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My Honest Review of CamsCreative.com Live Video Chat Site

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I’ve always wondered how some pretty girls spend their spare time. Since I’ve been into watching adult webcams lately, I sometimes wonder if these pretty girls ever tried being in one? I’ve seen and visited lots of adult cam sites and they’re all extraordinary. They definitely serve their purpose in making sure viewers get all the pleasure they want. One thing I liked in adult webcams is that the fact that the ordinary girls, your neighborhood accountant, or maybe that friendly bartender from your favorite hangout, or even the girls you might have bumped on the streets or locked eyes within some random place — they could all be in adult cam sites enjoying their sweet time while being horny and making viewers satisfied and pleasured.

So, in line with this, I happened to stumble upon a popular cam site named Camscreative. I actually haven’t tried it before but I got really curious about their cool website design and fantastic reviews. Since I’ve tried countless of cam sites, I already know what I’m looking for and to my pleasant surprise, this website definitely gave me the best adult cam experience I’ve ever had. Read on and discover how much I loved my whole Camscreative experience and why you should consider visiting the site and giving it a try as well.

Creativity in a Nutshell

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Just before I typed “Camscreative” on my browser, I thought to myself: “I wonder how this will live up to its “Creative” brand and how it will be applied to an ordinary cam site. Well, I got the answers the moment I’m on the website itself. They are pretty new to the adult cam site industry and they have the best, most creative, and artistic way of introducing their models. Creativity mixed with hot and sizzling sexy babes is how Camscreative do their thing. With the creative and artistic sides shown in every corner of the site, it will really get your blood and juices flowing in the right places, ready for some fun time.
The website is designed similar to a cartoon and it’s how the ladies are introduced. All the sexy babes on the site offer the best experience they can give via webcam and Camscreative didn’t disappoint in their lineup of models. Aside from the usual webcam stuff I’ve been used to doing with other sites, they also offer exclusive and unique site features which I definitely enjoyed, and will be tackled later on in this article.

Camscreative and its Rising Popularity

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Although fairly new to the industry, the site has been established and named as one of the best cam sites in just a short span of time. I think one reason why it’s so popular is that they have a free 150-minute chat which is offered when you sign up… this alone isn’t commonly found in most cam sites I’ve ever tried. Since everything is free and I was introduced to greater things, I felt like I wanted more. I want to keep coming back for more.
The models in this site are absolutely stunning and provocative. They could really give you lewd thoughts and ask for more. Their cam shows which are unique in the content are really good and cannot usually be found in similar sites. With more than 500 beautiful models available from all over the world, regardless of your preferences and tastes in women, you’re definitely in for some treat with Camscreative. They also offer paid private shows and we all know what’s the best thing with these… the pretty model of your liking would do just about anything you want and ask for, with pretty smiles and sexy touches here and there.
I find their services really good and it’s like a breath of fresh air with all the cam sites rising up every now and then. No wonder they’re getting really popular these days. Members are highly encouraged to interact with each other and even with the models. They totally made their site to be one that teases the hell out of your mind and body so you would want more.

Best Features and Comic Design

camscreative features

Camscreative has a lot of exclusive and innovative features that set it apart from the usual adult cam sites that we are used to. One of these features includes their Camscreative show, where users get a 100% visual treat with models doing special and sexy acts like themed shows, fetishes, and daily tasks. All these shows are taken in the model’s houses or even in public which makes it more enticing and entertaining. To watch these shows, users just have to use their credits which needs to be purchased.
The sexiest models from all over the world are always online and available 24/7 to feed your imagination and needs, as well as your deepest fantasies. The best thing that I liked on this site is the freaky live shows which left me satisfied and my quirky fetishes fulfilled. All these perks and so much more await you in Camscreative and the creativity is evident from the website up to their contents. The website is designed based on some golden age comics and I personally think that is really a unique move to capture potential users’ attention, especially for those who want to feast their eyes on great designs. The interface is also no-nonsense and the whole website is easy to browse and navigate

Camscreative Shows

camscreative live shows

Available shows:

  • Naughty Time
  • 1-on-1 Fun
  • Pleasure Session
  • Erotic Play
  • Gentle Touch
  • Special Attention
  • Horny Close-up

These shows are named erotically to stir users’ imaginations and tantalize them into joining these private sessions, giving fun and alluring content to the website. They also have an organized model index which shows the very talented, alluring, and freaky babes worldwide. It’s also great that their contents are mostly made in HD quality streaming, thus making us enjoy even the finest details of the adult webcam shows of these beautiful models.
They also have a messaging feature that allows us to keep in touch with our favorite cam girls. Virtual gift-giving is also a thing here, which is something we usually see in other sites as well.

You can register here and message the model instantly.

Their sorting system is also worth the mention, as it allows users to search and sort through the long list of models. We get to see exclusive bios for every one of them, stating their preferences and what they are open to doing for shows. This will help users choose the perfect girl that suits their needs and preferences.
Standard, Outdoor, or Candy shows are just some of the available ones that we can choose from. There is even a show where users get to control the vibrator of the models. Even their live chat show is worth the try because nothing’s greater than seeing hot models tease you via webcam and you get to tease them back as well

Pricing and Membership Fee

camscreative members

With Camscreative, you can say that every penny is worth it. I think I understand why this site is so popular despite being new in the scene; it’s because of their offering of a free 150-minute live chat with any model to your liking upon sign up. To access the best features that the site has to offer, you just have to spend $4.95 and you’ll get to a whole new world of webcam porn — fetish shows, live and 1-on-1 personal chats, pleasure sessions, erotic performances and many more. If you’re paying as a member and you don’t cancel your membership, you get to enjoy a 200-minute free chat with any sexy model. You’ve already accessed great quality of contents and you get to enjoy these amazing perks so it’s definitely a must-try.
Unlike other adult cam sites that charge around $400 for 200 minutes of live chat, here in Camscreative, it’s all free. Users can simply fill in the billing information upon sign up. With just the completed billing information, you get to receive credits that can be used during private shows or live chats or just about any other features on the site. Just like any other adult cam sites, they use credits as the main currency so these are the ones to be spent for any purchase within the site.


Is Camscreative free?

Not entirely, you would need to purchase some credits to enjoy all its features.

Is Camscreative worth the price?

Yes, with all their unique features and content as well as perks and freebies, you can definitely get the best out of your money.

Is Camscreative a legit site?

Yes, it is a legit site. It has a lot of users and has been around for quite some time with immersing popularity at that.

Are there any hidden charges for purchases within the site?

No. They only charge you for the credits and features you availed. Even when you put your billing information upon signup, you won’t be charged unless you initiate the purchase.

Can I interact with the models?

Yes. Camscreative promotes active interaction and participation among members and models alike so if you are in a private show, you can communicate with the models, also via free chat or live chats.

What are some freebies that the site offers?

For current members who did not cancel their memberships, they can enjoy a free 200-minute live chat with any model that they like. Even while signing up, you can also enjoy free minutes of live chat as well.

Do they have customer support?

Yes, their customer support is available 24/7 for any inquiries or concerns regarding the website. They also respond quickly so you can be assured that they can address any of your questions as soon as possible.

Pros & Cons


  • Unique content and a wide variety of shows
  • Members can enjoy a lot of freebies and perks
  • Fetish shows by models are very in-demand
  • Models can do any task you want during private shows
  • Lots of show variety to choose from
  • Models are from different countries worldwide
  • Great variety of models and not just limited to girls
  • Couples, transgenders, solo guys are also available for shows
  • Interactive environment for both users and models
  • During private shows, users can control the model’s vibrators
  • Affordable pricing with many perks
  • Great customer support available 24/7
  • 200 minutes of free live-chat are given to members every month
  • Videos are made of HD quality
  • Creative and artsy website design
  • Virtual gifts can be sent to models to show appreciation


  • No HD marking so it’s quite difficult to navigate
  • If you have low credits, models rarely interact with you
  • You cannot write comment reviews
  • No indicator for the availability of models (online status)

Final Word

To sum it up, Camscreative is an impressive addition to the many emerging cam sites we have today. Their creative contents are very unique and are not usually available in other sites. Availing the paid membership gives you a lot of perks and freebies together with the best webcam experience you could ever try. The layout of this website is very creative and new to the eyes, compared to the usual boring designs of other adult cam sites.

So don’t hesitate and join now. It’s definitely wort the try!

Because of its innovative style and content, Camscreative has been creating a buzz. Free minutes for live chats, the monthly free 200 minutes for members, and the pretty models whose aim is to give pleasure for everyone just makes us come back for more. You can say that it’s a great find among the hardcore webcam porn categories given its amazing features and deals. If you are into web cam porn or just want to spend some time with beautiful models who are game to do anything freaky and sexy, then Camscreative could be the perfect site for you.

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