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Show 11 Free Alternative Webcam & Sex Chat Sites Like LivePrivates.us

Live Privates home

LivePrivates is a Sex Chat site that caters to every casual man or girl on the net who’s bored with usual porn. It has user-friendly navigation and excellent video quality. It is an accessible adult webcam site to spend your time and money that will be worth it.

For safe free cybersex and to be able to talk to a chatroom, you must have your equipment with you like a keyboard, microphone, and a webcam. Once you have all these, your good to go and you can already select a topic that’s best for you.

URL: http://www.liveprivates.us

Membership of LivePrivates

In subscribing to the LivePrivates.com, you don’t have to pay for any membership or any kind of extra payment to access the site. Their payment strategy is the “ pay as you go system”, if you don’t like a girl, you can skip the payment without giving any initial charges. The second benefit of having this kind of system, it avoids being scammed. The search option is simple and accessible quickly. The best part was the chat box pops up, there’s no huge sidebar that gets in the way of using the messaging menu.

For the image quality, a drawback is experienced, Some ladies don’t have an updated computer system. There are a lot of ladies without HD video feed to approve of what the site wants. 

LivePrivate’s Girls

The ladies in LivePrivate.us are more dynamic and energetic than any other site. The women mingle with sexual energy, they are eager to be nude and enticed members voluntarily without any permission, they are very horny. It’s full of excellent members from a top webcam site.

LivePrivate.us is a good quality site, the only issue encountered, sometimes there are not enough sexy girls to be in contact with. You always have to go back to the same woman every time you will enter the site. But I guess that depends on your location and connection time. That’s why I recommend checking out the alternative below as well.

Pros & Cons of LivePrivates.us


  • thousands of beautiful babes and new webcam models
  • free chat room
  • excellent video quality
  • available on the phone
  • available customer assistance
  • different languages


  • video previews need time to load
  • expensive cam2cam
  • absence of video archive

11 Best Webcam & Sex Chat Sites Similar to LivePrivates.us:

#1: Camsoda


They deliver their purpose to every member of the site who view the ladies. They will give you the most satisfying service and pleasure experience that you’ll never forget. Cam sites became the trend of the internet, it is now easy to access and a way to get sources as quickly as possible from a virtual connection. Members can communicate with each other through a free chat feature. One thing that’s best about Camsoda, cam girls are present in a 24-hour schedule. Someone out there is really virtually horny who is thrilled to give pleasure and adventure on cam. Camsoda is so proud of its advanced search feature because of the unlimited search for profiles or the member itself. They have many video choreography, one of the member’s favorite pages is the voyeur cams. Another thing that folks out there are buzzing about are their organized tags, model lists, and different categories that are easy to access.

Here’s a full review of Camsoda.


  • Quick to access
  • Friendly to use
  • Many models
  • Many video concepts


  • Occasional ads

#2: Cams.com


One of the top lists among cam sites. The site’s main goal is to ensure that members enjoy staying on the site and really have a good time. It has a fixed structure where you can pick any one of your choice that is available on site. For Cams.com, the choices are endless and experience being hot for its limitless options of members. New models are always on the go for their cam experience, they even let users interact with popular porn stars. There are also forums that will enhance communication between members and models.


  • New members are always available
  • Users can communicate with porn stars
  • Enhanced forums


  • Cannot chat with other members having the free account

#3: Flingster

flingster costs

Flingster is an effective platform to chat with hot strangers. Although it’s simple, there’s an instant meeting going on where no registration is required or profile verification. The public can immediately access it because it is a free site. You can do video chat, exchange attachments, and look for your matches all over the globe. You will be meeting with strangers connecting live around the world.

You can immediately start the chatting feature by using the chat box or microphone then make friends. Just say your gender and look for your first fling right away.


  • very accessible
  • enhanced privacy
  • instant chat messaging
  • applicable on mobile


  • non-authentic background information

#4: Omegle


Looking for someone to be with and you want it in a unique way?? Omegle is for you. It’s a randomized video chat where you can select many chatters with webcam feed. Although searching settings don’t change, there are many chicks to choose from when it’s time for you to start sending the message. You’re totally doing it with strangers and with the many cam sites around and you’d think Omegle site is just passing by the site. But it’s totally free, you can do unlimited video chatting You’ll get all the fun you want talking to strangers starting at 18 or 19. You would wish it gets more interesting when you do the chatting and not just talking to bots, dudes, spam artists and could even hear a fainting echo sound on their background.

Once the page is open, an old fashioned and needs improving home page will look back at you. It has the same old font and pattern. A plain beige is their background color and everything’s fits in the center of a tiny box. A thumbs up on their mobile app, it’s easy to access. There will always be an alert sign on the video chat which says “Video cam monitored. Keep it clean”. 

The site can no longer be searched on the adult or non-moderation section, Hitting it will redirect you to a landing page and poke you to register your email address. On the other hand, when you click the “Unmoderated Section”, the Omegle page is open. The only issue you will encounter is that no single woman can be found, although the site says 19,000+ active online chatters.


  • step by step video chat design
  • clear cam video chat quality
  • no charges


  • dated site style
  • images of dicks
  • full of bots and spammers

#5: Chat Avenue


The late 90’s, the peak of the webcam thing erupts. Chat rooms are still on the go until now. The issue that you’ll encounter, they are still designed like the 90’s, though it’s free. It is still not updated. No added trends that many would like it to be added as part of the software. Chat Avenue has a very poor design like the site has not been updated since 1999, though it’s free of charge and no pop ads coming out. It is best to update it a bit so as not to look so common.

The site has a white background with blue and yellow banners on top of the page, many menus to click on and every banner represents a different kind of chat room. If you’re the type of guy who wants to talk about your favorite chores to strangers, Chat Avenue is very ideal for you. There are a lot of features to choose from Music Chat, Video Games Chat, College Chat, and Sports Chat. This site is serious when it comes to the safety of members. They try to have a staff live and active moderators to let the site secure. They follow the rules according to federal authorities.

The chatbox is very basic. All members are put all on the left and the live chat room is placed on the right. Your chat sending messages are limitless either to chat rooms or actual chat room feed but it is irritating to know that their sounds don’t have any setting to turn it off. There are many ladies to select from this site but some of them are sending spam bots messaging where they direct you to another site which has many “get laid tonight” users. There’s a possibility that female spam bots that come from another site is where they came from.


  • more chatters
  • easy videocam access
  • enhance privacy
  • free from ads


  • not nice outdated style
  • possible chat spam

#6: Chatrandom


Chatrandom.com, it’s a chat page where you can meet with many types of people. It has 4 million views monthly and has been active since 2010. Checking on the site, there are 25 thousand users, so meeting with a lot of people is out of the question. The total design is smooth and organized. The background color is a mixture of blue and white. The menus are quickly accessible during night time.

An interesting video site where you can talk about a lot of topics. Subjects like college, singles and dating college, gay and bi, and most of all, the subject with girls. But to use the girl’s section, a charge fee is taken with a premium price. Random chats and chat rooms are charge-free except for elite features, there’s a given price for it. It’s a costly webcam site with a 19.99 monthly or 6.99 weekly prices. You can choose girls, guys, couples, or whoever is available online. an expensive cost is an exchange for that but there is no guarantee that you’ll see nice tits.

To get on the site, you just indicate if you’re a male or female or couple then hit to start. You must have a webcam but if it’s not your trip to do the webcamming, you can do the text-only chat feature. Just hit the start and you’re in. There’s a lot of viewing selections compared to other sites. Text chats, group chat room, four-person chats, and more making it the best among them. There’s also an emojis that you could tease it with. Added to their filtering, you can choose between nationality, your own citizens, or people all over the globe.

Also, feel free to look at our Chatrandom review.


  • many options for chat room and meet them
  • quick to initiate chat
  • no fees


  • “dick fest” site
  • costly
  • no fun features for mobiles

#7: iSexyChat

Start by telling her your gender and what interests you, then the site will let you choose different kinds of chat rooms and you can start meeting with someone that you’d be crazy to talk to again. The issues with the site, there are a lot of spammers with few girls and might not be sure who you are really talking to. The video chat site works best in swapping photos and other porno images. The chat room is active and many are online that are fun to be with.

The structure of iSexyChat is still not updated and it still looks like the late 90s. This was the time that site design had leveled up. The site runs on IRC chat rooms which have no videos or fancy categories but IRC is still for file sharing. The chat rooms are designed with just an ugly dark box. There are no ads and no people everywhere. As for the sex chat room, the ads are all around it. When you want to be on the site, you have to let your gender be identified and on the chat site, there’ll be selections of gender and hit whichever you prefer.


  • many rooms for chat
  • a lot of members
  • complete chat profiles
  • proper for typical groups
  • no payment for registration


  • so simple design
  • more guys
  • a lot of pop-up ads

#8: 321 SexChat


321 SexChat offers a lot of rooms, one of them is the basic sex chat room seen far on the left. 

Then there’s the BDSM room, people who join get wild sometimes. The folks are pretending to be pets, getting tied up, whipped and other things that can’t be digested in by typical people. If you’re not a pervert, leave the room. It is usually selected by bisexuals.

Next, the tyranny chat room for people who want to watch dicks and balls on their ladies.

The worst among the rooms is the “cheating room”, its men who love their women get drilled in front of them.

Full review of 321SexChat here.


  • chatroom conforms to rules
  • a lot of members


  • not that nice page

#9: Chatzy

Chatzy.com is a chat room site that is full of topics. There’s plenty of room to accommodate everybody and full of porn/sex-themed rooms to grab into. The site started in 2002 and has a huge size of views that count to 3-4 million sites every month.

You don’t have to register to create premium rooms. You can search the site in full and be anonymous. There’s no more email being connected to your adult-themed chat room.

The site has activated premium rooms. You can have a three day free trial for the premium as soon as you’re successfully registered to a free account.

When you’ll join the premium, you get access to the sex chat. You can send and receive private messaging, no more ads, you can create rooms for your URL, makes the chat alive in general, and removes the user cap on the created room.

Chatzy review here.


  • a lot of adult-themed chatrooms
  • free registration
  • hook up users
  • many rooms for sexual gratification


  • no search option

#10: Dirty Roulette


In the chat section, there are two screens, one showing you and the other one showing your chat pair. There’s a chatbox to the right, a series of control buttons (start, stop, and girls ), A disclaimer that your 18+ before you’ll get approved to log in to the site.

Upon entering your gender, hit the start button and share your webcam and microphone to Dirty Roulette. You can video chat with sluts from around the globe. It’s a recommendable site because of its excellent video quality.

There’s a page for dirty old men, it’s a thumbs up for creating a page for them.

Here’s an extended review of DirtyRoulette.


  • simple page
  • video quality is excellent
  • less ads


  • women in chat is not a guarantee

#11: Chatropolis


Chatropolis has operated since 1994. It has an old-fashion design. The landing page has a simple logo created back since its release. It is not an updated site, no evidence of modernity, and still a 90s design just like before it all started.

It has created many rooms to choose from like amateurs, little titties, celebrity sex, and cuckolded husband. There’s a room for discussion with gangbangs, all gays, horny housewives, pregnant bitches, and rough BDSM action.


  • 18+ chat messaging since 1994
  • fetish messaging
  • charge free


  • old-fashion design
  • chat rooms are immediately filled

Last Word

Webcam Sex Chat Sites are a live connection to the internet. You will talk to them one on one and will get to see their sexual intimacies and both of you will play and pleasure each other on the cam. The sites are all friendly users, easy to access and a lot of selected topics that you can choose from. You can enjoy yourself in your own way and do foolish things with your partner. It’s an experience where you want more of it.

And if you’re not sure which of these chat/webcam websites are truly the best, I can personally recommend (MY TOP 3) and almost guarantee that you won’t be disappointed in:
#1: Camsoda.com
#2: Flingster.com
#3: and Cams.com

They all connect both webcam and chat experience into 1 thing. Thus, making it far more pleasurable than usual porn.

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