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CuckoldChat main

Are you tired of vanilla sex? Have you wanted to try the cuckold lifestyle? Well, I got good news for you. Today, we’ll review the Cuckold Consultant’s CuckoldChat. I bet you’re pretty familiar with the Cuckold Consultant, and it’s been in the industry for a while. This site established a fantastic community and a dream destination for all cuckold lovers. The member size of the CuckoldChat page definitely speaks a lot of how successful it is in terms of services and features. But just like me, I know this is your first time encountering a chat site dedicated to all types of cuckolding activities and pleasure. So better join me as I explore this fetish and see if it’s worth the hype.

Official URL: https://chat.thecuckoldconsultant.com/

Welcome to the World of Cuckold!

Up to this day, Cuckolding is still a controversial lifestyle that not all people would really understand or accept. But for your knowledge, it’s pretty similar to polyamorous relationships because the ‘husband’ gives consent to sleep with men outside their marriage or relationship. But of course, it’s a totally unique entity.

Often, only the lady or the wife goes out on casual dating and fuck men. Sometimes, the differences and what the husband is not allowed to do or not during their time together, the bottom line of the fetish is usually for the man to enjoy each agonizing constraint he faces.

Certainly, watching your spouse devote entirely to some dude and commit acts she would never express toward you is a bizarre and fascinating form of lust. Seeing her as a free-spirited harlot on the prowl for romance is insulting, demeaning, invigorating, and I dunno —just really seductive.

Pick Your Chat Rooms

The Cuckold Chat

CuckoldChat cuckold chat

The Cuckold Chat is probably the busiest chat room of The Cuckold Consultant’s CuckoldChat. This page’s primary chat room and hundreds of people exchange pics, videos, and messages daily. Better charge up because the experience brought to you by the Cuckold Chat room is more than the typical cuckold pleasure. I know cuckolding is already a fantastic fetish that every couple or wife ever wished for, but to experience it with real people and strangers is such a new level of satisfaction.

Just Your Wife Chat Room

Perhaps the’ Just Your Wife’ Chat Room is among the most incredible room on the CuckoldChat site. Generally, the members here enjoy showing off their girlfriends, partners, and wives in their most seductive and intimate ways. Remember that you are not allowed to repost any items here, so make sure whatever you share is yours authentically.

The Verified Pic-Owners Chat Room

The site describes this chat room as “The Promised Land for those who have earned the Verified Pic-Owner VMB.” Well, The Cuckold Consultant’s CuckoldChat is very strict when verifying pics on the page, and the moderators don’t tolerate posers. So, if you’re uploading profile pictures or sharing stuff, they will go through the hands of the CuckoldChat moderators. Once you’re safe, you can find verified pictures in this chatroom. Remember, all the members joining this chat have a Verified Pic-Owner VMB. So if you haven’t earned that badge, try scrolling to other rooms.

CuckoldChat’s Cartoons & Art Room

CuckoldChat cartoons chat

If you are an artist or collecting artworks, comics, or any animation content, the Cartoons & Art Chat Room is probably the best go-to place for you. All the members here are interested in all kinds of cartoons, but of course, with a cuckold twist. It has hot wives comics, cartoons that show cuckolding scenes, and much more. Certainly, this chat room is like a Hentai Dungeon, but you can only find the most erotic cuckolding experience. Remember that when you hop in the chat, ensure you’re ready to share and indulge in the ‘hot wife’ craze. Participants are active, and your weak cock may not take it.

Degradation & Humiliation Chat Room of CuckoldChat

As weird as it may sound, plenty of people online enjoy hearing humiliation/degradation from others or even doing it to others. That’s why CuckoldChat made sure to have a deluxe room for this fetish called the ‘Degradation & Humiliation’ Chat Room. Personally, I don’t get aroused from receiving or giving degrading or humiliating words, but for many of you, this is a paradise for all erotic things. It’s like heaven on earth, but even better. Lots of strangers are up for the game. In fact, while I was writing this review, there were approximately 800+ people on the site.

CuckoldChat’s Stag & Vixen Porn Chat Room

CuckoldChat stag chat

For those who don’t know, Stag and Vixen is a type of cuckolding fetish wherein the wife will have sex with another man while his husband is watching. Unlike cuckolding, which often involves humiliation in different forms, the Stag and Vixen promote consensual sex and enjoyment. In other words, this fetish may have a similar fetish to cuckolding but does not follow the traditional cuckold nature. If that sounds amazing and interesting, then the ‘Stag & Vixen Porn’ Chat Room of CuckoldChat would probably be your dream destination! You are all welcome and join the fun. Don’t be afraid to explore the Stag & Vixen world.

Chatroom for the Sissy Cuckolds

CuckoldChat sissy cuckold chat

Sissy Cuckold? That’s not my thing for sure, but if you get aroused being a sissy cuckold, then this chat room is for you. Welcome to the ‘Sissy Cuckolds’ chat room where people enjoy and pleasure from sneaking into your cheating wives while indulging the sissy role. It might sound weird for some, but the Sissy Cuckold lifestyle is a pleasure to experience. Try it, and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Don’t worry; there’s no room for judgment here, and everybody welcomes users who enjoy or want to try the sissy cuckold lifestyle.

More Community Spots at chat.thecuckoldconsultant.com

Greater Middle East Chat Room

CuckoldChat middle east chat

Lots of people are hopping from one chat room to another. But if you have a specific group of people who wish to interact with, better hop to a ‘specific-themed’ chat room made particularly for the Greater Middle Eastern group. Here at ‘Greater Middle East’ Chat Room, you can find all types of people looking for this specific group, culture, location, and language.

CuckoldChat’s Dice Game Room

Up for a game? Well, you can now do that at CuckoldChat when you join the Dice Game Chat Room. It has an exciting Cuckold Dice that you can play together with strangers online or maybe your wives and girlfriends.

Chatroom for Interracial Needs

CuckoldChat interracial chat

I know many of you enjoy interracial smut and entertainment, so CuckoldChat made sure to incorporate a chat room where you can express your love for interracial sex. Anything you can imagine is here, so this could be more than a dream destination, but rather an erotic haven!

The Chat Room for VIPs Only

Of course, the Cuckold Consultant’s CuckoldChat has prepared a fantastic spot for its beloved VIP members. If you want to be part of this group, try signing up for an account and subscribing to the site. Enjoy the fun and thrill with fellow VIPs.

Fetish Cuckold Porn Chat Room

CuckoldChat fetish cuckold chat

Many people online are not afraid of exchanging pics with strangers, which only proves the amount of content shared on the ‘Fetish Cuckold Porn’ Chat Room. It has many images of the sexiest and most horny hot wives worldwide enjoying the cuckold experience. If you have your own collection, better share it with everyone!

The Conversation Club

Wants to socialize? Well, CuckoldChat has a special gift for you: The Conversation Club. It’s a chat room where people gather to talk about anything under the sun. But, when I checked it out, the users were obviously game for intimate and erotic topics. So better be ready for that. Before joining here, don’t forget to register on the site. It’s pretty simple, so there is nothing to worry about it. This one displays more interaction and discussion among all the chat rooms available here at the Cuckold Consultant’s CuckoldChat.

CuckoldChat’s Chatting Rules

CuckoldChat chat

The Cuckold Consultant’s CuckoldChat has very strict and specific rules that every member and guest should follow. Take note that the moderators will never slip anything from their sight, so if you’re doing against the rules, expect to see your content wiped out from the page.

Initially, CuckoldChat does not allow minors on the page, so you better be at least 18 years old to become a member. Of course, since children are strictly prohibited, this extends to all the contents, videos, and images shared within the chat room. In fact, users are not allowed to discuss sexual context involving minors or kids. And speaking of content, CuckoldChat does not tolerate any form of illegal activities like taboo porn, incest, brutality, rape, drugs, bestiality, and more.

CuckoldChat more chat

Also, the pics or videos shared here must not be from websites or sources owned by someone else. CuckoldChat tries its best to promote authenticity and amateurism. Additionally, don’t discuss or share your social media accounts in the chat room, and most especially, force people to contact you outside the platform. This information is only accepted during private conversations.

Don’t ever flood or spam messages in a chat or troll other users. People come here to have fun, so don’t take the pleasure out of it. Also, please refrain from sharing your dick pics; nobody’s interested in those. When talking, make sure not to use foul words or express racism in all forms. Stop sharing anything beyond the site’s content, sharing links redirected outside the page, or grabbing pics with significant watermarks. Otherwise, you may need to submit a VMB Proof of the pics to prove you personally own it.

As you can see, some of the rules here are pretty minor, while others are significantly major. Despite the differences in seriousness, breaking one could result in permanent blocking or banning from the site. So be careful when using CuckoldChat. Remember that the moderators are eyeing 24/7.

Pros and Cons of CuckoldChat


  • Active members
  • Free sign up
  • Lots of chat rooms available
  • All cuckolding stuff
  • Amateur and authentic content


  • Chats can be crowded sometimes

12 Best Sex Chat Sites Similar to chat.thecuckoldconsultant.com:

#1 — StripChat


Stripchat, which has been around for five years, has successfully grown into the top 10 best adult platforms and continues to give superb quality and services, making everyone love the site a little more. One great feature that Stripchat offers is that users are not only limited to communicating with models but can also chat with other users. Also, there are plenty of models registered on this website, most of whom are professional porn stars. With its pornographic nature, Stripchat is already a reputable and credible cam site; wherever you are, everyone can enjoy sexual pleasure at their own pace.

Here’s the full review of Stripchat.


  • A long list of beautiful models on the site
  • Simple, cool, and attractive website design
  • Users are allowed to forward private messages
  • The website is easily accessible and user friendly
  • A wide selection of live sessions and videos
  • Extensive FAQ page
  • FREE view and chat functionality for guests


  • Unregistered members get constantly reminded via pop-up messages to sign up (which gets annoying)
  • English is the only available language feature
  • Private message chats are exclusive for paid memberships only

#2 — Chatrandom

chatrandom main

Chatrandom is a free live chat site that allows users to easily connect with people and strangers worldwide. The site started its outstanding service around 2011, and since then, it has become one of the most popular sites today. Indeed, this is the most exciting live chat you can experience. Because the system uses a roulette-type matching and lets you chat with thousands of people every day

Click here for Chatrandom’s full review.


  • Registration is free
  • Users can chat with members from other parts of the world
  • People can join live chat without registration
  • There are thousands of active users every day
  • App version is available for download
  • Hiding identity is public through “mask.”
  • Free sending messages


  • No profile photo is available
  • Only Android users can download it
  • More number males than females registered

#3 — Arousr

arousr home

Arousr introduced a genuinely innovative concept, giving us extra intimate and stimulating experience. So far, it has been the most popular service for people who want to have fun, flirt, and enjoy sex chats casually. If you’re looking for a website that’s easy to use and has a long list of sexy women, Dudethrill recommends this one above all others.

Arousr review here.


  • Simple navigation and layout
  • Plenty of female members
  • Free registration plus 100-credit free
  • The concept is unique and interesting


  • Some shows are pretty expensive
  • The list of models is not that much
  • A basic account has ads

#4 — Fapchat

fapchat main page

Fap Chat is a platform that helps men like you find attractive single women to take nude selfie photos with and strike up a conversation with. There are thousands of stunning young ladies to choose from, so you’re likely to find at least a few that you want.

Click for a full review of Fapchat.


  • The website has a simple design and is very easy to use
  • You can watch real live women performing on cam
  • Maintains anonymous identity
  • No bots and fake profiles


  • It has no live chat support service or phone service
  • You cannot record cam shows

#5 — Chaturbate


Connecting to people worldwide has never been so easy. Thanks to Chaturbate, unlimited talking is now possible. Plus, you will never spend a dime on it. There are a lot of sexy and beautiful women available for you, 24/7. As a matter of fact, women on this website love kinky stuff, which is always worth your time and attention. Meanwhile, live shows are also available for viewing at a reasonable price.

Check out the Chaturbate review.


  • Many cam girls available 24/7 live
  • No additional fees to expect
  • Nudes and sex are always a guarantee
  • Smooth browsing on smartphones and other devices


  • Few videos are in SD format
  • Expensive private shows

#6 — 321SexChat


A masterpiece made by Greg Barrow, 321SexChat is a sex chatting website founded in the year 2002. Formerly, the website previously known as the 321Chat website contains plenty of chat rooms for adults, kids, and teenagers. Indeed, it has all the benefits of an adult sex website could have. Not to mention, it is safe, smooth to browse, and fun to use.

Full 321SexChat review here.


  • Essential features and functions are available for free
  • The Mobile version of the website is smooth and user-friendly both on iOS and Android devices
  • Can customize profile accounts
  • Maintains anonymous identity of the users
  • Free use of video chat
  • You have the option to use the free version
  • Design is simple yet very easy to use
  • The browsing experience is smooth and no lags
  • Plenty of categories and chat rooms you can enjoy
  • Compatible with all smartphone devices


  • Contains advertisements
  • Using Private Rooms is not for free

#7 — BDSMChat

BDSMchat main

Compared to other sex chat sites, BDSMChat caters to a different and unique fetish that only a few of us would enjoy. You will find a shitload of different chat rooms where you can express your erotica-related fantasies freely. It is what BDSMChat is known for worldwide.

Take a look at BDSMChat review.


  • Numerous chat rooms are available
  • Caters to all types of kinks and fetishes
  • Active members
  • Straightforward design and usability
  • Informative blogs
  • Can browse as a guest user


  • The forum has few members
  • Requires registration to enter the chat

#8 — iSexyChat


iSexyChat is a chatting website that lends tons of pleasing, stimulating, and satisfying services allocated for those who want to mingle with anyone online. The website made sure to allow the public to experience fulfillment and accessibility in one platform. Get ready to quench your thirst and sexual needs! iSexyChat groups individuals with the same needs, wants, and interests. This definitely make every time spent worthwhile and gratifying.

Here’s an iSexyChat review.


  • Unlimited use with most of the website’s features
  • No registration required to use the chat service
  • The web design is convenient and friendly even to novice users
  • It suggests various free adult websites
  • No discrimination and welcomes different gender preferences
  • It has a wide selection of chat rooms to choose from


  • Unavailability of customer support
  • Several advertisements that affect the chatting experience
  • Unavailable search engine tools

#9 — SaucyTime

SaucyTime main

SaucyTime is a sex chat site that blends the features of a social networking site, roulette-type chatting, sex shows, and dating app experience. Unfortunately, SaucyTime isn’t as popular as other sex chat sites like Flingster, Stripchat, and other mainstream networks. So, it is less likely to see new members regularly.

Full review of SaucyTime here.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Don’t have monthly membership fees
  • Browsing is smooth
  • Unique chat concept
  • Diverse models


  • Requires credits when calling
  • More male members than females

#10 — Klixxs

Klixxs main

Klixxs is a very young and newly introduced live chat cam service in the adult entertainment industry. Klixxs may have a different concept and design than other live sex cam sites. But, I’m pretty impressed seeing its overall structure, features, and services. Seeing how this site managed to make a brand for itself really makes Klixxs stand apart from any other website in the entertainment industry.

Click for a Klixxs full review.


  • Lots of categories are available
  • Convenient booking
  • Unique themes and concept
  • Easy to use


  • Limited number of models

#11 — Lewdchat

lewdchat chats

Lewdchat is all about sexual chatting and flirting. This site wants to create an active community through sex chatting, and draws so much attention because they care about the needs and abilities of the public. Everything here is free, smooth, and hassle-free. You do not have to pay money nor share personal details to use the site.

Lewdchat review here.


  • No registration required
  • Protects identity and adheres to anonymity
  • Chat unlimited
  • Available 24/7
  • Can privately message other members
  • Multiple chatrooms
  • Straightforward features
  • Meet like-minded individuals
  • Completely free of charge


  • Quite a boring design
  • Limited features
  • Few site members

#12 — Chatzy


Since Chatzy.com is not a conventional Private Adult Chat website, it sees itself as a credible option to other social media sites like Skype. It’s uncomplicated to set up an account, and once you’ve done it, you can launch chat rooms without sharing any personal details.

Users benefit from creating their chat rooms or joining one of the thousands of available chat rooms on the website. Somehow, Chatzy’s concept seems somewhat outdated; however, it does not imply that the website is not highly recommended for romance.

Check out the review of Chatzy.


  • Registration is easy and safe
  • Has thousand available chatrooms you can join
  • Huge user base
  • You can create chatrooms freely and share them with anyone
  • It has instant messaging available


  • No searching option
  • Old-fashioned design
  • No available profile pics


After browsing the page, I can finally say that The Cuckold Consultant’s CuckoldChat is very open and welcoming to all people willing or curious to try the cuckold lifestyle. If this is your first time checking out cuckolding, certainly this is the place to go. You won’t worry about being judged or bullied because every member is open-minded and likes socializing. Also, for those couples living this unique lifestyle, I’m pretty sure that chat.thecuckoldconsultant.com will give you much more options and opportunities to explore what’s more about cuckolding. If you are interested, just visit the website, and explore it as a guest. I’m sure you’ll be hitting the registration button in no time because nobody can resist the free space offered by the CuckoldChat site. Not even a Dudethrill like me could say no. So, see you around motherfuckers!

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Chat Pic & 12 Best Sex Chat Sites Like ChatPic.org Show Me 12 Alternatives for ChatPic.org Exchange photos with ChatPic.org! Probably you are itching to see and communicate with babes; that is why you are here sneaking around my review. I am happy, pal, to share the news that Chat Pic is coming to town! Though […]

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Cherry.tv Review & 12 Must-Visit Sex Chat Sites Like cherry.tv Show Me 12 Alternatives for cherry.tv How do you spend your leisure time, lads? Partying? Exercising? How about reading or writing? Or maybe… masturbating? I know you’ll unanimously answer that mother fuckers! And there’s only one source of pleasure we all go to whenever the “calling” […]

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SaucyTime Review & 12 Best Sex Chat Sites Similar to saucytime.com Show Me 12 Alternatives for SaucyTime.com After reviewing too many crazy sites, I think it’s time for some vanilla entertainment. And I guess I found the perfect site where you can have vanilla-kind fun while enjoying intense entertainment. This site is called SaucyTime, a sex […]

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Lewdchat Review & 12 Best Adult and Sex Chat Sites Similar to Lewdchat.com Show Me 12 Alternatives for Lewdchat.com It is part of our needs as humans to desire to communicate and engage with each other. Most of the time, we aim to have someone or a group of people to share our ideas and emotions. […]

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Chatropolis & 12 TOP Adult and Sex Chat Sites Like Chatropolis.com Show Me 12 Alternatives for Chatropolis.com Are you in need of engaging with alluring people? Or do you feel like your fingers are itching to find that person to hook up with? I am here to send rescue and read my review about a platform […]

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Rockchat & Top-12 Adult and Sex Chat Sites Like Rockchat.net Show Me 12 Alternatives for Rockchat.net It is human nature that we, people want and love to interact and engage with others. As one of the famous lines goes, “No Man is an Island,” we crave company and genuine relationships with the people around us. Our […]

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MeetinChat & TOP 12 Adult Chat Sites Like Meetinchat.com Show Me 12 Alternatives for Meetinchat.com: Is looking into hot photos of beautiful ladies your favorite habit? Worry no more; you already have what you are searching for. Meetinchat.com is a new adult chat forum that is completely free to use. This website first appeared in April […]

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Chatzy Review & TOP 12 Private Adult Chat Rooms Like Chatzy.com Show Me 12 Alternatives for Chatzy.com Looking for a great way to send messages to your friends and strangers through chat or email? Certainly, Chatzy would be a good way to go. They don’t only provide free services but also have a premium plan to […]

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Chat-Avenue Review & 12 TOP Adult and Casual Chat Sites Like Chat-avenue.com Show Me 12 Alternatives for Chat-Avenue.com People want connections, and we all want to share our opinions, feelings, and updates with others. Now, this has become much simpler thanks to the internet. Chat Avenue is a platform where you can talk about a wide […]

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FaceFlow Review & 12+ Video Chat Sites Like Faceflow.com Show 12 Alternatives for FaceFlow.com Are you interested in meeting new friends or connecting with someone in person? Do you want to maintain your friendships or keep in contact with friends? Then you must see FaceFlow and take a better feel for how FaceFlow can improve your […]

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OMEGLE Review & 12+ Other Livecam & Random Sex Chat Sites Like Omegle.com Show 12 Alternatives for Omegle.com Omegle, a widely known random live cam and sex chat website. Initially, this suet advocate creating and building connections, meaningful relationships, and friendship with random strangers. Something that conquers prejudice in personality, ethnicity, and culture. Indeed, the people […]

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Chatroulette Review Show 12+ Alternatives for Chatroulette.com & 12+ Random Adult Video and Chat Sites Like Chatroulette.com Chatroulette is among the most trendy adult random video chat websites that connect people from different parts of the world together. By the name itself, the website already suggests how it uses a roulette-type matching system —adding fuel and […]

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DirtyRoulette Review & TOP-14 Sex Chat Sites Like Dirtyroulette.com Jump to 14 Alternatives for DirtyRoulette.com Official URL: https://dirtyroulette.com Are you looking for an exciting thrill on-cam? Or are you a couple eager to experience new and amusing chances online? Well, one website is rightfully capable of making everyone feel one-of-a-kind sexual satisfaction, regardless of their interests […]

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iSexychat Review & TOP-13 Live Sex Chat Sites Like isexychat.com Show 13 Sex Chat Alternatives for iSexyChat.com Official URL: https://isexychat.com/ Enjoying sexy chats and connecting with people worldwide is an experience everyone hungry for more. Provided that many websites today focus on dating and porn, only a few pages cater to erotic chats. Indeed, iSexychat is […]

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321SexChat Review & 14 ‘Must-Visit’ Sex Chat Sites Like 321Sexchat.com Show 14 Alternatives for 321SexChat.com 321SexChat is among the must-visit adult sex chat websites on the internet today. Certainly, the online horny community loves the wide-range user base of the website. Coupled with the amazing variety of fetish chats and categories, 321SexChat gained relatively high visits […]

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SexedChat Review & 12 BEST Live Sex Cam and Sex Chat Sites Like SexedChat.com Show Me 12 Alternatives for Sexedchat.com Technology has made its touch to almost, if not all, aspects of our life. It made most of our day to day activities a little bit lighter and our days a little brighter. Not only this, […]

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ChatRandom Website link: https://www.chatrandom.com The Ultimate Chatrandom Review – Should You Join It? Jump To Pros & Cons Developed in 2011, Chatrandom has easily climbed up to the top favorites in terms of adult cam & sex chat sites. That was the time when both Chatroulette and Omegle has already been existing for quite some time. […]

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FapChat Review Sexting, Trade Nudes & Hookup Site – Should You Join FapChat.com? Go to Pros & Cons Have you ever thought about what it would feel like to have a hot acquaintance or even a close friend of yours sending you some nude pictures? How many times have you thought about your cute colleagues or […]

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Show Me the 10 Best Adult Chat Sites You sure have been to a casino at least once in your life. Thus, you’re probably familiar with what roulette is. In this game, players bet on specific numbers on a wheel and a croupier will spin it so the ball can move to certain directions. When the […]

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