Updated on: May 25th, 2024

How and Where to Sell Feet Pics To Make Money? (9 of the best sites!)

Show Me 9 Best Sites for Selling Feet Pics:

Some people giggle over the thought of selling feet pics online. But when you take a good, hard look at seller success stories, the money you can make off random foot pics is no laughing matter. On the low end, a single image can sell for between $5 and $10, however, with a little experience, know-how, and patience, some sellers bring in $100 or more for a single foot pic! That’s a lot of pedicures and footwear shopping sprees. 

Even if you personally find feet gross, unattractive, or odd-looking, there are plenty of other people that would disagree. In fact, 1 in 7 people admit that they’re aroused by feet. From toe sucking and kissing to foot massage and humiliation, there are countless ways to use your tired dogs for something other than climbing stairs and showing off your newest pair of heels. 

But before you start taking random feet pics and expecting men (and women) to throw cash your way, listen up. There’s more to this business than pedicure selfies and sticking your toes in the sand. 

You actually need to work at it. But the good news is that after reading this guide, you’ll have the basic knowledge you need to fill both your wallet and your biggest fans’ naughty foot fetish fantasies. 

Don’t Rush the Process

Don’t Rush the Process

Selling feet pics online isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. Believe it or not, buyers actually know the difference between quality feet pics and random images you snapped in bed and posted online as a dare. 

No one pays $30 for a picture of your feet on an unmade bed, dirty carpet, or the dashboard of your car. While all of these backdrops could work for a foot pic photo shoot, they better be done tastefully and with a heavy emphasis on the curves, lines, and beauty of your feet.

Scrap any random foot pics you have on your phone currently and start fresh. You’ll get out of this process what you put into it, which means if you rush the photo shoot and post poor-quality images that are blurry or cluttered, be prepared to receive lowball offers or none at all. Take a few extra minutes to edit and perfect your foot pics before posting them. 

Make sure your feet are the main focus of each image and be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your career as a successful foot content creator won’t be either. 

Consider Selling Feet Pics Anonymously

Chances are, you don’t want your grandma Edna, your Aunt Sue, or your uptight boss to know that you have a side hustle selling feet pics on foot fetish websites or foot pic marketplaces like FunwithFeet. 

The best way to keep your taboo pastime under wraps is to become an anonymous seller. This is a pretty easy feat (pun intended) since you don’t have to post pictures of your face or even your body to make money in this business. What people wanna see is well south of your face, so give the people what they’re asking for! 

Feet Pics sell

Most platforms like FeetFinder let users create a display name that doesn’t include their legal name. You’re also not required to post a profile picture or cover photo that includes your face. Instead, let your beautiful feet be at the forefront of your profile. 

Just be mindful not to post any images that include other identifiable features like that butterfly tattoo on your ankle or that odd-shaped birthmark you’ve been meaning to get checked out. 

Take a quick scan of the background of your pictures too. Street signs, certificates displaying your name, and even family photos captured in the backdrop of your foot pics are a dead giveaway and could lead to more than just your tootsies being exposed. 

Flirt but Don’t Cross the Line

Flirt but Dont Cross the Line

If you’ve got game, you can probably make a good living selling foot pics online. Taking attractive photos is only half of the equation. Succeeding in this business also means having a winning personality and the ability to hold a pleasant conversation. Don’t be surprised when potential buyers slide into your DMs and ask to place custom orders. 

Think of these exchanges more like a naughty business deal than anything else. Chat about the person’s specific interests or fetishes, what type of content they want, and how much they’re willing to pay. They might even ask you questions about your foot care routine, favorite pair of shoes, or what color your toenails are currently painted. These questions are fairly harmless and fine to entertain. 

However, beware of the conversation taking a left turn toward adult-natured texting. If the customer starts asking deeply personal questions or making you feel uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to end the conversation and cancel the transaction. No means no, even when selling feet pics!

Your Feet Are Your Canvas

If you’ve ever wanted an excuse to get a pedicure, buy new shoes, pay for a foot massage, or invest in expensive foot care products, here it is! When it comes to selling feet pics, your feet are your canvas.

Most buyers are looking for attractive foot pics. No one wants to look at your calloused feet, overgrown toenails, or dry cracked heels. Take a little pride in yourself and create a beautiful blank canvas to work with.

Feet Pics money

When your feet and ankles are looking their finest, it’s time to play dress up! If you don’t have natural tattoos, play around with henna. This is also the only time wearing toe rings after 1990 is deemed acceptable. Ankle bracelets are okay too. You can also experiment with different shoes, socks, and props including ribbons, bondage ropes, and more. Whatever you do, don’t add too many extras that take away from the natural beauty and appeal of your feet.

Price Them Reasonably

Price Them Reasonably

One of the biggest mistakes people make is pricing their feet pics either too high or too low. Let’s face it – you’re not a Kardashian and that means no one’s paying hundreds of dollars to drool over your feet. On the other hand (or should we say foot?) if you price your foot content too low, you might end up losing money. 

The average foot pic sells for between $5 and $20. While this is on the lower end of the pay scale, if you land a few sales, you could earn a quick hundred dollars. Once you gain a loyal following and build a positive reputation as a reliable foot content creator, you can start slowly increasing your prices. 

You can also charge more for custom orders and requests since customers can get pretty picky and specific about their kinks and fetishes.

Think Outside the Shoe Box

Think Outside the Shoe Box

So many foot pic sellers get stuck in a rut when it comes to the type of pics and videos they post. It’s time to expand your horizons and start thinking outside the shoebox. While it’s fine (and recommended) to focus on a specific category or niche like foot bondage or foot worship, don’t limit yourself. The more diverse your portfolio, the better. 

Try on high-heeled pictures for size or snap a few shots of your dirty soles after a long walk outside barefoot. You’d be surprised at what kind of unconventional images people are into. You can also switch up your photo collections by adding videos or hosting live cam sessions. 

Be Your Biggest Cheerleader

Be Your Biggest Cheerleader

Selling feet pics online isn’t like the Field of Dreams – just because you build a diverse portfolio or even a personal website doesn’t mean buyers will just “come” and sales will pour in from nowhere. You need to put in the work to promote yourself and build your brand.

One of the best places to do this is social media. Did you know that as of June 2023, there are nearly 5 billion social media users around the world? From TikTok and Snapchat to Instagram, Facebook, and everything in between, most people spend several hours a day scrolling social media. If you want to get the most out of your advertising efforts you need to take advantage of the world’s obsession with these online outlets.

In life, you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, which is one reason to open new social media profiles dedicated specifically to your foot pics. The last thing you want is your feet pics displayed on the same page as your kid’s preschool graduation. Choose two or three platforms to start, the biggest platforms being FunwithFeet, Feetify and FeetFinder. 

This allows you to dedicate enough time and attention to each account. Build a fan base by interacting with your followers, responding to their comments, and liking their posts in return. 

Most social media platforms frown upon NSFW or adult content so don’t try selling your feet pics directly through these outlets. Instead, add links to your sales pages in your bio. Think of social media as a vehicle for driving traffic to your feet pics on other websites. 

These can include OnlyFans, any number of foot pic marketplaces, and even a personal website. Don’t forget to take advantage of other useful tools like Facebook and Instagram reels and stories, live feeds, hashtags, and community forums and groups. If a foot fetish group exists, you’ll find it on social media. 

A Little Effort Goes a Long Way

One thing most people don’t realize about selling feet pics online is that a little effort goes a long way. No, you don’t have to spend hours on end editing your foot pics, chatting with buyers, and promoting your pages. However, your foot content isn’t gonna sell itself. Succeeding in this business takes a mix of quality photos, a charming personality, and plenty of self-confidence. 

If you know your way around a smartphone and the internet, you can reasonably make money off your tantalizing tootsies. So, what are you waiting for? The foot pic industry is HOT right now and there’s never been a better time to get your foot in the door – pun intended! 

Top 9 Platforms to Sell Feet Pics Online:

Top 9 Platforms to Sell Feet Pics

#1 — FunwithFeet


One of the biggest players in the feet pic industry AND one of the highest rated. It’s easy to sign up and there’s thousands of buyers on the platform.

The platform started in 2022 and has grown massively. It has been featured in the worlds biggest publications and a host of z list celebs have flocked to the platform to sell their pics.

#2 — OnlyFans


The biggest platform in the world when it comes to helping independent sellers. However, buyers want more than just feet pics and unlike other platforms, you need to market yourself instead of buyers already being on the platform

#3 — Instagram


If you can get a following for your feet pic profile, it could be a great way to sell feet pics. However of course Instagram isn’t niche to feet pics and you could get banned posting explicit images

#4 — Twitter


Same as above, however, there’s more leniency on adult material.

#5 — FeetFinder


A big platform when it comes to selling feet pics. This platform is the main rival to FunwithFeet, however taking a look at the site, it’s quite outdated… and no one really likes purple!

But it has a large following. As its relatively low priced, FeetFinder for some people might be a good secondary option after FunwithFeet.

#6 — Your Site

Your site

If you can post content and rank on Google for feet pic related terms, the world is your oyster! However its a competitive environment and not easy to make it to the first page of Google without substantial investment.

#7 — Adult Sites

Adult sites

It’s on the edge, but you could create videos and upload them to adult sites. Your videos then need to have links to your platform where you actually sell feet pics. There’s millions of views on adult sites each hour, so if you can get your videos to breakthrough, there’s money to be made!

#8 — FeetPics


The same ilk as FunwithFeet, but hardly any buyers. It doesn’t rank on the first pages for feet terms and there’s no presence on social media… It doesn’t look great for sellers. But if you want as much exposure as possible, then it’s a cheap and quick additional method.

#9 — Bloggers


Let’s say there’s a site that ranks well and has thousands of visitors for “muddy feet” related terms. It might be a good idea to approach them to post about you and your profile in that post. Then when sales are made via their visitors, you give them an affiliate commission. 

This saves you from creating your own platform and could be a quick way to get started.

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