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Tantaly Review

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Tantaly main

I’ve often fantasized about the pleasure and sensation I’d feel when playing with a lifelike sex doll. The top-caliber models I researched were too pricey for my budget, and just the thought of somebody stumbling into my apartment and mocking me was enough to discourage me from making a purchase. Anyone who knew how much I paid for it might think differently about me. So, after all these years, I still don’t have one. But, of course, as time changes, a shitload of sex toy shops are popping up online, and among them is the Tantaly shop. Well, I took that as a sign, and maybe I deserve a little help when jerking off every night! I’ve heard so much positive feedback from its customers, and I can’t wait to see what else they offer.

Official URL: https://www.tantaly.com

The Tantaly Shop At Your Service!

Tantaly, which officially debuted in 2019, is a digital sex shop focusing on kink accessories. The market is flooded with products aimed just at men, but this one stands out by serving both sexes. It was formed by a group of young adults with an independent streak and an ambitious goal: to create and manufacture a line of top-caliber, lifelike torso dolls. Tantaly was developed to provide a more authentic and pleasurable intimate experience, and they hope to continue raising the bar with each new release.

Certainly, it didn’t take much longer for Tantaly.com to become well-known, as its customers have been savoring themselves using the site’s offerings to poke their dicks inside. Sure, it’s terrific that their beheaded love dolls have been featured in Men’s Health and Cosmo, but now they’ll receive some love from me, too. Let’s compare them to various adult love toys on the market.

How the Sex Doll Empire Started

Tantaly sex dolls

Ruhot Technology Inc. owns the Tantaly brand and sells its products worldwide. Its doll is mainly available around Los Angeles, Hongkong, and Berlin, but Tantaly has expanded to the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. Every single one of its hundred staff is dedicated to making the world a better place for lovers everywhere. Self-acceptance is something Tantaly promotes, and it actively works to eliminate any sex-based discrimination. No one of any age should be left without the opportunity to have a sexually satisfying life.

The tale of Tantaly begins in the Golden State of the US. Being the adventurous one, the admin has experimented with several different male masturbating toys. While he acknowledges the value of a full-size body doll, he despises its bulky size and high price. The pussy toy’s flexibility has won him over, but he wishes it came in more colors and styles. As he dug deeper, he realized the marketplace was swamped with cheap knockoffs of popular sex items. And just a select few reputable companies were in desperate need of improvement. As a result, he launched a company that produces high-quality torso dolls with the highest standard, combining the best features of portable sex toys and full-size body dolls.

What Makes Tantaly Unique?

Tantaly torso

Tantaly’s distinctiveness originates in the company’s emphasis on aesthetics. Its aesthetic identity is deeply ingrained and readily distinguishable. Obviously, it has taken the best features from competing doll shops and blended them with the insightful comments of its many devoted clients to create a second-to-no product line. Because of this, Tantaly could provide its clients with ever-evolving, one-of-a-kind sexual experiences.

Furthermore, as the demand for lifelike torso dolls for collectors grows, Tantaly intends to maintain its position as the leading doll manufacturer. In fact, Tantaly has become the industry standard when it comes to torso dolls, thanks to its devotion to creating only the highest quality products.

Tantaly models

Plus, Tantaly has built a strong name among consumers; therefore, its items are eagerly sought after and cherished by shoppers. Over 95% of Tantaly’s clients have given the company positive feedback, making it the torso doll market leader in client support and quality assurance. Every client who invests in Tantaly’s items is treated with the utmost care, and they are assured that the site will do all in its power to address any issues they may be experiencing immediately.

The Inspiration Behind the Site’s Sex Doll Concept

Tantaly model dolls

As we all know, a vibrating vagina, while portable and straightforward to use, cannot replace the sensation of actual masturbation and falls short of providing a satisfactory replacement. Meanwhile, a love doll has realistic-feeling breasts and an immense booty that gives anyone a satisfying spanking session. But, full-size body dolls are costly, cumbersome to keep, and high-maintenance despite their lifelike appearance and realistic sensation. We all wish it would be lightweight and simple to carry and keep, like fleshlights.

Plus, if consumers want a love doll with all these characteristics, they don’t have many options at the moment. The number of phony websites and low-quality, dangerous dolls far outnumbers the number of genuine ones. Honestly, toy shoppers now have reason to be wary. So, that’s where Tantaly took inspiration from, and its goal is to figure out a way to correct these problems.

The company, Tantaly, was founded on the principle of satisfying customers’ desires for high-quality, lifelike torso dolls at affordable prices while also establishing a welcoming shopping environment. The site’s mission is to provide you with the most lifelike sexual pleasure imaginable, and they have achieved this by specializing in torso dolls.

All About Tantaly’s Torso Dolls

Tantaly monica

The name “torso doll” pretty well sums up what it is. Tantaly’s torso dolls are ideal if you don’t have a lot of room but want to enjoy the perks of a full-size beauty. The torso doll includes a lifelike head and body but no hands or legs. But please, save your disappointments some other day because Tantaly’s torso dolls are more than just a toy.

Due to their physical and sexual likeness to lifelike, full-sized dolls, they will provide you with the ultimate sexual experience. One advantage of owning a torso doll is that it can be conveniently and quickly cleaned and put away for later use. Oh, please, don’t feel sorry if you want a lifelike-size doll but can’t afford a few dollars to invest in the ultimate sensual adventure. A torso doll is always here to serve you satisfying pleasures and fulfilling your needs and desires.

You would be totally foolish to assume that gratifying your carnal desires is challenging in the modern age. But always remember that Tantaly’s torso doll is available and ready to please your every erotic craving. A passionate, loving doll torso is the perfect way to unwind after a hard day at the office and relieve some of that pent-up tension. Rest assured that high-caliber components, including silicone and TPE, are used in constructing these dolls. They are gorgeously sculpted with state-of-the-art equipment; it has lifelike titties and vaginas and all the proper curves. Who knows, this might be your luck to experience the tremendous joy of sex.

Let’s Start Shopping!

Tantaly new arrival

The moment I confirmed that Tantaly is authentic in all aspects, I was able to explore its collection with greater confidence. I thought of purchasing one when desperate times call for an answer. Well, compared to my ever-growing finger hairs, the sex toy robot I fashioned out of empty cornflakes containers, and a busted vacuum pump, these items at Tantaly look like a huge improvement. Unfortunately, they are a tad more expensive.

In fact, the least expensive torso doll offered here costs around 100 bucks, which is a far cry from the $10 you’d spend on a generic plastic fleshlight from a sex toy shop. But, anyone who has done any shopping around knows that Tantaly’s prices are incredibly cheaper for a lifelike torso doll. All of Tantaly’s faceless, half-human dolls have their weights included in the product title, and the heaviness roughly corresponds to the value. The next tier costs $200, including a 15Lb teen-like torso and a 20Lb erotic ass. Monroe, who has a fluffier middle and weighs in at roughly 70 pounds more, could be yours for $900.

Tantaly monroe

Presently, Tantaly.com offers 15+ unique torso and bare booty pictures for purchase. An erection-equipped male body is likewise available, but they’re all taken at the moment. There is an excellent selection of items in various dimensions and styles, but usually, other variety would be preferable in stores like this. Perhaps, adding more possible complexion would be an excellent starting move.

All latest designs are offered in ‘white,’ and only 50% of them are ebony. Other than that, there’s nothing more variety seen on the site. But, despite all those things, Tantaly’s lifelike items are undeniably more alluring than any other toys I’ve used before. So, if you’re looking for something more lifelike than the standard life-size dolls, Tantaly is definitely hard to beat. Perhaps, the only problem that requires answering is whether or not these dolls, who lack heads, limbs, and thighs, will serve a similar purpose as their larger counterparts.

Tantaly’s Doll Dressing Contest

Tantaly doll contest

Tantaly’s online network is home to some stunning doll attire and pleasure-filled toys. It’s clear that dolls are a big hit among shoppers. But did you know dolls are more fascinating to play with when dressed up? In fact, a doll wearing a spicy outfit is a great way to get in the mood for some sex and immerse yourself in a fantastical world. The team behind Tantaly loves it when consumers upload photos of their own dolls dressed in elaborate outfits. So, they decided to host a doll-dressing competition to reward such effort and provide an avenue for newcomers to gain experience and knowledge about doll dressing.

The votes cast in the Doll Dressing Contest are determined by the number of likes each entry receives. Only ten rewards are available; therefore, if many contestants receive the same votes, their rankings will be equal. You have to upload a photo of your doll dressed up for anyone interested in joining, but just make sure it’s unique. Additionally, the doll depicted in the image must be lifelike, stunning, enticing, and spotless. There’s also a space provided for describing the picture, so feel free to share a little of your style wisdom.

Additionally, there is a limit of one image per upload for each participant, and only one upload per day is allowed. Also, don’t expect that your contribution will be published online instantly. You have to wait at least 24 hours; if everything checks out, the moderators will display it on the main page. If Tantaly hasn’t uploaded your content after three to four days, it’s because it didn’t reach their standards. When this happens, you can make changes and redo your entry again.

Pros and Cons of Tantaly


  • Realistic sex experience
  • Discreet packaging
  • Lots of options
  • Dolls are made of high-quality material
  • Lightweight and easy to store


  • Quite expensive

12-Best Love and Sex Dolls Sites Similar to tantaly.com:

#1 — JoyLoveDolls

JoyLoveDolls main

When it comes to the sex doll business, there are few companies as fascinating or as creative as JoyLoveDolls. It proudly introduces its massive sex doll collection, with high-quality material, valuable price, and customization options. Its sex dolls are created from premium materials to give you that feeling of authentic flesh and close-to-reality orgasms. The team behind this fantastic site exerts their total effort to deliver the most realistic erotic experience you can get beyond what real pussy and dick can give.

Here’s the full review of JoyLoveDolls.


  • Largest sex dolls collection
  • Purchase sex dolls and sex toys at affordable prices
  • Premium quality sex dolls
  • Can customize/personalized sex dolls
  • Discreet transaction and shipping
  • Real-like sex dolls made from premium materials
  • Reputable brands
  • Ships worldwide


  • Some products can get pricey

#2 — FineLoveDolls


Fine Love Dolls is a sex toy shop that delivers fantastic toys for pleasure. Try out different customizations and see what works best for you. Pick the woman that embodies everything you’ve fantasized about having in the sack, and you’ll never be lonely again. Everything here is handled in-house, so you obviously understand you’re dealing with a trustworthy group that loves precisely what they’re doing, reducing the likelihood of any complications with your shopping.


  • Safe and discreet shopping
  • Customized and detailed features
  • Realistic dolls
  • Not expensive


  • Nothing

#3 — SexDolls


Right off the bat, you must know that this website isn’t peddling the same kind of cheesy knock dolls which were popular in dorm rooms a couple of decades ago. If you’re looking for a naughty companion, look no further than SexDolls; they’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that their services are readily available to consumers of all tastes and budgets. Finally, the love doll of the century looks similar to a woman but lacks any irritating characteristics, such as commitment and nagging.

Here’s our honest review of sexdolls.com.


  • Can be customized
  • Plenty of budget-friendly prices
  • Real-life dolls available
  • Lots of choices


  • Nothing

#4 — Real Doll

Real Doll

AbyssCreations’ RealDoll is the gold standard for guy sex gadgets in terms of accuracy, detail, and personalization. Their store is stockpiled with a wide variety of horny artificial fucktoys that you can quickly get. Overall, RealDoll appears to have a fantastic website and even outstanding goods, and the business’s success is promising as f**k. Anyway, whether or not you plan to make a purchase, you should visit RealDoll since it’s so damn interesting.


  • The design is excellent and easy to use
  • Real-life dolls available
  • Caters to all your needs
  • Discreet transaction and shipping


  • Very expensive

#5 — YourDoll


Nowadays, top-caliber silicone is used everywhere instead of the once-commonplace blow-up rubber. YourDoll’s premium dolls are already crafted using these materials. Even while YourDolls are on the more affordable end of the scale, the complexity of their design and construction means they are still not cheap. There are a ton of excellent ratings and endorsements, plus you can examine the dolls for yourself prior to the shipping, so you know you’re getting the real deal. Among the many doll shops and websites available, this is among the finest.


  • Amazing dolls
  • Top-quality materials and customizable features
  • Offers discounts
  • Safe transactions
  • Discreet transaction and shipping


  • Nothing at all

#6 — SexDollGenie


You wussbags really need to start putting away some cash for the high-quality dolls on SexDollGenie. A gorgeous doll is a great way to get what you want without dealing with nagging or grumblings. It’s the best of both worlds, really. In addition to excellent personalization choices, customer care, and shipment monitoring, they also provide a money-back guarantee. Plus, compared to other top sexy doll manufacturers, its costs are really inexpensive. All you thirsty fappers should definitely visit this page and create your ideal, personalized wife for yourself.


  • High-class dolls
  • Affordable prices
  • Customizable dolls
  • Detailed features
  • Excellent customer care
  • Refunds are available
  • Great website design


  • Lacking fetish-themed toys

#7 — Silicon Wives

Silicon Wives

Those interested in creating their own fuck doll should check out Silicon Wives. You cheapskate assholes can take advantage of their flexible purchasing options and access the industry’s top-tier brands here. You have complete power over the appearance of your future waifu, and you can monitor the production operation in real-time. Compared to the tenfold price hike you would face at other stores for a similarly realistic life-size doll, spending a few thousand dollars is a steal. If you’re a loner looking to fill your life’s void with a doll, then you should explore this website.


  • Plenty of top-quality dolls
  • Lots of customization features
  • Affordable prices
  • Supports mobile browsing


  • Nothing so far

#8 — SexySexDoll


SexySexDoll provides incredibly lifelike love dolls for your enjoyment. It offers a large selection of manufacturers and varieties and may execute advanced personalization. The company provides international, cost-free shipment and is willing to assist with importation charges. In case you are shopping around, this is undoubtedly the perfect spot you should check out.


  • Surprisingly realistic dolls
  • Lots of customization features
  • Free shipping and clears charges for import deliveries
  • Ships worldwide


  • Very expensive

#9 — SexyRealSexDolls


There is a wide selection of banging, lifelike dolls available at SexyRealSexDolls. They could really give some more affordable options for love dolls because the current ones are absurdly overpriced. You can see why love dolls cost so high when you think about the amount of effort put into producing them and the fact that they can be personalized. If you’re looking for a love doll that resembles realistic-looking features without breaking the bank, your search ends with SexyRealSexDolls.


  • Real-life dolls available
  • Top-quality materials made of TPE
  • Safe transactions
  • High-class and customizable dolls


  • Very expensive

#10 — Hydoll


After touring Hydoll today, I have to confess that I’ve already developed a slight obsession with a few of their big-booty and huge-tittied synthetic dolls. And so, if you’re looking for a luxury love doll, you should add this shop to your checklist of options. That’s a helluva lot of stuff, and the rates aren’t actually that terrible, too. Perhaps you’ll find some company and not feel so lonely and desperate.


  • A variety of Real-life dolls are available
  • Safe transactions
  • Free shipping
  • Offers discounts and deals
  • Can be customized


  • Too expensive

#11 — BestRealDoll


BestRealDoll does an excellent deal of offering you a wide variety of sizzling synthetic women to choose from. Taking on such a massive duty is no easy task, and indeed, this is a heavy burden to bear. But of course, you will be spending a considerable amount of time with her, so it’s important that you be happy and at ease while there. There is a sex doll made specifically for you on BestRealDoll; you simply need some time to browse all the options. The step-by-step procedure for purchasing a love doll is comparable to buying a car, so try to take your time with it.


  • Amazing website layout
  • Customizable dolls
  • Lots of options are available


  • Some dolls are pretty expensive

#12 — Madam Dolly

Madam Dolly

Forget all you thought you knew about sex dolls before, for Madam Dolly has set a brand-new bar for excellence in the entertainment industry. Because of their enthusiasm in all aspects of their business, from customer satisfaction to manufacturing to shipping, each and every one of their clients is guaranteed to be impressed. Many folk’s nighttime sex pleasures—durable sex dolls—are put together, produced, and sold from this location. This business’s unrivaled expertise in international trade has allowed Madam Dolly to successfully launch three distinct, dynamic web shops.


  • Top-quality love dolls
  • Purchase is at affordable prices
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Numerous options for transaction


  • No returns are allowed

Final Thoughts

If we compare Tantaly’s torso dolls to a fleshlight or masturbating cups, it’s incredibly realistic and jam-packed with pleasure. Definitely, its dolls are seductive and pretty easy to maintain and store. Even though it’s pretty expensive, I know every dollar spend on these toys is worth it. Perhaps, the only problem left here is whether these Tantaly’s torso dolls could equate to the lifelike sensation of a full-size sex doll. Of course, you’d wonder if the missing head, legs, and arms could affect the sex experience, but as Tantaly promised, their products will fulfill your hunger and fantasies. In the end, the choice is yours. But if ever you need a fuckable toy that would fit your tiny closet and requires less maintenance, you know where to go.

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