sexual compatibility survey. Get It On is also more than just a hookup site since it lets users get directly down to the main reason why they’re all on the site. You will find other people who are ranked as sexually compatible with you through percentage shown on their profiles. Aside from the superb matching system, users can also have matches from nearby people and participate in live webcam sessions.


  • Very advanced matching system
  • Matches users based on their sexual compatibility
  • Advanced search is very useful and highly detailed
  • Great filtering options for easy searching


  • Does not have any screening for new members
  • Has only a few unique features
  • The site may tend to have more bogus profiles

9. Ashley Madison


This is not your typical hookup website. Unlike what you’re used to, with hookup sites promoting sexual compatibility with other singles, Ashley Madison targets those who are already committed… even those who are already married. This community promotes extramarital relationships and it is just very discreet and popular at the same time. Ashley Madison has been around for quite some time now and they keep users’ profiles and information confidential more than anything. It is a haven for those who want to have a good time away from the people they’re committed with.

If you want to see a more in-depth review of AshleyMadison – click here.


  • Hassle-free sign up
  • Women can send messages for free
  • Even as a guest member, you can use plenty of features already
  • Its mobile app is available in both Android and iOs


  • Because of confidentiality, most profiles are incomplete
  • Posers and fake profiles are still rampant
  • Less information will be known by other users so you’ll really have to reach out

Last Word

These sexy and 18+ websites steer away from the modern dating services we are used to by having like-minded people come together. While it would be a sensitive topic for some, especially for older people, hookup sites work perfectly for those who are looking for casual relationships, those mostly formed just for sex. Casual relationships are common nowadays, even in movies or TV shows, we would often see people adopting more casual thinking towards dating. Friends-with-benefits arrangements, fuck-buddies, one night stands — these are just some of the modern setups we usually know about.

If you are wondering why you should give hookup sites a try, the answer’s a very easy one. You might just have a very busy career, or you need to juggle your fitness routines and you also have to maintain your social life alive and kicking. Some people are too busy to waste their time swiping right or left on dating apps, going for the boring and small talks, and trying to look for something serious when you know you don’t want that at all. Hookup sites are made for people who don’t want to waste each other’s time because everyone on it knows what they want and what they should already be doing.

And If you ask me – which of these 9 sites are best for finding quick sex? I’d say:

If you’re feeling a bit nervous about starting your hookup journey, you can start by signing up for a website that does the job. There are lots of websites out there that cater to people who are looking for casual relationships, even letting you explore more about your sexuality, your kinks, and even your fetishes. Depending on your curiosity level, you can get to explore what you really want in terms of sex by talking to strangers online, which may turn to meet up in person, and that’s where the magic really starts.

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