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Massage Planet

& 12 Best Erotic Massage Sites Like MassagePlanet.net

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These muscle pains are hindering me from doing my best abilities today. Why don’t I get some prescriptions from my favorite sexual doctors? In less than minutes, I received my diagnosis. Damn, these experts suggest a steamy massage for my aching body, specifically for my hungry friend down there. Massage it is! Hmm, I did a quick run on the list and saw the massive wave of Massage Planet. I am talking about a page that houses massage services with a plus. You know what I mean, dude. Massage Planet gives me the vibe for a fantastic ride. It seems like the page has mastered the craft. Oh, I would love to give it a test.

Official URL: https://massageplanet.net

Are you experiencing the same ache, too? The feel of that wet hot vagina sliding through your dick or just the simple touch from an expert erotica masseuse. Damn, the simple thought of it makes me highly erect. It should not be a shame if you wish to ask for assistance. There are service providers out there who are willing to give you the fullest escapade you desire to experience. Hopefully, Massage Planet could release all my muscular tensions and horny dreams. I will be crossing my fingers as I embark on this juicy treat.

Erotic Massages Are Calling You! Hot Masseuse Everywhere!

Truly, Massage Planet promises to deliver erotic massage options for you. With this, the perverts crafted a complete directory of massage service providers that would suit your location and needs. The site has an enormous directory of places gifted with ladies and gents who are experts in the field of erotic touch. Massage Planet promises a flock of handy selections that you may utilize. The page is a golden resource for a worldwide gallery of masseurs and masseuses. Some whores even reside at the library to give you the most deserving treatment.

Be ready with the satiating event, as these massage ads promise a cum release. The providers come from various parts of the globe, including your Asian favorites. Massage Planet has dirty secrets compiled to give you an orgasmic stay. This dark-colored site will shed light on your quest. However, you must learn to extend patience and an amount of resilience. Massage Planet hosts every possible classified ad for your consumption. It is quite busy in this erotica realm. Digging deeper requires a skill; are you on for it? If so, shall we commence?

Offer Your Dicks to These Hot Vultures Playing as Massage Therapists

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Have you ever wondered how it feels to experience getting a massage with bonus sex afterward? Is erotic massage your greatest dream? Well, you would not be here if your answers to these queries were a series of “nos.” Your long overdue cravings for a sexy massage therapist are at Massage Planet. She is hiding behind every flashy ad and forum thread. If you look closely at Massage Planet, you will appreciate the potential information available. The community is eager to answer every sex need. Thus, what should you expect with Massage Planet? An interactive community with active members helping one another.

Yes, Massage Planet is not just a directory of your therapeutic and erotic quest but also holds a vicinity for like-minded pals to interact with one another. Massage Planet comes with a forum layout, hence allocating a resource for your obsessions. You can also get nasty and brilliant sexual ideas from the pals around. From my initial observations, Massage Planet tends to have a healthy relationship among its members. Probably, the site incorporated quality moderation. With this, I bet you are wondering how things work and how much you ought to pay. Massage Planet is free!

Do the Honors, Register To Avail Massage Options

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I know you are acquainted with where and how to find the necessary buttons to join in this revelry of massage enthusiasts. A green button at the right section shows the Register function. The feature was swift, and like any other forum site, Massage Planet will only ask for the most vital information. The transaction took me less than three minutes, but there is a faster method to do your thing: Twitter. Yes, you may link your Twitter account, and in a few taps, you are the newest member of Massage Planet. However, I know many of my pals love to try the conventional method, so I am giving you a gist.

Seven items require your attention. Failure to provide any of these beneficial gems will prohibit you from utilizing the fullest potential of Massage Planet. You must secure a username, password, and email address. Not just that, birth date and location will be asked, followed by a designated bar for you to write the massage that you would want to experience. Fans may select via reflexology, acupuncture, Swedish, Thai massage, hot stone, etc. Swedish and Thai are my go-to relaxation techniques, pal.

A verification code is provided to secure your identity. Once done, agreeing to the terms and conditions is your last tool. I know you would directly tap that check icon without reading the contents. Yeah, like you, I am also guilty as charged. All these steps will lead you to your profile creation. Obviously, you are great to start your erotic massage adventure. Members may immediately begin the dirty quest. I do have a few recommendations. I shall introduce them to you later. However, to add your excitement, try Purple List, Sparkling Spa, etc.

Ads Everywhere! Is it Part of the Overall Massage Planet Design?

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Yes, pal. If you aren’t a member of Massage Planet, you might get bombarded with the ads you see on the top screen. However, registered users are acquainted with all the suggestions they see on the page. A big massage parlor and spas are marketing their places at the Massage Planet doorsteps. Users will immediately see contact information, address, and spa names. At the top, the main menu comprises helpful sections like Home, Forums, Classifieds, 411, What’s New, Groups, Confessions, Awards, Ads Manager, and more.

Additionally, there is an option where you may sort things and customize the page layout. One thing that makes my exploration happy is the light mode option. By default, Massage Planet comes in a dark overall backdrop. You will see pinches of purple and varied colors utilized by establishments to highlight their services. I was extra curious about the confessions area; hence, I visited and was more intrigued by the steamy topics. More so, the 411 section hosts Massage Planet’s latest news, articles, and updates.

massageplanet day mode

Massage Planet’s “what’s new” button delves into your latest treasures uploaded and added to the site. This includes the newest classifieds, activities, threads, and published articles. If you are hungry for information, Massage Planet would suit your needs. But if not, Massage Planet will fill you with a home page of vast service advertisements. For example, Alice Spa emphasizes Asian Girls, specifically Korean, Chinese, and Filipino. Alice Spa also invites massage connoisseurs who love Latina and European beauties. Those who find this fancy may contact the numbers on the Massage Planet screen.

Apart from the latest posts and forums. I would like to highlight the World Massage Reviews section. Boy, this area contains varied comments and articles concerning global massage experiences. The contents are divided according to countries or continents. There is a specific area for Americans, Asians, Australians, Canadians, and local services. Also another quality feature of Massage Planet is the accessible steps for ad creation. Once you become a member of the page, you are entitled to reap the benefits by exhibiting your services. Go to Ads Manager and check out your invoices and ad statistics. You might be the next sought-after Asian massage artist.

Asian Whores Lurking at Massage Planet

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You will not be surprised by now if I say an enormous population of seductive Asian women are showing their prowess at Massage Planet. The site’s flock of Asian babes becoming full-time massage specialists gives Massage Planet a success. The backdoor or underground services are evident and would surely make you cum. Whichever part of the world you are located in, Massage Planet gives means that you can dive into. We all know how crazy these Asian babes are. They are experts in the field of seduction and in handling dicks globally.

Men and women are also drawn to Asian babes because of their appealing beauty and personality. They are set to bring customers to complete orgasm. With this, expect to see ninety percent of establishments highlighting Asian cuisine. Finding your best babe is easy with the tag cloud on the side area, as it displays varied massage techniques and niches you may select from. Asians are willing to do full body massages, deep tissue, and more. As to the vicinity that I could recommend, you may also visit Aroma Spa, Forever Spa, Spring Green, My Little House, and more.

The Pros and Cons of MassagePlanet.net


  • Enormous list of Asian options
  • Easy to sort
  • Free to register
  • Comprehensive massage tools
  • Active threads
  • Updated blogs, comments, and interactive functions
  • Create ads


  • Somewhat disorganized
  • Some displaced ads

Top 12 Best Erotic Massage Sites Similar to MassagePlanet.net:

#1 — Spa Hunters


Introducing a very massive forum that allows members to comment and rate every massage parlor they’ve ever been into, Spa Hunters is now one of the best sites that are similar to RubMaps and even Backpage. Top Recommendations are also being updated now and then so if you have some time to spare, or you just want to relax after a long and stressful week, then Spa Hunters can come and help you out. Special “talents” can also be found on this site. These are beautiful ladies who can give you massages and a hard-on so you will enjoy your stay in any parlor of your choice.


  • Lots of massage parlor locations
  • Massive forum with honest reviews
  • Happy endings are offered in most parlors on site


  • Website looks unorganized
  • Only a few features
  • Very few images on the listings

#2 — Rubmaps

rubmaps page

If you have tried using Backpage and scored some mind-blowing blowjobs or handjobs for just $30, then Rubmaps can be a must-try for you. It lists all the massage parlors that offer “happy endings,” These parlors will also show the masseuses’ names and their rates for the erotic massage and other sexual services. You also get to read reviews written by other satisfied clients to know what to expect once you avail of their services. The site is also easy to navigate, so you will not have any problems browsing and searching for listings.

Grab a quick bite with this Rubmaps review.


  • A cheaper way to get laid
  • Easy access to massage parlors with happy endings
  • You get a relaxing massage and mind-blowing sex


  • $20 monthly payment to read reviews
  • Few spam ads and fake listings
  • Not totally for escorts

#3 — RubRatings

RubRatings new york

RubRatings prides itself in creating a platform where horny customers can effortlessly connect with reputable heaven-like massages and erotic rubs services. It doesn’t matter where that is, as long as it’s high-quality standard services. But certainly, it would be better if within our respective local communities.

So, if you’re looking for a place to find heaven-like massages and erotic rub pleasure, RubRatings is the place for you! The platform offers an easy-to-use and cost-effective way for escort masseuse to promote their sensual offerings to all interested folks.

Full review of RubRatings here.


  • Top-notch escort masseurs
  • Skilled escorts
  • Many locations included
  • It has escort reviews available


  • There are few states not available
  • The page is still under development

#4 — Massage Republic

Massage Republic home

If you’re bored and lonesome and want to get hitched, Massage Republic is a great place to go. You can have a session, then have a pretty fantastic time and feel much more relaxed as a result. Fortunately, Massage Republic is a well-designed and well-organized site too. The site offers intimate relations and enlightening, not just in choosing the appropriate escort but also in terms of what to do with her beforehand, throughout, and after your transaction. Remember that the escorts are not free, but the site is.

Read this full Massage Republic review.


  • Free access and no registration are needed
  • Variety of locations to choose from
  • Almost every locality is represented
  • Good site design
  • Efficient sorting and advanced search options
  • Hot diverse escorts


  • Not available in all areas
  • The US escorts are not applicable

#5 — Local Body Rubs


This website is updated daily so you can always go and check for massage reviews, especially those around your area. No matter what type of massage you’ve availed, your reviews will be much appreciated here since lots of users check from time to time before they also avail of such services. Local Body Rubs feature massage parlors with the hottest masseuses so you won’t ever regret going in for some extra service, and to think that they all come from various ethnicities. It would be a definite eye feast that you can enjoy while going for that extra comfort and stress release that you deserve. Massage parlors are discreet and lowkey so you won’t have to worry about your identity being exposed if ever you avail for one of their erotic services.


  • Has a long list of available massage parlors
  • Most of their masseuses are from different ethnicities
  • Directions are well-provided as well as contact details


  • Some services cost quite a bit
  • The website looks plain and boring
  • No advanced search and other features

#6 — Rub Page

rubpage profile

Some may wonder how to get sexually satiated with a single massage. Do not underestimate Rub Page’s ability as an erotic arena. It provides an almost complete directory of body rub and Nuru massage listings. Regardless of location, Rub Page tries to give sensual something for you. The site also markets hot service providers that deliver beyond what they intend. It caters to most cities that require this convenient amenity.

The design is well-organized with its clean abode and harmonized assortment. Listings are also excellent in dropping the hottest babes capable of delivering palatable body rubs and erotic massages. More so, each masseuse profile contains enough information like descriptions, FAQs, prices, and services. Reviews are also available to help users pick the best option. Indeed, if you are craving one delectable adventure, check the list today and see who’s available in your location.

Rub Page review here.


  • Reviews available
  • A hot and gorgeous array of masseuse
  • Great profiles
  • Global service
  • Almost every country is represented
  • Readily available information


  • No advanced search
  • Some navigational issues

#7 — TSMasseur

TSMasseur main

In the sexual entertainment industry, you’ve certainly visited some escort websites once or even multiple times in your entire life. Trans hookers are a particular interest for many sites, whereas others offer both dudes and ladies in their listings. Regardless, it’s clear that not every site is one and the same, and few offers unique escort services.

It’s among the most stunning escort service directories I’ve encountered these past few weeks, featuring thousands of entries from across the globe. A simple search of your ideal city or town should be enough to verify whether any local businesses provide their erotic masseurs and escort services. TSMasseur is packed with all the necessary features, ease of use, speed, and intuitiveness that will ‘wow’ you on every visit.

Take a look at TSMasseur review.


  • Lots of trans escorts and masseurs
  • Fantastic design and intuitive features
  • Organized and easy to use
  • Free registration
  • A basic account has lots of perks
  • Helpful escort reviews and interviews
  • Reliable massage services


  • Premium membership is affordable

#8 — EscortMeetings

escortmeetings escorts top

Any travel is fruitful if you can fuck some gorgeous locals. However, where you can find a company for a night or two is another question. And that’s where EscortMeetings comes in handy. Surprisingly, most of the world’s big cities, most beautiful women, and most of the world’s most eligible escorts are all in this one fantastic spot.

Finding an escort should be easier now that you can use EscortMeetings. Don’t forget about the extended search options, and an endless number of hookers who will cater to your sick fantasies are available on this platform.

Here’s the full review of EscortMeetings.


  • Registration is free
  • Book escort free of charge
  • Usability is simple and easy to understand
  • A lot of beautiful escorts to check out
  • Plenty of escorts are open for kinky services
  • Girls are often willing to travel
  • Plenty of escorts you can pick from different parts of the world
  • Direct contact escorts, no agencies
  • Credible and accurate website of escort list
  • New updates of escort every week


  • Need registration to post comments
  • Quite a simple website design
  • Some of the escort images are low-quality resolution

#9 — Mega Personals

MegaPersonals escort

We can all tell that there is no such thing as a flawless website in the field of escorts, but Mega Personals does deliver better and more accessible content for those who need it on an urgent basis. In fact, it is the closest you can get as a Craigslist substitute. Even if Mega Personals isn’t a dynamic work-of-genius by any means, it is among the top entertainment websites to pop up in a long time.

Read our full review of Mega Personals.


  • Free registration and usage
  • High trustworthiness from ScamAdvisor
  • Plenty of sexual preferences for everyone
  • Covers wider locations
  • Easy signing up process
  • Attractive webpage design


  • Few users available yet

#10 — Locanto


Locanto is another familiar name for posting Classified Ads, although they are not really the best in this industry. But now that Craigslist has taken down its section for casual encounters, most users have turned to Locanto as an alternative.

When looking for casual encounters in your area, simply use the search bar of Locanto and key in the name of your city. Then you’ll find listings of categories that are similar to Craigslist Personals. Choose your preference, whether it’s man, woman, trans, couples, fetish, M4M, etc.


  • Free to use when posting classified ads
  • It provides you the option to search by the city
  • Similar vibe and style as the Craigslist Personals


  • Occasional spam listings
  • There are not as many members as in the Craigslist Personals

#11 — MyEscort Network

MyEscort Network nyc

MyEscort Network started when there was a high need for quality escorts and scam-free ad listings in the adult service market. It claims to be among the most extensive and biggest escort service site online and believes in providing authentic and scam-free services to all its members and visitors. The admins of this site understand the industry gap and want to fill the void of landing on safe escort sites. Also, MyEscort Network indeed shows its commitment to giving us the best, most enjoyable, and unforgettable escort experience. And this can only be achieved when we feel comfortable and safe browsing ad listings.

Check out MyEscort Network review.


  • Thousand of available independent escorts
  • Plenty of ads worldwide
  • Hundreds of ad listings are updated regularly
  • Diverse escorts available
  • Simple and easy to use site
  • No advertisements or popups


  • Webpage design could improve
  • No 100% security assurance against frauds and scams

#12 — Switter

Switter profile

As we all know, escorts have a far increased likelihood of getting stuck in a possibly deadly circumstance. In the street-based sex market, this is especially the usual case. Good thing we have Switter now, and it’s one of the few spots left where you won’t have to worry about encountering bigotry, brutality, or any other negative emotions. Certainly, it is safe to say that this platform has proven dependable and trustworthy with over 5M+ postings and 200K+ members. In fact, Mastodon© shows that Switter is presently the fifth most popular backpage alternative site.

Click here for Switter full review.


  • Huge site members
  • Safe and comfortable place to post ads
  • Follows regulations
  • It has its own site regulations
  • Easy to use
  • Design is familiar and easy to use


  • Requires registration to access

Final Words

Massage Planet will help you release muscle tension by offering varied places housing Asian perverts. These babes are best fit for a full body, Swedish, Thai, deep tissue massage, and more. The backdoor and underground services became so rampant that the community threads buzzed with information. Check Massage Planet and see how fascinating the Asian therapists are. *wink

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