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Passion.com Review

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Dwelling between a regular dating site and an adult site, Passion.com pushes people to engage in complete intimate physical connections. They have been around for a long period already and have made a reputation in the field of personal, singles, and adult dating sites around the world. Since the year the 1990s when the Passion.com site was established, it has been growing and taking the internet by storm.

The community has progressively increased and currently reaching 90 million members worldwide. That number might be overwhelming to imagine and thinking probably the majority of it is just a bunch of inactive users. But you will be surprised to learn that there are a tremendous amount of active members constantly seeking casual and intimate connections. Let’s take a look at this site further

Unleash The Truth About Passion.com

With its large variety of functionality and features, Passion.com guarantees to awaken your sensuous nature that encourages digitally or directly obtain blazing hot sexual encounters. Widely acknowledged for spontaneous intimate intercourse and flings, this personal dating website spotlights a lascivious exhibition of attractive body, enticing, scarcely-underwear, and a come-over-gaze bedroom. It has more than 90 million active subscribers, making it the leading adult dating site with a tremendous amount of communication features, amazing community, and website functionality.

It will entice users to socialize and engage with people around the world and encourages non-users to visit and hype their curiosity. Passion.com usually has an eye for individuals with the sexually empowered drive or couples seeking equally open-minded and pleasant individuals. It is considered a go-to site for sexual pleasure and relinquishing enjoyment. As equality has become a progressively relevant concern, it is a refreshing sight that all the sexual preferences are discussed mostly on platforms.

Here are a few choices that you confronted with when you register for a free basic account.

  • Groups
  • Man and woman
  • Two men
  • Man
  • Woman
  • Two women
  • TS/TV/TG

Sign up and Register

It seems to be fairly worth signing up on this site. Registration is indeed easy with or without a Facebook alternative option and would only require just a limited minute of the moment. Now let stroll through the system with you. Numerous choices can be selected including male, a female, a group, heterosexual, homosexual, transsexual, or a transgender woman/man, and you can check all of them if that was what fits your intention. It is what the Passion.com site prioritizes, accommodation on all types of gender representation, and inclusivity.

Next, another prompt would appear and ask about your locations and birthday. They may seem suspicious to you, but this data is essential since the site will help the members filter the member located nearby your area. Above all, birthdays are essential to confirm that you are at a legal already to utilize the site’s functions. The steps follow your email, username you prefer to use, and your password. You may also encounter additional questions like race, body type, sexual orientation, marital status, and many others. This information is basic and would help you find connections easily, however, Passion.com is giving you the freedom not to disclose it if you are not comfortable. If you change your mind, you can simply edit this information later.

The most essential part of the registration will be a custom introduction of yourself, to give the viewers a little background of your personality and preferences. When all these are accomplished, the site sends an activation link to your email address to confirm your account officially. Finally, your account is all set to use in finding casual hookups and get into got dates faster and easier.

Quality of Profiles

For regular accounts, sorry to report, profiles of other members aren’t accessible. Only account descriptions could be openly accessed, hence it is best to update into a premium version if you wish to explore the accounts of many other users. The multiple fake accounts are yet another dispute I have about this website. I already built my account within only shorter than three minutes and immediately have received ten instant notifications.

One of the comments said, “Hi, you seem nice. Want to meet up?” Of course, my account has a profile picture of a nude, because I had scarcely begun to explore the platform and had not yet started uploading a single photo whatsoever. This makes me wonder as to how this sexy chick will tell me I am hot if I have not even provided decent pictures of myself. Truth be told, these are fake accounts no matter how complimenting as it may appear. You can only remove them when you pay for a gold membership or report them right away. The site takes action in suspending these phony people within 24 hours.

Usage and Interface Design

It is indeed quick to overlook that upon initial glimpse, the Passion.com site is typically simple and vulgar site containing graphic content, visitors genuinely will be shocked on how well this online dating website is about, and how precisely careful the layout was designed to match the provision of services. For example, how you can keep a record of your activities on the web is the most compelling concept of the Passion.com website. By getting each element separated by section, it renders smoother experience and easier navigation for customers.

Moreover, the latest app of this platform, although there is still a wide potential for expansion, could still function mostly as a decent alternative, even though its frustrating scarcity of a separate smartphone app can be a real drawback. To provide simpler access and user experience, the mobile version’s user experience could be further simplified. All in all, Passion.com does have a powerful philosophy and layout which give power to simplified functionality. Don’t ever judge a dating website according to its webpage, like we popularly say.

Users Functionality and Perks

With female registered users, Passion.com is plentiful. Exceeds the number of males, female users govern this platform with a ratio of 5:1 proportion. Almost all of the regular customers to this platform seem dominated by Canada, Thailand, the United States, and the United Kingdom. With more than 60,000 virtual users in the United States area alone every day, this dating website can certainly brag about its most engaging and extremely active community members.

The uniqueness of its participants is merely what is incredibly spectacular about this platform. During the registration, anticipate that you will be consulted about your sexual orientation and desire. Apart from the broad list of options that try to portray any identity shade, you could likewise decide exactly what sort of individual or group you want to be associated with, they are single, transsexual, homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, or in a relationship.

This data will serve as filters that allow everyone to tailor your sexual experience to specify how you would prefer it to live. Therefore, the Passion.com website is a marvelous big melting pot of participants belonging to various gender identification spectrums.

Creating Connections

The greatest part regarding Passion.com is its enjoyable and engaging features that differentiate this website from its sexual and pornographic counterparts, which are steamier and simple. Instead of just making this all about hooking ups and sultry flings, Passion.com is genuinely seeking to build a pleasant community for its users who are explicitly sexual.

To represent oneself as a person, you could compose and construct blogs. You should acknowledged by other participants as a human, not merely a sex item. To honestly learn to understand them exactly, you could take the moment to leave comments on the work of most different users. Possibly you might expand your horizons and introduce additional insight by exploring numerous different content. Please pay attention that in nature many of these articles are erotic. There are indeed naked images and enticing, alluring images of women in the few various blogs I checked.

Also accessible, even among free accounts, is a live video option. A touch nostalgic of old fashioned streaming moments, you could stream live videos broadcasting from several other members that you can already foresee that the material is true, sensuous. Many of these services accommodate from feet fetish to unique fetishes and sexual fantasies. Features like ‘Kink Search’ is a testimony to Passion.com’s unique intention of creating a platform where anybody can share their erotic nature without restriction and in an innovative fashion.

Kink Search is merely similar to a searching filter where you can filter and explore users according to certain sexual preferences. With this, you can customize your Passion.com encounter and usage. You could similarly experience distinct manners of benevolent depravity and perhaps, in the end, find your new wild aspect, somehow.

Amazing Exclusive Features

For the users to lose those insecurities and embrace their naughty side, Passion.com provides several innovative features. These features frequently act as opportunities to tailor user experiences on the platform.

  • Live Streaming

There are some members of Passion.com that are broadcasting live streams doing a variety of activities. Surely, these activities are seducing, sexual, and pleasing. Even members with free accounts can view live streams without a fee. The members can leave comments while streaming and can even participate as well.

  • Teasing and Flirting

The Passion.com site similarly has flirtatious style features that encourage anyone to allow other members to recognize that you feel attracted to them. If you are a bit nervous and don’t dare to initially submit a text, it could be a perfect means to stimulate excitement. The features allow you to wink at some users. if the users will wink back at you, then they should similarly interested. Such feature is utilized by numerous users, so I am certain to suggest that you simply settle yourself and give somebody a text.

  • User Activity

The platform provides a simple means to monitor your prior history and connections with the other users because several things are going on in Passion.com. The ‘My Stuff’ feature, located at the upper right of the main website, demonstrates your latest blog happenings, users you have viewed previously, images you liked, and much more. Everything in your activities in the ‘My Stuff’ tab are monitored and stored on records for quick identification and viewing.

  • Voting To Earn Points

The Passion.com website has introduced a voting and point program in which everyone will engage to make the game even more enjoyable and amusing. There is a special game called ‘What’s Hot?’ wherein the participants put in a spotlight when reached the highest number of votes. In this game, the members will choose who is deemed the hottest profile. For amateur users, this bring things simpler to check famous profiles and the lists on this game get updated every day. Furthermore, the point system likewise allows the members to receive points by taking multiple activities within the website and converted to purchase gifts and upgrade subscriptions.

  • Online Gifts

You can purchase gifts online as a way to introduce yourself to other people or as means of token of appreciation. If you have earned point rewards, you can use it as an exchange for gifts as well.

  • Adult Movies

Having a long list of adult movies, the Passion.com site provides approximately 2,000 pieces of films you can enjoy and jerk off. These films are available for download and have a great deal of time offline streaming.

  • Chat Rooms

This site allows the members to send fellow members to have a private exchange of messages in an unlimited number once you upgrade to a gold membership. You can utilize this by inviting a member into your private chat room and have an intimate conversation with each other exclusively.

  • Kink Search Feature

To show its inclusiveness, Passion.com offers a search filter wherein sexual preferences and interests can be searched across accounts. This makes it possible for the members to tailor the platform with their personal fascinations and curiosities. The notion about kinks is similarly normalized by this special function and allow consumers shameless of their wants, urges and find delight in meeting their lustful demands.

  • Blog Creation

You may write or read the posts of many users. It is a means of encouraging within the Passion.com site a feeling of togetherness. Via blog posts, members are expressing their individuality and discuss some personal thoughts. Members could also type up articles or share raunchy images that would persuade viewers to their account. It is another means of getting possible sexual dates on your profile.

Good and Bad Things About Passion


  • Largest personal dating website with over 90 million members worldwide
  • Free access to instant messenger and chat rooms even for basic accounts
  • Live Chat and Customer support are available 24/7
  • Verification of profiles is accurate through the utilization of the ConfirmID feature
  • Permanent banning of accounts that are confirmed fake and phony
  • Viewing of sensual, seductive, and exciting images is available for everyone
  • The registration process takes only roughly two to three minutes
  • Sending of virtual gifts is available
  • Kink searching is available to filter specific interests
  • Reporting of fake accounts are highly encouraged to suspend permanently
  • All the members are actively involved and responsive
  • There is diversity in the gender within the community


  • Male members of this site are higher in quantity compared to the female
  • The mobile application is not yet available

11 Best Personals, Singles Sites Like Passion.com:

#1 — Ashley Madison


Not like a regular dating website you find anywhere, the Ashley Madison escort/dating site is widely popular and has built a reputation since the year 2001. The platform offered an opportunity to enforce some sort of intimate affairs with somebody among married, committed individuals, or in long-term relationships. Ashley Madison continues to furnish a judgment-free community till this time while encouraging extramarital affairs.

The benefits rendered by the platform have evolved over the years due to the dramatic shifts in the lifestyles and methods of cheating by the users. This website welcomes several curiosities, such as the advantages of getting into polygamy, monogamy, open relationships, group sex, and multiple other stuff. This became famous owing to the rising qualities it has and manages to constantly be the best to this very day, attracting commendation worldwide.


  • Protects and secures personal data and sensitive pictures
  • Uploading of discreet images is encouraged
  • The registration process is simple and free
  • The app is available for download on iOS and Android devices
  • It has the largest number of members worldwide


  • Few accounts do not have details of themselves
  • Some of the members do not fill out completely the information required

#2 — AdultFriendFinder


The Adult Friend Finder website is extensively popular all over the world and has more than eighty million users desiring a laid back and erotic interactions with multiple diverse women. This site was established in the United States and offers users the best website to utilize its communication tools in searching for an ideal erotic match.

Additionally, the Adult Friend Finder website similarly provides numerous kinds of flirtatious agreements, which include regular connections, monogamy, wanting to share couples, fuck buddies, and several others. This is an excellent thing to experience sexual proclivities and invigorate things up in the bedroom, particularly between open-minded individuals who are willing to examine their sexual orientation. With a quick way to register and ease of navigation, members would be completed in less than five minutes.

Read more about AdultFriendFinder.com.


  • Registration and free and fast
  • The members of the website are actively involved in casual hookups
  • Plenty of options in terms of communication
  • Watching videos and viewing images are free
  • You can write blogs and engage in a group conversation
  • The app is available for download and compatible with both iOS and Android devices


  • The number of male members is greater than the females

#3 — BeNaughty


Introduced in 2000, it progressed to become an increasingly successful dating website that works in partnership with Flirt, IWantU, and UpForIt to provide proven quality and comfortable environment for the users. Each day it has over 13 million visits and there are over millions of individuals worldwide who consider signing up as official users.

This is indeed a perfect outlet for getting wild and engaging among married people and single individuals in sexual activities and relationships. Your private data sent to the BeNaughty site is safely secured because it uses the SSL Encrypted method and has followed the validation phase for all accounts. Everything enables the entire journey a lot more enjoyable and avoid any money-making scheme.

Check our BeNaughty review.


  • The platform was established over 20 years already
  • Every day, there are an increasing number of people signing up
  • Members are responsive and active
  • Free five chats daily for free basic accounts
  • Easy to navigate and simple interface website design
  • Video chat is available


  • Some accounts do not provide much information on their profiles
  • Advertisements are plenty and annoying
  • Annoying live notifications

#4 — eHarmony

eharmony page

The EHarmony website isn’t quite like your average dating platform, given that it allows users to find meaningful connections that can make long-term partnerships possible. The online platform uses a special matching algorithm to balance and help determine your fit, which is tremendously realistic. Since the year 2000, the eHarmony has succeeded to continue its remarkable partnership so that allows its participants to settle on true love from across the world.

Referring to statistics, the platform generates approximately fifteen million pairs each day, and there are around 600,000 paired couples deeply committed already. Through its efficient interaction functionality and comprehensive understanding of the background of the participants, eHarmony also gained a growing public image. If you are explicitly searching for a dating site with the opportunity for important partnerships and meaningful interactions, this is worthwhile.


  • A detailed and reliable matching process
  • Millions of registered users worldwide
  • Significant benefits for premium members are provided
  • The web design is straightforward and convenient to comprehend
  • Winks are available for free accounts
  • Both for iOS and Android users, the app version is available for free download
  • Ads are at a minimal amount


  • Variety in communication medium is scarce
  • Account image display is restricted to premium members exclusively

#5 — SilverSingles


SilverSingles is a great site for people in their silver years, meaning aged 50 years and above. It has been in the business for almost two decades already and continues to provide its members with the safest and genuine services. When you register on this site, your information is utilized in matching with other members and the website provides you with names of potential interests. In this concept, SilverSingles site is widely known in terms of matchmaking especially for those seeking true love. Indeed, even at your silver age, it is never too late to have your chance.


  • Personality traits provided is the basis for matching
  • The free and easy registration process
  • Free sending of smiles
  • The search filter can be based on your preferences
  • Even for free accounts, user can see other members’ profiles
  • App version and a desktop version are available and function similarly
  • Free download for the app version both for Android and iOS devices


  • Paid members can only view other photos
  • Paid subscription required to use chat messaging feature

#6 — HornyMatches


An online adult personal site for dating called HornyMatches has active members seeking casual hookups and connections. Some of its features including sending messages, access to private photos and others are for paid members only, but other functions usually available for free accounts. This site guarantees that finding potential matches is easy and convenient. As the name of the site suggests, the members have no hard time finding pleasurable moments here.


  • User-friendly website and simple web design
  • The community within the site is active and responsive
  • Matches can be found wherever you are located
  • Issues, concerns, and questions are urgently provided through their help page
  • Free registration and simple steps to follow


  • There are reported fake profiles

#7 — Match.com


The Match is a great and unique way website that allows singles to find matches and love. It covers worldwide and has been dominating the internet since 1993. The site even rewarded its initial members a lifetime subscription to their site as a way to celebrate their success. Up to this day, Match is still progressively growing and many people register. Surely, your money, effort, and time will not be wasted on this platform. Even your online experience is protected through their strict security standards.


  • It has been established and continues to operate for several decades already
  • App version is free to download in both the App Store and Google Play Store
  • It has premium members of over eight million around the world
  • More than 20 million members registered
  • Registration is quick, fast, and easy
  • Free viewing of profile accounts
  • Functionality and usage is guaranteed convenient


  • Message and chats are for paid members only
  • Only premium members can exclusively access chat rooms

#8 — FriendFinder-X


Friend Finder X is the world’s biggest personal dating platform containing remarkable features. The site incorporates a social media’s efficient functionality and a dating platform’s thrilling matchmaking characteristics into one. Particularly in comparison to some other personal dating platforms that the system operates, it appeals to a wider array of community. It is among the world’s biggest matching and relationship communities online. The platform currently has approximately two million users worldwide and approximately one million paid subscribers.

See our extensive review of FriendFinder-x and its alternatives.


  • There are online forums, newsletters, live chats, and forums.
  • Registration is easy and straightforward
  • Has a broad list of subscriptions
  • For anyone, giving winks is free of cost
  • Thousands of regularly active members
  • Almost all of its participants are looking for casual fun
  • There are open-minded and multicultural users


  • The majority of the members are males
  • Messaging requires a paid subscription

#9 — FreeHookups


Freehookups.com is an excellent casual dating page that you can use when you want to stay tonight. This is why it was classified #1 on the list of the greatest pages. Guaranteed 92% of their users managed to end up having sex as the site claims. This really is the spot to just go if you would like sex. The majority of women on this platform get to pick between around the board. The best part is that there were practically no scams or fake profiles after I evaluated.


  • Numerous types of women to select from
  • Website is easy to use and improves functionality even more for paid subscribers


  • The fee for premium membership is more pricey

#10 — Adult Hookup


Surpassing your expectations in adult personal sites, Adult Hookup provides one of a kind services for everyone. You can easily find your match who will give you pleasurable time as there are a tremendous number of members actively participating in hookups and sexual connections. Video chats and messages are the common forms of interaction between members and within just 100 days or less, the site will guarantee you will get laid.


  • Utilizes encrypted service and SSL certificate to protect transactions within the site
  • New members can avail of the free trial
  • There are numerous amount of members available around the world


  • There are exclusive features and unique ways to engage with other members for premium members

#11 — Flingster


Flingster is an adult dating site for singles to meet, hang, and make out. The registration process on this site is very convenient and easy, thus it will not waste much of your time. Unlike other dating sites, messaging and video chats are available for use even by free accounts. Other unique features are also exclusive for paid members. Flingster even offers anonymous identity while interacting, until you agree for a casual hookup. Right at the point of your cursor, you fan connect already with millions of users worldwide immediately.


  • Everybody is welcome regardless of gender and sexual orientation
  • Anonymous identity can be an option
  • The registration process is free and easy
  • The interface of the website is simple yet easy to navigate


  • There are few fake profiles reported


Many personal dating sites are much more than merely your typical date and matching page. Within the site, there is indeed a community where everyone discovers a culture to which they can fully connect irrespective of their history, sexuality, and character. Acting as social media tool sites, the above-mentioned personal websites are easy yet have an enjoyable online community.

They have interesting functionality for socializing which everyone can appreciate like blogging, participating in forums, and writing journals even among free account users. Each site is open to everybody and many users are searching for spontaneous dates, hookups, and even serious relationships. You could try these websites if you are not just into hunting for a casual date but want to find a community to relate to.

If you are confused, here are my top three personal choices apart from Passion.com:

#1. AshleyMadison.com

#2. AdultFriendFinder.com

#3. Flingster.com

These personals dating websites rank above the other sites as it provides intuitive and entertaining features to engage and connect with potential matches. It even functions outstandingly in terms of matchmaking service and member searching. Above all, it guarantees that all premium members are paying what is worth their money and confidently assures a money-back feature through ‘Satisfaction Guarantee’ approval. The features discussed on each personal site can make its members feel they are in a great platform and community.

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