Updated on: August 7th, 2022

FapChat Review

Sexting, Trade Nudes & Hookup Site – Should You Join FapChat.com?

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Have you ever thought about what it would feel like to have a hot acquaintance or even a close friend of yours sending you some nude pictures? How many times have you thought about your cute colleagues or pretty classmates and imagined how they would look like in sexy pictures?

Fapchat is a rising website where people can trade nudes and sexy pictures with hot babes worldwide. So if you’ve got some fetish in seeing someone in full clothes then go naked the next, this site is perfect for you. Fapchat does not only have this popular naked picture-sharing feature, but they also offer FapChat Live, where cam models grace and please everyone. Live cams from FapChat has become an alternative point – it’s your ordinary 18+ website which is available for all ages and is used by more people in a day.
In this site, men and women can hook-up, trade selfies, and just enjoy meaningful and dirty conversations. FapChat makes meeting people a whole lot easier and more comfortable. Let’s take a look at how FapChat rose into becoming one of the most popular sites through this article.

How Does FapChat Work

While other sites show us almost porn-like videos and pictures or even live nude webcam sessions of girls getting freaky on the website, FapChat deals and sets everything in q unique combination that will surely satisfy users and models alike. Personal selfies, whether provocative or not, are brought together with camming sessions which makes this site a must-visit for everyone.
Cam shows are used by models to earn money and to keep men interested in the website at the same time. You don’t usually see the word “dating” associated with such sites since most people cannot easily grasp given the website’s nature. FapChat is fueled by pictures of people being available for everyone to see, and maybe due to reasons like voyeurism, or maybe they want to earn cash. Any reason would be acceptable since everyone will get to see these special pictures either way.

Signing Up and Hooking Up

fapchat register

FapChat Live was launched a few years back and this feature hugely contributed to the website’s worldwide online success. FapChat was able to produce and record their content for everyone to see. Although it has always been prohibited to record cam shows, you don’t need to worry since FapChat’s videos and shows are available not only on their sites but also to other websites. The models in this site are smoking hot and registration is open for everyone. There are thousands of members looking to trade nudes and date, but there are some pro models as well. Fapchat usually picks girls rated 7-10 so you can be assured that they’re all sexy and wild.

For unregistered users, they could only glimpse a little on what goes on and about in the background, so most people will have to pay for a premium membership. Although you’d find negative reviews about the site online, saying that it’s nothing but a scam but no, I’ve tried it myself. The models, users, and my account were all real.

Dating at FapChat

fapchat dating

After creating an account, make sure you upload a profile picture so you can catch people’s attention. Most people would avoid accounts that have no uploaded pictures and even personal information. Although this is an adult hookup site where you can freely send nudes to others, the people in this site still also wants some interaction.
Although most people are just plain horny and hot, we can’t deny the fact that people would still want to have some meaningful moments and interactions. If you ever started talking to someone you’ve met from the internet, remember that even though everyone’s main goal is to send and receive nudes, people would still want to talk. You can perhaps talk about your sexual preferences, or your ideal types, fetishes, and so on.

Always remember to flaunt your attractiveness, your hobbies, or just about anything that could at least help other people strike up some conversation with you and get to know you better. These hobbies and common interests will tell the person you’re chatting with that you are somehow interested in them and you have carefully read or checked out their profiles. Yes, this is an adult site and lots of sexual content is expected, but there are still some people who don’t want to go straight into the whole sexual fun and trade nudes. Some people would prefer taking it slow and converse here and there, eventually sharing their naughty sides.

Accounts and Anonymity

fapchat account

Upon visiting the site, the first thing you’ll notice is their easy to use interface and friendly to the eyes design. You can easily navigate through the site and its different intuitive features. FapChat has dedicated and deliberately curated their site to be as simple and functional as it could be. Since the site values each user’s identity discretion, they work hard at verifying every profile, especially with handling their private information. With the use of advanced systems, they carefully check profiles, enforces strict guidelines, and promote heightened security and privacy levels in the site. Upon signing up, users won’t necessarily need to use their real names to keep their identity safe and private unless they want otherwise.

After signing up, you will immediately notice that other members’ names aren’t shown to the public, unlike other adult sites around. Most people here prefer to keep their anonymity intact. One excellent point with this site which you can rarely find in others is their 256-type encryption that strongly protects users’ identity or reveals it, depending on one’s choices. You can opt for sharing your photos and receiving some as well as videos, all in the private messages platform, whether or not you’re anonymous or you’ll reveal your identity.

Fapchat Niches and Categories

fapchat categories

One thing I liked about FapChat is its openness towards any gender preference, including all the aspects of LGBT. Aside from straight models, you can also choose from gay, lesbian, and trans-genders. As for porn categories, you can choose from a lot of their sections so you can see and enjoy your preferences for your favorite models. Also, since the site is open to anyone all over the world, you can enjoy your sexy time with someone from different ethnicities like Latina or Asian and many more. If you have a particular body type in mind for your chosen model, you can also select from the options such as thick or slim babes, or for age preferences, and they even have MILFs, too.

Just like any other adult site, you buy tokens here and give tips to have the models do whatever you want. Gold shows, Party Chats, Audio, and/or Phone Rooms, as well as HD Rooms, are just some of the options you can enjoy if you want to join a room and have some great time.

You will surely get your hair rising and eyes boggling over models as they do their utmost best to fulfill your sexiest fantasies. Just imagine how you’d feel seeing a hot slutty girl on cam inserting a giant dildo, all for you to see. You can also be assured that language won’t be an issue here since the website is available in eight languages. They also hold some contests and various events for models regularly.

All the Fun in Fapchat-Premium

fapchat features

FapChat still offers a free account, yes, but honestly, for someone who has tried the site firsthand, all the fun starts with purchasing their premium membership. Pre-recorded shows only cost $2.99 and that’s for whooping 24-hour access already. By doing so, you can get pre-recorded shows of your favorite models. You may give the models some tips for their block shows. Take note that block shows will give you lots of promotions and it’s usually where you can get price reductions for their paid features. You can even tip them with GOLD, which is, by the way, FapChat’s main currency. GOLD has a 1:1 exchange rate with any currency and you can purchase this with a premium membership. FapChat’s premium rates come in several varieties which can all be paid via credit card.

So, if you feel like getting some nude pics from hot babes today, this is the best option for you. You can also have some intimate moments with the girls of your choice. If you get bored, you can easily look and enjoy some cam shows that will help you relieve your tension and stress. FapChat and all its features feel like a weird combination for massaging and managing your meat, but it works for a lot of people. So if you are feeling a bit hot and want to trade nudes with some naked babes online, then you should check out this site.

100% Discretion

There are lots of active chatrooms on the site where you can ask for models’ nudes, and the best thing is that… they send you stuff that you’ve wanted to see. They’ll send you hot pics and that gives off a bit of a social media feel; you’re talking to some random internet stranger and voila! They are suddenly horny for you. For some, this could be a hidden fetish but whatever your sexual kinks are, you can just enjoy yourself and feast your eyes on the nudes sent to you. And if you ever get tired of chatting with girls or asking for their nudes, you can then proceed to watch live cam shows that will very much heighten your libido.

With FapChat, you won’t ever have to be afraid of exposing your kinks and identity.

No one’s going to judge you for whatever sexual fantasies you have deep down. In this site, your anonymity is the top priority. So, as a user, it is also expected of you to not record anything you’ve seen from the site — from men and women’s various videos and even to their provocative pictures. Doing such is strictly against the site’s rules.

You’ll be welcomed with real members in FapChat and the whole community is very friendly so you can be guaranteed to a safe and anonymous experience. It’s also a plus that there are more female members on the site so for male users who wants to have some good time with sexually active girls, then this is just the right place for you.

Content Quality on Fapchat.com

fapchat video content

Not all adult sites can produce high-quality videos. Fortunately, you’ll find lots of HD videos in FapChat so you won’t have to worry about watching content with the poor video quality. There are some clips, videos, and even pictures which has higher quality compared to others. This is because real people are the ones creating the content and most of them are using cellphones or even DSLR cameras. For some, they would do little edits here and there. Some would prefer creating short clips with only 15-20 seconds. There’s a whole wide range of video quality and content that sets FapChat apart from other similar sites.

FAQs About Fapchat

Is FapChat legit?

Yes, it is. A lot of people have already tried the site and it works perfectly for them.

Will a premium membership be worth my money?

Yes. Being a premium member will give you access to any available feature and it strengthens your chance of meeting like-minded people.

Will my identity be safe when I join FapChat?

Yes, you will remain anonymous unless you want otherwise. FapChat values its users’ privacy the most so you can be assured that they are working hard to keep your personal details private.

Are there fake profiles on the site?

FapChat works behind the scenes to verify and check each and every one of the profiles to avoid fake profiles and bots. So, as someone who chats with strangers, you will know that you’re talking to real persons and not some bots.

Pros and Cons of Fapchat.com


  • Nudes are publicly posted
  • Users can comment on any post
  • Lots of horny babes wanting to chat
  • An open and friendly community of users
  • Customer support is very responsive
  • Intuitive website design
  • Voice chat is enabled
  • Great video quality


  • Limited accessibility for free accounts
  • For PC with older systems, it can tend to slow down and lag

To Sum Up

So if you’re feeling horny but you have no one to do it with, start by going to FapChat.com by clicking here and enjoy some good time. We got to admit that there are times where porn would make us feel like it’s a bit too impersonal and even fake, even if we’ve watched porn a million times already. If you want something more engaging and interactive than porn games, this is a good option for you. You’ll get that good rush of talking dirty to some hot slut and getting a response. FapChat is your version of Snapchat with nudes. Say no more to your longing for naked bodies and some dirty stuff because you can easily make these thoughts into reality via FapChat.

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